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Top Celebrity-Inspired Chic Outfits You Can Try For Back To School  

Chic Outfits: When the summer ends and it is time for the new school year, we are all about this one-consuming thought. 

What am I going to wear for my back to school? 

It becomes all about ensuring you have the perfect style to impress. Some might call it shallow, but I call it being prepared! 

Knowing I looked good always made my back-to-school days a little better. 

Now, if you are looking for fashion inspiration, who better to look at than our celebrities? 

Celebrities always add that oomph to their everyday outfit, from street style to airplane athleisure looks. 

The final “OH! Wow” to your look! 

Something that makes you feel comfortable & competent! 

Be it skinny jeans, a ripped T-shirt, a flared mini skirt, or a ruffled top, this fashion guide of chic outfits inspired by celebrities has you covered. 

Why Plan Out Your Chic Outfits?  

For many, the idea of fashion is generally shallow and cosmetic. For some, it is normal and highly recommended not to think about how you look. 

However, let me give you some advice! 

There is nothing wise about deliberately looking your absolute worst! 

If looking your best, it means you are feeling better. Confident about the wa you walk, talk, and are on top of everything, you should look your best. 

The idea of dressing well goes far beyond simply looking your best. It is especially game-changing when coming back to school, and here is why. 

1. Boosts self-confidence  

You only need to try a beautiful dress that fits you to feel your self-esteem skyrocket. 

This enhances one’s self-confidence, which is important considering all the tasks one is about to be bombarded with. 

2. Creates a good first impression  

Starting a school year could be nerve-wracking for some students. This can have serious impacts on them as they struggle to cope with new classes and meet new people. 

Making a good first impression, whether it is through bonding with teachers or classmates, can be easier when you feel your best. 

Looking nice gives you the confidence to go up to anyone and begin a conversation. 

Plus, getting dressed up shows that you value yourself. I took the time to get dressed. This also shows commitment rather than just picking up something (like you don’t want to be here kind of vibes!). 

3. Expresses personal style  

A fresh start opens many social doors for you as a student. One of those is the selection of fashionable looks. 

Going to school becomes much fun when you blend your style and trends. 

It is fun picking an outfit every day! 

Ariana Grande’s oversized t-shirt and thigh-high boots look  

Ariana Grande’s iconic oversized hoodie look is a must-have, easy fashion. 

Fashion styles can come and go, but this style will always be in our minds. 


Our favorite pop star didn’t just take the music industry by storm in 2026, but she also served us a few iconic looks. 

Today, we will be taking inspiration from this look. The signature oversized shirt and thigh-high boots look.  

A good choice for “the quick and easy” look is an oversized graphic T-shirt with the logo of your favorite artist or musician. This gives you more of a street-style fashion look. 

An oversized hoodie, especially if you can feel the autumn chills, kills two birds with one stone. You feel extremely comfy throughout the day and can also rock a chic outfit. 


For the bottom, you cannot always wear an oversized hoodie because that could end up in a dress code violation. You should pick the right bottom half for this chic outfit style. 

I generally pair it with thick stockings. They keep my legs covered from the cold and do not detract from the look. 


Chunky shoes are the main component of this ensemble. I honestly believe they are the main attraction of this ensemble. 

If you do not want to go all out with knee-high boots, you can get knee-length boots. A plain white or black T-shirt can serve primarily as an all-season item because you can easily dress it up depending on how you accessorize it. 

If you do not want knee-high boots or even knee-length boots, you can always choose chunky or normal black boots at ankle length. 

You can pair your hoodie with skinny jeans. I know skinny jeans are not very popular at the moment, but trust me, they look great with this style. 

Chunky boots with a hoodie to give you maximum comfort in the fall season. 

Pick a pair of high-waisted dark-wash denim jeans, or go for the leggings if you want to add style to the leggings’ comfort.  


The accessories are an essential part of the outfit and bring the whole outfit together. 

Chunky jewelry is the best way to accessorize. Pick a chunky bag that will bring it together. 

Gold necklaces and chokers are good. It will add some cool spark to your chic outfit.  

Zendaya’s Denim on Denim Ensemble  

Since its origin, the denim-on-denim look and Canadian tuxedo have been on trend. 

As a fashionista myself, I cannot not talk about Queen Zendaya. Interestingly, Zendaya is a style icon who is uniquely fashionable and effortlessly chic.  

The other day, she made a simple denim on-denim look so iconic. This is an ideal combination to wear on your first day of school this semester. Especially if you do not want to make a dramatic entry but still pick a chic outfit. 


Zendaya wore a high-waisted denim vest top. If you do not have that, get a tight, normal denim shirt with a collar. Good if you also want to have a relaxed look.  

I like the shirt because it is not just part of your school uniform; with this chic outfit, you can never get dress coded.  

For another denim-on-denim look, you can wear a white button-down shirt topped with a denim jacket. Ensure that the top and bottom denim are the same. 


Zendaya opted for a pair of dark-colored high-waist skinny jeans.  

It’s important to keep the denim shade monochromatic. This ensures that the outfit is well balanced. Plus, high-waisted jeans give you the look of long legs.  

Plus, they are great for school since they are both practical and trendy. They offer a fashionable alternative to the plain, simple, and sometimes too revealing bottoms that we see in schools. 


To make her outfit stand out, try wearing white stilettos. Don’t make them too high, as they might make you uncomfortable walking in them all day long. 


Accessories would include a simple, classy gold-banded watch and a black or white solid-colored bag since they go best with the denim color.  

However, when it comes to dramatics, some will always choose the first day to pick the best outfit accessories. Do not hesitate to go out with a choker if you are someone like that.  

Sadie Sink Fall Cottage Core Look  

Now, I understand not everyone wants to dress like it’s New York Fashion Week. With the return to the era comes the beginning of the Autumn season.  

Check out Sadie Sinks Instagram archive fall fashion photoshoot. While we wait for the next season of Stranger Things, why not take some fashion inspiration from this?  


Since it is a dress, you just need one loose-fitted midi dress, preferably in a solid color. As we see in the photo shoot, the real star is the cardigan on top.  

Therefore, pick a plain midi dress, which is a little towards the cottagecore aesthetic style.  

Outer Layer  

You can pick a simple denim jacket, but what’s the fun in that? Rather, pick something with a blast of texture or color.  

In the photos, we see Sink pairing a yellow and white fur cardigan with floral detail in which also improve the plainness of your dress.  

Play with vibrant colors and keep it a safe contrast with the color of the dress worn underneath. Try not to make them look too monochromatic.  

Try some vibrant fall colors for your sweater. Go for knitted or crochet patterns.  


You can take the Sadie route and get white vans or canvas shoes. However, to make the outfit a little more fall (because why not?), go for chunky boots or even something a little taller.  


You can accessorize your dress with a big chunky belt if it is too loose. Gold or silver hoops and a layered necklace.  

You can carry a crochet bag to give your style more oomph!  

Viola! You are ready to take over your school hallways. Well, that’s a tad bit dramatic, but you get the idea. 

What do you think about our recommendations? Do let us know in the comment section below! 

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