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Bremod Hair Color Chart: Definition, How To Read And More

Choosing the right color for your hair is incredibly hectic since selecting it for namesake would not fulfill your expectations. There are a myriad of things you need to consider while picking up that one perfect color for your hair.

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The only thing that can help you in this regard is a Bremond Hair Color Chart. Do you know what it is actually and how to use it? Well, if not then you have arrived at the right place. In this post, you will learn not only how to select colors from the Bremod Hair Color Chart, but also the best colors in it.

Bremod Hair Color Chart: What Is That?

If you are a newbie to hair colors, a hair color chart might seem to be completely out of the world to you.

What Is A Bremod Hair Color Chart

A hair color chart consists of a range of hues you can apply on your tresses along with individual numbers. Especially when it comes to Bremod hair color charts, you can put your faith in it since it’s one of the most trusted hair color charts.

Nevertheless, different hair color and beauty companies use their own unique color charts. But the Bremod Hair Color chart is one standard hair color numbering system that different brands follow and adapt. 

Bremod Hair Color Chart: So How Should You Read It?

For beginners, a Bremod hair color chart could be a nightmare. As they are of a numbered or gridded pattern, even the experienced hair care experts get confused. If you are also dealing with a similar problem, here is what you require.

Bremod Hair Color Chart: So How Should You Read It?

We have brought a full step-by-step procedure to read the Bremod Hair Color Chart according to the tinges present. Take a look:

1. The Primary Tone: The First Number After The Decimal 

It’s super easy to identify the primary tone. The number before the decimal has a major impact on the overall hair color. Precisely, it will be prominent on your hair.

2. The Secondary Tones: The Third And The Fourth Numbers

Often in a hair color chart, be it Bremod hair color chart, Light Ash Blonde Hair Color Chart, or red color chart, you will find second or third tones. These are not as powerful as the primary one but strongly influence the hair color as a whole.

3. No Tone: Zero (0) Has A Value Here

If you get the number after the decimal is 0 then it refers to the fact there is no tone. This is called a neutral or true color in a Bremod hair color chart means, neither cool, nor warm.

4. Next Comes The Decimals: 0.1 As The Blue Ash, 0.2 As The Mauve Ash

These are the first two numbers having ash tones, close to the Ash Blonde Hair Color Chart. Blue ash is basically Blue, and Mauve ash is actually Violet. They add cool undertones to the base color.

5. The Decimals Continue: 0.3 As The Gold, 0.4 As Copper

As you proceed upwards, read 0.3 as a Gold Tone while 0.4 as a copper tone. The former is more of a yellow color, although the latter is close to the orange color.

6. Last But Not The Least: 0.5 As Mahogany, 0.6 As True Red

Mahogany (V – 0.5) gives a violet tinge if the base color is neutral instead of adding any undertones. Similarly, True Red (R- 0.5) adds a warm tone to the neutral base color. Both True Red And Mahogany are the two best hair colors for Morena Girls.

Picking A Color: Which One Is Perfect For You?

Now that you have learned how to read a Bremod Hair Color chart, I think it will be easier for you to interpret the colors.

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However, that doesn’t mean picking up a flattering color for yourself is easier. Rather, it’s more complicated.

But with our step-wise procedure of finding the ideal color will reduce a huge amount of effort. Check it out.

Step 1: Choose The Beginning Color Taking The Depth Numbers Into Account

The first step is to check where you are on the Bremod hair color chart already. To do this, hold the tresses against the chart to understand your depth.

Step 2: Select The Base Color You Want

The second step is to choose the shade that best suits the one you are looking for. You may skip this step if you want to keep your original base color intact

Step 3: Include Cool Hues To Thwart Your Warm Skin Tones

Does your skin have a warm undertone? Then the best option is to choose a cool tone as your hair color to maintain an equilibrium. For example, Light Blonde Hair Color would look enchanting on a warm Morena skin tone. In fact, it’s the best color for Morena women.

Step 4: Select A Warm Hue To Counteract Your Cool Skin Tone

If you have a cool skin tone, then just reverse the previous process and select a warm tinge. For instance, golden blonde (9.3), Chestnut Brown (3.6), or Mahogany Brown (5.5) look best in lighter Morena girls. I must say that Mahogany brown is truly the best hair color for Morenas, who are lighter.

Step 5: Have A Neutral Skin Tone? Choose Any Color You Like

Trust me, those who have neutral undertones are genuinely lucky. Wondering why. It’s because you can pick up any color between cool, and warm. Also, you can make a stunning combination of both. Light Ash Blonde Hair Color Chart will come to your use if you stick to ash or some icy tinges.

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What Colors You Will Get In A Bremod Hair Color Chart?

A typical Bremod hair color chart consists of the colors from the below-mentioned ones.

Colors You Will Get In A Bremod Hair Color Chart?

Nonetheless, it’s not like you will find each of these in every Bremod hair color chart. If you see an Ash Blonde Hair Color Chart, the colors will be different from a Light Blonde Hair Color, Medium Light Brown Hair, or Red Hair color chart.










Dark Brown


Medium Brown


Red Chestnut


Light Brown


Mocha Brown


Light Brown Green Reflect


Dark Copper


Rich Burgundy Red


Purplish Red


Dark Blond


Dark Ash Blond


Honey Tea Brown


Dark Golden Brown


Dark Ash Golden


Medium Copper


Coffee Brown


Warm Velvet Blond




Light Golden Ash Blonde


Dark Golden


Red Brown


Velvet Blond


Mocha Chocolate


Light Blond


Light Gray


Lighter Blond


Metallic Gray


Light Golden Blonde


Very Light Golden Intense Blonde


Light Golden Flaxen


Lightest Blond


Silver Gray


Very Stuffy Green Blonde


Very Red Blonde


Very Violet Blonde


Very Ash Golden Blonde

Some Important Notes For The Bremod Hair Color Chart Users

We have jotted down some crucial points you must know before using hair dyes following the Bremod hair color chart:

  • The Results may vary as per the hair type, hair color, and skin tone.
  • It’s not advisable to use hair colors if you have a sensitive scalp.
  • We recommend you take professional assistance or advice while bleaching or dying your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Are The 4 Types Of Hair Color Charts?

The 4 main types of hair color charts according to the colors are: Blonde Hair Color Chart, Brown Hair Color Chart, Black Hair Color Chart, Read Hair Color Chart.

Q2. What Color Is Light Golden Brown?

A light-golden brown hair is mainly a lighter brunette color having streaks of golden tones. This and Medium Light Brown Hair as well give a rich, radiant hue, thereby adding brightness and warmth to your skin tone overall.

Q3. Is Bremod FDA Approved?

Bremond is solely a brand of hair dyes and bleaches. Several beauty influencers, models, film stars, and famous personalities have trusted this brand for a long time. Bremod is also approved by the Food And Drug Administrations.

Q4. What Is The Best Color For Morena Skin Tone?

There is no single best color for Morena skin. We can recommend a plethora of the best colors for Morena. Some of the admiring tints are Wine, Chocolate Brown, Golden Bronze, Mahogany, Honey, Mauve, Cool Silver Blonde, and Dark Auburn.

Coloring It Up!

That’s all we had to say about the Bremod hair color chart. You can easily get one online or in the nearest hair color store.

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Please remember to purchase one Bremod chart before coloring your hair. In addition, follow the above steps to read it properly so that you become able to pick out the ultimate share for yourself.

Was this article helpful to you? Do not hesitate to drop your unique opinions in the comment area below.

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