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Things to Consider before Buying a Photo Frame Online

Do you have painted subjects or landscapes, historical photos, travel shots, or prints and would like to fix them on the walls? Undoubtedly, the time has come to buy photo frames online! How to choose them? This guide will teach you what elements to consider before buying the photo frame online.

Photo frames have the same importance as furniture, and if chosen superficially, they unbalance the style of a space.

Important things to consider before buying a photo frame online

1. Wood, Aluminium, PVC: the materials of the frames

Among the most used materials for photo frames, there are undoubtedly aluminium, wood, and PVC:

Aluminium: These frames are used in most cases for photos and prints, but also black and white posters. They adapt well to young and contemporary environments.

Wood: wooden frames are perfect for any subject and support. There are simple, richly decorated, or with apparent mouldings, to suit all tastes and styles. In addition to natural shades, wooden frames can also be coloured.

MDF: is a very compact and resistant material, obtained from a mixture of wood processing scraps in medium-density fibers (Medium Density Fiberboard) and glues.

PVC: Inexpensive and colourful, they are very resistant and can be replaced at any time to adapt to the seasonal style of the house.

2. The choice of the frame glass.

When choosing photo frames of this type of material, you must pay attention to the quality. Generally speaking, the texture of quartz lattice is the most common fragile glass in our current life, and it is also used frequently.

Although plexiglass is also a commonly used type, since the photo frame is hung on the wall for a long time, it will fall off. When wiping, the glass is easy to scratch, so the editor recommends using grid glass.

3. The thickness of the frame of the photo frame is well known.

At present, the best hanging method on the market is to use invisible hooks. The nails of this kind of product are only 1.5mm, and the damage to the wall is minimal. Therefore, the thickness of the frame must be at least 1.8cm.  It can fit more closely without gaps.

4. The colors of the frames

In principle, the colour of the photo frame must recall the leading tone of the subject to be framed, even if excellent contrasts are created by choosing frames of secondary tones. For photos, instead, it is better to opt for white or black frames. To highlight a corner of the house, you can always opt for coloured frames in the same shade.

5. Choose the frame: the elements to evaluate

If you are about to choose a photo frame, you will have to consider some elements, which will help you select the right accessory, both from an aesthetic and a conservative point of view. Among the elements to be evaluated, we remember:

Objective: Before buying a frame, it is essential to ask yourself the reasons. Frames can improve the aesthetics of a subject, enhance its colours, enlarge the work, enhance it, or even preserve it.

Support: That is the material on which the subject to be framed is made. The thickness of the material is essential. If a subject is printed on thin paper, all types of frames will be acceptable; if, on the contrary, the support is very thick, as happens, for example, for painted canvases, a frame with a thicker door is required, designed to retain and hide the thickness. Photos, prints on paper, drawings, and watercolours require a frame with glass: this is not the case for other materials, for which glass has a protective function.

The environment in which to insert the subject: Furniture and style already present in an environment, as well as predominant colours, must be considered when choosing a frame.

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