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3 Careers That Will Help You Give Back

What’s the difference between a job and a Most people will only ever have jobs rather than careers, but for people who have careers that give back, this can seem like an alien concept. career?

The simple answer that a job is something you do that you wouldn’t otherwise do if you weren’t getting paid for it; a career is something you’re getting paid to do but that you genuinely love and want to continue to build on and enjoy.

Most people will only ever have jobs rather than careers, but for people who have careers that give back, this can seem like an alien concept.

The Art of Balance:

The true problem with having a career is building in that work-life balance because when you’re working at something you love, the time can easily slip away from you.

This is especially true for people who take on jobs in careers that give them a sense of ‘giving back’ and improving the world. Unfortunately, it can become so easy to get swept up in the excitement and enjoy the moment so much that you forget you’re working!

That’s the idea with the three jobs listed below. Most people doing these careers list job satisfaction as one of the main driving forces behind their choice and their continued enthusiasm for the role.

Children’s Counselor:

For anyone who has ever worked with a therapist to sort out their own lives, one thing is abundantly clear: everyone should have therapy!

Being a counselor is hard work. It requires a lot of studying, you’ll spend long periods of time listening to your clients who may be going through a really difficult time, and you’ll need to be empathetic without being patronizing, which can be really hard.

Working with children adds to this tenfold, and it can be very emotionally draining but absolutely worth it.

There are lots of places looking for children’s counselors, from schools to youth organizations; for a summer job, you could try Camp America to become a camp counselor.

Animal Shelter Worker:

Is there anything more rewarding than taking in a sick, tired, scared, and hungry animal, bathing them and giving them some food, and watching them flourish before handing them over for his new life?

Working in an animal shelter can be tough, and you will definitely see a side to people you never wanted to see, but you’ll also make the lives of some of your area’s most vulnerable and sad animals brighter and happier by giving them that helping hand in life and a display of love they desperately need.


Childbirth is one of the most incredible things that can happen to the human body, and the importance of midwifery cannot be understated.

Women who are ready to give birth rely on their midwives for not only moral support through the pain and the intense emotional rollercoaster, but they also rely on midwives to work with the medical staff to keep both mom and baby safe and healthy throughout delivery.

Bringing a child into the world is a miracle no matter how it happens, and a well-trained midwife will remember every baby she or he has helped welcome into the world.

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