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Beginner’s Guide To Butterfly Locs: How To Style And Care For The Hairstyle

If you have beautiful natural long hair, then the particular type of hairstyle that you can do to make your hair look great is the butterfly locs, with braids and locs and twists.

Well, if you remember micro braids and the glory they had years before, then came the kinky twist braids. But now, the newest style of braids that are done with natural hair is the butterfly locs.

The butterfly hair looks great, like dreamy strands, looking more like distressed locs, although having a stylish and neat look to it. So if you wanna know more the butterfly locs, then you need to keep on reading this article.

Understanding Butterfly Locs: What They Are?

butterfly locs

Among all the protective style staples out there, the newest of all is the butterfly locs. The butterfly locs are like distressed locs, they are the cousin of faux locs that suddenly became popular.

But the difference between the butterfly locs and distressed locs are butterfly locs have beautiful curly locs, which gives them a signature look. With the butterfly locs, it gives a passionate twist and goddess locs to them.

This gives them a bohemian, messy, and ethereal style with low maintenance and a natural look. If you want to change up your style a bit, then this is the best hairstyle for you to have with.

What Is The Best Hair For Butterfly Locs?

butterfly locs

When you get to know the community of natural hair, then it is important to understand which type of hairstyle you would need to lead a carefree lifestyle. Then the best hairstyle for that carefree lifestyle is the butterfly hair.

If you are going for curly hair and also gives, you are natural and bouncy hair at the same time. If you are looking forward to weave your hair with false hair, then you would need about six to eight water wave packs.

Then at the same time, if you are looking to keep the weaving hair for a long, then you can use the merle braids and add these braids to give your hair a few beautiful. These hairstyles are usually to give a bit of length and thickness.

How To Do Butterfly Locs?

butterfly locs

There is more than one method of making this beautiful butterfly locs. Some people prefer to make these loops in a distressed manner in crochets hairs, then insert these locs inside of cornrows.

However, if you want a more casual or neutral look, then here are a few steps that you might wanna follow.

1. Wash And Condition Your Hair

butterfly locs

It is quite tempting if you get the option not to wash your hair for a few days or even months.

But before you get on to doing this braid, you do need to wash your hair, as this will be the last time you will be washing your hair for a long time.

So if you wanna wash your hair, then shampoo your hair and then condition it before braiding your hair. This will actually ensure the health of your hair.

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2. Braid Your Natural Hair

Braid Your Natural Hair

Divide your hair into different parts and braid your natural hair, and weave them neatly in single braids. But it is important that you braid your hair neatly and properly.

The braid of your hair should also be moisturized. This way, your hair will remain healthy and strong the whole time you have the braids on. Also, for shorter and thinner hair, moisturizing is very important.

3. Wrap Your Hair

Now you can start braiding your hair. The butterfly locs is technically a protective style and is a DIY project. Even you and your friend can also braid each other.

For this hairstyle, you need to crochet your hair and then crochet your hair with the root of your natural hair.

Braid through the water wave hair, but then run your fingers through your hair so that you can make your hair fluffy. First, you need to wrap your hair properly to your length and use your thumb.

Then you can loop your disheveled hair in any direction you may like. To make your hair fluffier, you can create more loops in your hair.

4. Seal The Butterfly Locs

Now if you have reached a particular length with your weaving locs, then you can loop your hair up by wrapping it around your finger, then create a knot with it.

If the locs are longer than the natural hair you have, then attach the loops using nail glue and then cut the extra hair to make it even. Then to finish it, wrap up all your hair of locs and secure it or style it.

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Wrapping Up!

Now that you understand what exactly butterfly locs are and how can you make them perfectly. So follow the simple steps of braiding butterfly locs in this article, and you will have the perfect hair.

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