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Do You Want To Have The Best Cable Knit Sweaters For This Season? (11+ Styles For You)

Cable knit sweaters have been there in the fashion ecosystem for more than 100 years. This style is still popular, and from celebs to runway models, all are flaunting these sweaters and oozing glamor. 

Also known as Aran sweaters, these stand out due to a distinct braided pattern and cable-like horizontal or vertical columns. Further, because of the thick weaving, these sweaters are perfect for wearing on heavy winter days.

Do you want to know about the various styles of cable-knit fashionable sweaters? Here’s a complete guide for you. 

Different Cable Knit Sweaters You Can Have To Spruce Up Your Winter Fashion 

It does not matter whether you are looking for mens cable knit sweaters or women’s sweaters in cable-knit style. You will always find a wide variety of patterns, colors, and designs.

Further, there will be a lot of variations in the neck style, hemline, and sleeve structures.

If you want to explore some of the coolest varieties, check out the different styles mentioned briefly.

1. Turtleneck Cable Knit Sweaters 

How about fusing two elements that have lasted the test of time in the fashion ecosystem? I am talking about a turtleneck cable knit sweater.

Turtleneck has always been there in the fashion trend, rising in prominence since the groovy fashion days of the 70s. Further, cable knit sweaters are here to stay, with a history of more than 100 years.

These turtle neck sweaters are versatile if you want to explore the styling options. You can wear them with denim jeans or chinos to look your best. Further, you can wear these sweaters as smart casual outfits when teamed with formal trousers. 

2. Cable Knit Tunic Sweaters

Do you want to keep your winter fashion simple yet stylish? You can wear a cable knit tunic sweater with denim jeans and sneakers to get ready for any casual outing. 

The longer length of the tunic will offer you ease of movement, and if you have a long day out, it will be the most comfortable winter outfit you can think of.

Do you want to know how you can style the cable knit tunic sweaters? Wear them with sweatpants or trousers to complete your look. 

3. Cable Knit Poncho Sweaters 

Are you a great fan of a poncho sweater? You can pick one in a cable-knit style. The poncho style of the sweater will offer you ease of movement. Further, thanks to easy tailoring, poncho sweaters are great for women with different body types. 

However, these poncho-style cable-knit sweaters are not suitable for heavy winter days. You can wear them when it’s one of those warmer days in the winter. 

Poncho-style cable knit sweaters look great with shorts or jeans. You can even wear them with a body-hugging skirt.

Make sure that there is proper balance in your overall look when you wear a poncho sweater. So, your bottom wear should be well-tailored and properly fitted. 

Ponchos are also great as layering elements. So, you can wear them over your favorite tank top or bralette. 

4. Cable Knit Cotton Sweaters 

Is it a little cold outside, but it’s not the sweater season yet? You can go for cable-knit cotton sweaters to rev up your wardrobe collection. Wear these cotton sweaters over a tank top or a bralette to ooze the right amount of oomph.

You can also pick an oversized cable-knit sweater made of cotton as an outfit for layering. Cotton cable knit sweaters look excellent with denim jeans or chinos. You can further pick a pair of sneakers or espadrilles to step out in style for various occasions. 

5. Oversized Cable Knit Sweaters

When it’s very cold outside, you can pick an oversized cable knit sweater with a slightly extended length.

The pullover style is the best for these sweaters, and from crew neck to V-neck, you will have a lot of variations in the neck designs of these sweaters.

While choosing an oversized cable knit sweater for regular wear, make sure that you pick one that does not have too much detailing or does not come in a flashy color. 

You may not agree with me. However, I feel that cable-knit sweaters have a quaint charm. Excessive detailing or the cluttering of many colors can ruin the overall appeal of these winter essentials. 

6. Cable-Knit Cardigans

Are you someone who loves country fashion? You can pick a basic cable-knit cardigan-style sweater for your everyday fashion.

The front button placket of the cardigan will offer you the ease of wearing, and at the same time, you can easily use it as a layering element.

Wear the cardigan over a simple top and complement it with a skirt or trousers in contrasting shades. Further, if you are choosing an oversized cardigan to spruce up your winter fashion, you must tuck the top or t-shirt in. This is a simple but effective trick to maintain balance in your overall look.

In addition, do not button up all the buttons when you are going out in a cardigan. You can keep the front completely open or button up a few buttons at the top to create a very stylish overall look. 

7. Cropped Cable-Knit Cardigans 

Do you want to celebrate your sensuality this winter? You can wear a cropped cable-knit cardigan for a fall or winter day out. Based on your preference, you can pick a front-open or pullover style. You can also pick an oversized style to make a fashion statement.

If you wear a cropped cable-knit cardigan with a pullover style, team it up with a pair of denim shorts or slim-fit trousers to create a sense of balance.

However, if your cardigan has a button placket at the front, go for longer lengths in bottoms. For bottom wear, you can choose chinos, denim jeans, or leather pants.

Be careful about the footwear you pick when you wear a cable-knit cropped cardigan. Leather boots and Gladiator shoes will be the best choice if you wear shorts. When wearing longer trousers and jeans, you can wear casual sneakers. 

8. Crewneck Cable-Knit Sweater Dresses 

Cable-knit sweater dresses are the most versatile winter essentials you will come across. It can be the best outfit for your Christmas party. You can also wear it while lazing at home or heading for date night. 

A Cable-knit sweater dress, especially one with a crew neck, also looks very sexy as it flatters your silhouette and highlights your features.

For casual outings, you can wear your cable-knit sweater dress with sneakers or heeled shoes. However, while heading for a party, you can team the sweater dress with a pair of cowboy boots.

Do you want to make your overall look more glammed up? You can take a sling bag or wear a sleek necklace to fetch compliments from everyone around. 

9. Cable Sweater Shirt 

Do you know that you can wear a cable sweater shirt for formal occasions? These cable-knit sweater shirts have simple designs, and you can pick one in a neutral shade to keep the formal vibe alive.

Further, for formal cable-knit sweaters, make sure that the knit rows are not very dense.

You can wear the cable-knit sweater with a pencil skirt or formal trousers to get ready for a business meeting. In footwear, you can wear heeled or peep-toe shoes.

If you want further layering in your ensemble, you can wear a sleeveless leather jacket or a long coat over the cable-knit sweater. 

10. Long Cable Knit Sweaters 

Are you a woman who has a penchant for understated elegance in fashion? Do you like to flaunt a Holly Golightly look this winter? You do not always need a trenchcoat to emulate the famous look of Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

You can wear a long cable-knit sweater over a top and a pair of denim jeans. Keep the wash of the denim jeans mild to draw all the attention to the cable-knit sweater.

You can accessorize the long cable-knit sweater with a leather belt and a pair of espadrilles or leather boots to complete your look for a coffee date or movie day out with friends. 

11. Cable Knit Sweaters With Hoody 

Do you want cable knit sweaters that will also double as loungewear outfits? You can choose a cable-knit sweater with a hooded neckline.

The hoody style of the sweater will be helpful in keeping your ears, head, and neck protected from the ravages of the cold weather.

Further, it will be a great choice if you want to just indulge in sheer comfort while lazing in the house. 

You can also wear your cable-knit sweater with a hoody with a pair of denim jeans or chinos to look your best for any casual day out. 

12. Vintage-Style Cable Knit Sweaters 

Are you a great fan of folklore? Do you love to read Jane Austen novels or watch period dramas on OTT platforms? You can pick vintage-style cable-knit sweaters for this winter. Vintage cable-knit sweaters were also common among working women during the 50s and 80s. 

The design of these sweaters is simple, with single vertical lines all through the sweater. Further, the flat collar of these sweaters adds an old-worldly charm to the overall design of the sweater.

You can team these sweaters with a floral skirt for an off-duty look. However, while heading for work, you can club these sweaters with denim jeans or slim-fit trousers. 

13. Cable Knit Sweater Tank Top 

Do you want to flaunt a sexy look this winter? Are you heading to a fun party on a winter afternoon? Why don’t you wear a cable-knit tank top? 

The plunging neckline of the tank top will reveal your cleavage and raise the mercury when the weather is nippy outside. If things start getting colder, you can wear a leather jacket over the tank top.

Team the tank top with a pair of white pants or leather pants to get party-ready. 

14. Cable Knit Sweater Maxi Dress With A Side Slit 

Do you want to celebrate your feminine grace and sensuality? You can add a cable-knit sweater maxi dress for a winter party or coffee date. Further, if you want to flaunt a bold look, you can wear a maxi dress with a plunging neckline.

Also, the long side slit will add a distinct appeal to your overall appearance.

Styling this cable-knit maxi dress is very easy. You can team it with a pair of high leather boots or Gladiator shoes to get party-ready. 

15. Cable Knit Sweaters Coordinate Sets

It’s time to give your winter fashion a contemporary twist. You can wear a coordinated set with a cable-knit pattern to get ready for an evening party or a disco night out.

These coordinate sets come in different shades, and you can pick one in a neutral or flashy shade according to your fashion preferences.

If you are picking the coordinate set as a party outfit, boots or high heels will be the best choice in footwear. 

You can even accessorize your coordinate set with a sling bag to get ready for special occasions.

16. Cable Knit Lounger Set Sweaters 

Do you want to enjoy the comfort of your home on a cold winter day? You can pick a cable-knit lounger set this winter. You can even wear this coordinate set while going grocery shopping or on a casual day out.

These lounger sets look good with casual sneakers or espadrilles. You can even wear boots to step out in style in these lounger sets. 

Final Words 

When looking for sweaters for men and women, cable-knit sweaters are the best fusions of style and comfort. These styles have survived centuries and are still very much a part of the latest fashion trend.

Further, featuring different patterns and a variety of neck and sleeve designs, these sweaters can be your go-to outfits for all occasions.

Along with the styles I have mentioned, you can also explore ruffled cable-knit cardigans, cable-knit sweaters with fringe detailing, and many more. 

Do you like any of the cable-knit sweater types I have mentioned here, or do you have any other style in mind? Don’t forget to share!

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