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How to Build a Career as A Fashion Stylist

A professional fashion stylist is in charge of designing and arranging clothing and accessories for a wide range of clientele. Models, celebrities, and influencers, as well as photo sessions, display cases, and mannequins, are dressed by stylists.

It is also the role of a stylist to select props and cosmetics for television and movies. A fashion stylist is always on top of the latest trends and is the go-to person for fashion guidance.

So what does it take to have a successful career as a fashion stylist? Maybe you have a passion for it and wonder how you get from the start to success. Short answer; lots of patience; as for the detailed response, well, read on to find out more.

1. Landing an Internship as A Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylist

An internship in a fashion agency or an established stylist is a great place to start, particularly if you aspire to be a renowned stylist. Starting as an intern and later as an associate to a stylist helps to learn from the experts while also developing key career contacts in the fashion business. Internships allow you to gain an understanding of the real styling experience while being mentored.

Internships educate you on how to start a job, finish a task, and go from the showroom to costume homes. That’s not something you can learn merely by studying: it takes real-world experience and the guidance of a mentor.

2. Creating a Portfolio

Fashion Stylist

Begin putting up a catalog or portfolio to display your styling expertise. The lookbook enables potential clients to view your greatest work, allowing you to establish a larger and more prominent client base.

A well-crafted portfolio may help you obtain work and clients, as well as jump-start your stylist career. When bargaining with a potential client or interviewing for a stylist job in a fashion firm, the lookbook will come in handy.

3. Networking

Fashion Stylist

Utilize the internship process to start honing your networking abilities. Interacting with other experts in your sector allows you to develop vital contacts and establish a reputation for quality.

In the fashion business, word-of-mouth can greatly affect a career, so you want to create a strong community to help you attract a devoted clientele.

4. Investing Extra Time and Money to Learn More about the Industry

Fashion Stylist

A famous saying emphasizes the need to practice for thousands of hours to be excellent at something. The same applies in this industry; this may warrant you to buy perfume packaging boxes for your specific perfume combinations, make-up brushes and kits for experimenting with friends, pay for a degree in the subject area, among other things.

Know the intricacies of the fashion industry just like the back of your most recent manicure-crazed hand. Attend fashion events, stay up to date on the current trends, and analyze various celebrities and their distinct appearances.  What goes with one celebrity might not even work for any other celebrity, so understanding the star’s style is essential.

As a celebrity stylist, you will be dealing with a diverse range of personas and fashion inclinations, so you must keep everyone happy and confident. Understanding your clientele is essential for success, and the cornerstone is a thorough awareness of what’s going on in the industry.

5. Extra Research

Fashion Stylist

While a fashion stylist’s day might be filled with lots of work, it also frequently involves days spent in front of a computer doing research. Take the time to investigate alternative styles and remain up to date on the latest styling trends—many stylists research to develop new trends or predict demands and desires for future picture assignments.

6. Creating a Unique Point of View

Fashion Stylist

As an artist and stylist, you must constantly enhance your aesthetic vision. Taste is subjective, and others may not understand your style at first. Nonetheless, you must be disciplined, enthusiastic about your goal, and have faith in yourself.

A stylist’s duty is to interpret and implement a concept. That’s a practice you can truly learn by getting to work with a creative attitude and making it happen.

7. Marketing

Fashion Stylist

Throughout your career as a stylist, especially if you decide to go solo, you will need to market yourself constantly. While your portfolio and network might play a vital role in this, you also need to consider other forms of marketing.

For instance, digital marketing proves to be very effective in this day and age; start there(and be consistent with your content). Digital marketing is a broad field, so first, understand its demands before implementing it in your business.

Another way to market your services is by attending fashion trade shows and pageants. These act as a platform to showcase your work to a broader array of prospective clients.

However, you need to consult with experts for a successful experience. Talk to Las Vegas trade show booth builders for information on booths, pageant organizers to learn about niches in the platforms, among other things.

The Bottom Line

Most public figures and leaders frequently arrive at work dressed to the nines. However, most of them have one secret: their outfits represent the work of a competent fashion stylist.

If you believe you have the type of eye that can make others’ outfits look effortless or stand out, a job as a fashion stylist could be a good fit for you. The guide above covers the major points to succeed in the industry. Again, emphasis on practice. With that said, all the best in your stylish endeavors.

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