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Using Castor Oil For Eyelashes (Know The Benefits And The Right Application Method)

Lucky are people who have long lashes naturally. Most of us crave those long lashes that lend a dreamy vibe to our appearance.

Have you tried serums, supplements, and other ingredients already with no results? It’s time to use castor oil for eyelashes for proper moisturization and antimicrobial benefits. 

Castor oil comes from the seeds of the castor oil plant. The use of this oil has been popular in skin and hair care since ancient times. Along with eyebrows, people also use this oil on their scalp for hair growth and moisturization. 

Do you want to know how castor oil can be beneficial for your eyelashes? Read on. 

The Benefits Of Using Castor Oil For Eyelashes

You can use castor oil for eyelashes for many reasons. Despite the absence of any scientific study to back up how it stimulates the growth of hair follicles, you cannot deny its role in keeping hair hydrated and preventing breakage.

Let’s discuss in detail why you will use castor oil for your eyelashes.

Castor Oil Is Packed With Antimicrobial And Antiinflammatory Properties

Castor oil comes with ricin and ricinoleic acid. Thanks to the presence of these elements, castor oil has anti-fungal and germicidal effects.

So, when you apply it to your lash line, it will protect the roots of the lashes and the epidermal layer of the skin from skin infections.

Further, if you have fungal and microbial infections in your lash line, you can apply a few drops of castor oil for some relief. 

Castor Oil Prevents Water Loss

Castor oil has emollient properties. So it does not allow the epidermal layer to lose water. Further, thanks to the moisture-sealing properties of castor oil, it does not allow the scalp or epidermal layer to be dry.

Moisture and adequate water amount are important to make the lashes and outer layer of the skin stronger. As a result, you experience better growth and preservation of the eyelashes. 

Castor Oil Deeply Hydrates And Moisturizes Your Eyelashes

Castor oil comes with ricinoleic acid. This fatty acid is a powerful moisturizer and emollient agent. So, your lashes will be well nourished with the application of castor oil.

In addition, the skin around the lash line does not become dry and flaky if you apply castor oil.

Further, if your lash line has dandruff-like flakes, you can apply castor oil to get rid of those. 

Castor Oil Stops Breakage Of Eyelashes 

We often forget to take care of our eyebrows and eyelashes. So, the lashes often get dehydrated. Keratin, or the protein present in hair and eyelashes, breaks when your eyelashes do not have enough moisture. 

As a result, your eyelashes lose volume, and they look shorter and thinner. In addition, they tend to fall. 

Also, if the lash lines become dry, they can cause itching. As they itch, we start to rub our lash lines, causing more breakage of eyelashes. By frequent rubbing, we promote the loosening of eyelashes from the follicles.  

Castor Oil Gives Your Eyelashes A Thicker Appearance 

Do you want to groom your eyebrows and eyelashes easily? You can use castor oil. The oil will make your eyelashes look fuller, denser, and brighter.

So, you will get a thicker appearance of your eyelashes instantly. There’s no harm in enhancing the appeal of your beautiful eyes

Knowing the benefits of castor oil for your eyelashes, it’s time to know how you can apply it to your eyelashes. 

How To Use Castor Oil For Eyelashes? 

Applying castor oil to the lash line is very easy. You just need to follow a simple step-by-step guide.

Apply The Castor Oil Before Going To The Bed 

It’s the best practice to use castor oil for your eyelashes just before bedtime. The application of the oil just before sleeping allows your lashes some more time to absorb the oil and enjoy its benefits. 

Further, you remain busy with many household chores, or you need to go out during the daytime. So, if you apply castor oil on your lashes during the daytime, the lashes will become sticky and gather dirt.

Remove Your Eye Makeup Before Using Castor Oil 

You have to wipe out your eye makeup before you apply castor oil to the lashes. So, remove the eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadows you have applied, and make your lash lines clean before using castor oil.

Otherwise, the particles of the eye makeup products will build up on your eyelashes. 

Use Cotton Swabs To Coat Your Eyelashes 

You need to coat your eyelashes well with castor oil. So, you must dip cotton swabs into the oil. However, make sure that the oil does not drip. If so much castor oil goes into your eyes, it can cause irritation. 

However, if a few drops of castor oil goes into your eyes, wash your eyes with cold water first. 

Gently Sweep Your Lash Line With The Cotton Swabs 

You have to be gentle while running the cotton swabs across your lash line. Hurried or harsh applications can make the castor oil go inside your eyes. At the same time, rubbing the swabs on lash lines can make the follicles weaker, causing breakage.

Once the application is done, have a sound sleep. Expect fuller, brighter, and more beautiful eyelashes, just like your favorite Disney princess.

Wipe The Coating Of Castor Oil In The Morning 

As you wake up in the morning, you can use your makeup remover to wipe your lash lines. You can even use cold water and mild soap for the removal of the castor oil coating. 

Removing the castor oil in the morning is crucial. Otherwise, the lashes will gather dirt and grime and get transformed into rough strands of hair. 

Summing Up

Castor oil for eyelashes comes with many benefits. It makes the lashes look fuller and denser. Also, this oil prevents frequent breakage of the lashes by sealing moisture and water.

Further, the antimicrobial and antifungal properties of the oil stop flakiness in the lash lines.

So, make castor oil a part of your skincare regime if you want beautiful eyelashes. Do you use any oil or natural ingredients for your eyelashes? Don’t forget to share!

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