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What’s So Special About Oval Celine Tortoise Sunglasses? Can I Get Other Styles From Celine?

Celine eyeglasses and sunglasses have a wide variety. However, the oval Celine tortoise sunglasses are a rage on social media. Whenever I go through the feeds, I find at least five people posing and wearing these sunglasses.

So, what’s so special about these oval Celine frames, and what are the other varieties offered by the brand? Let’s dive deeper.

Celine Tortoise Sunglasses In Oval Shape: Decoding The Appeal   

Tortoise sunglasses were already there with unique finishes and textures. However, the Celine eyewear collections have boosted the popularity of these frames.

CELINE Triomphe Oval Acetate Sunglasses  

The “CELINE Triomphe Oval Acetate Sunglasses” will always stand out amidst the tortoise eyewear collections for women. It comes with the Triomphe logo of the brand in a golden shade. Further, the slender frame and grey-tinted glasses together exude elegance.

Further, the tinted glasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and Sunlight. This style of Sunglasses from Celine has a unique vintage charm. It also looks great with a wide range of outfits.

Team a pair of these sunglasses with a maxi dress or a skirt and top combination to complete your look for any daytime occasion.

Celine Oval Acetate Sunglasses   

These Celine tortoise sunglasses are great. However, if you want something simpler from Celine, you can go for plain oval sunglasses in white or black shades.

These glasses have a unique vibe of the 80s. You can team it with a vintage gown or a floral dress to put your best foot forward. You can even wrap a scarf around your face for a more elegant vibe.

What Are The Other Specialties Of Celine Eyewear Collections?   

If you explore the eyewear collections from Celine, you will come across a wide variety. From the vintage cat-eye styles to the most in-vogue oval style, there is a pair for you suiting different occasions and outfits.

So, let’s check out the options you have in Celine sunglasses for women without much ado.

Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses   

Cat eye sunglasses have something vintage and elegant about them. From Jennifer Lopez to Scarlett Johansson, many celebs have picked this style of eyewear for many occasions. Celine cat eye sunglasses come in a lot of varieties.

You can pick a pair with a shiny black finish. I also love the pair of Cateye glasses with a slightly rounded bend. You can have the pair in shades of black, gray, and tortoise finish.

Do you want to make a bold style statement? You can also try a pair of white Celine cat eye sunglasses. The white shade of the glasses perfectly complements many styles of outfits.

So, it does not matter whether you want to ace a street-style fashion or want something funkier. This white pair will be a great pick for you.

Celine Sunglasses Black  

Are you looking for Celine sunglasses in black? There are a lot of style variations for you. You can pick an oval style, cat-eye style, square design, and triangular style.

The best thing about these shades is that, unlike Celine tortoise sunglasses, they have a simplistic charm. So, you can experiment a lot with these sunglasses.

Celine White Sunglasses   

You need to be very confident if you want to wear Celine white sunglasses for different occasions. These sunglasses are statement pieces in their own right. So, keep your ensemble in a black shade or a neutral tone.

Celine Polarized Sunglasses   

Do you want enhanced protection for your eyes? Celine has a range of polarized sunglasses that minimize light reflection. Further, these shades give a clear and crisp representation of images.

Along with being great for your eyes, these polarized ones, especially the polarized Celine tortoise sunglasses, help you make a style statement. You can wear these shades with your regular denim jeans and tops or dresses.

However, if your outfit is very vibrant, it may not gel well with these tortoise-finish sunglasses.

Rectangular Celine Tortoise Sunglasses   

If you want to experiment with your fashion statement, a pair of rectangular Celine sunglasses will be a great pick for you.

Especially if you have a round or oval face shape, you must add a pair of rectangular glares to your collection. It will give your face a longer look and make it appear less fuller.

If you are buying rectangular sunglasses from Celine, you will get decent color variations. You can also pick the ones with gradient lenses.

Celine Triangular Sunglasses   

This style of sunglasses is unique in the truest sense, and you need to have confidence in yourself to carry the style. In other words, this is a style only a diva can manage, and you need to be extremely careful about the choice of your outfits.

Further, go for a trial if you want to opt for a pair of triangular sunglasses. You have to make sure that the style suits your facial features.

If you want a pair of sunglasses that do not conform to the regular structures but are not as edgy as the triangular ones, you can go for the irregular sunglasses. These sunglasses offer better protection than the triangular ones.

Celine Butterfly Sunglasses   

Butterfly-style sunglasses also come in vintage style. Also, these designs offer better coverage than cat-eye, oval, or triangular-shaped sunglasses. So, if you are stepping outside in the Sun, your undereye areas will remain more protected with these sunglasses.

Butterfly glasses usually suit oval and round face types. The unique structure of the frames makes your feature appear sharper.

Celine butterfly sunglasses in black are classic ones, which you will see many actresses wearing. You can also opt for the one in a white shade or the butterfly Celine tortoise sunglasses.

Final Words   

Along with Celine tortoise sunglasses for women, Celine also has a vivid collection for men. The shades with a tortoise finish are more boisterous compared to the monotone frames and shades. Do you like any of the styles of sunglasses I have shared here, or do you have any other style in mind? Don’t forget to share your input.

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