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15 Bridesmaid Dress Colours That Will Rule In 2023

After setting the date and venue, a couple starts their wedding planning by choosing a color or two.

While a couple’s personalities guide them, choosing colors can still be daunting. That is why a couple turns to family, friends, experts, and online for wedding tips.

Ahead, you will read Pantone’s forecasted trending colors for 2023. Pantone is a reputable color forecasting institution in fashion and design. The following year will be about brightness, vibrant positivity, and boldness.

Here Are 15 Bridesmaid Dress Colours That Will Rule In 2023

Integrate some of these colors into your bridesmaids’ dresses. And see your bridal party shine in elegance and beauty.

Bridesmaid Dress Colours

1. Cherry Tomato

See your bridesmaids call and command attention in a tempting red bridesmaid dress.

2. Persimmon

Bridesmaids attending a boho-themed wedding will look silky beautiful in honey-shaded coral dresses.

3. Iced Mango

A summer wedding calls for a fruity celebration. Let your bridesmaids exude the vibrant fun of the summer season. Bridesmaid dresses in sweet, rich orange with a tropical touch will be perfect.

4. Blazing Yellow

Your bridal party is a beam of sunshine. Your bridesmaids in radiant yellow gowns will help break the pre-bridal walk jitters.

5. Titanite

Sustainable weddings are taking over the scene in a positive way. Make sure your bridesmaids are in trend. Clothe them in enlivening and lustrous yellow-green dresses.

6. Andean Toucan

There is another shade of green fit for a sustainable wedding. It is this exotic green that reminds you of the highland forest. Bridesmaids at a nature destination wedding will love their dresses in this color.

7. Airy Blue

While 2023 calls for vibrant colors, a lightweight blue still suits the list. This light blue color is perfect for bridesmaids with a cool undertone. Even more, it represents a cloudless sky, perfect for beach or mountain weddings.

8. Electric Blue Lemonade

If a darker shade of blue suits your bridesmaids, then take this crisp, brilliant blue. No doubt that it will electrify any wedding palette.

9. Spring Crocus

This color is reminiscent of the blooming purple flowers of spring. Bring out your bridesmaids’ beauty and confidence even more with this color.

10. Pink Cosmos

A sweet touch of pink will never go out of style during weddings. This color will be very fitting if you decide to have junior bridesmaids.

11. Oyster Mushroom

Make the vibrant colors of your wedding shine with this calm shade of grey. It’s a perfect partner when you decide to mix and match bridesmaid dress colors.

12. Grayed Jade

If you are not over the sage green fever but want to create a twist, this color might be for you. It’s an easy-on-the-eyes color that can match any bridesmaid’s style.

13. Tender Peach

A delicate touch of peach color is enough to create a sweet bridesmaid ensemble.

14. Mocha Mousse

The rustic wedding has become a classic theme. And so, a gown in a sweet milk chocolate brown will look perfect.

15. Bluing

A commanding blue color will fit a winter wedding. Imagine your bridesmaids looking crisp while a sea of snow is in the background.

A Colourful Takeaway

Starting the wedding planning with choosing a color or two has benefits.

It helps create a cohesive look for the decorations and sets the tone of the celebration. And best of all, choosing a color helps the bride choose clothes for her bridesmaids.

But choosing a wedding color is not a straightforward decision. There are tons of wedding tips and inspirations online. So, a list made by an expert will come in handy. Pantone, an established name in the color industry, can be your go-to.

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