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Bomber Jackets: A Fashion Statement With A Rich Cultural History

The ‘Bomber Jacket’ was one of the essentials of the US Air Force and was earlier known as the ‘flight jacket.’ The mens leather bomber jacket was first created and designed in 1917 by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board. This was to ensure that the pilots during the First World War remained warm and insulated while they were inside the open-air cockpits of the fighter jets of those days.

Although the leather bomber jacket was originally meant for the air force, it became quite popular among the general public as well, as it not only looked great on any man but also provided enough warmth. The mens leather bomber jacket is one of the most liked jackets among men, and rightly so, because of its classic looks and timeless design. Hence, to learn more about the bomber jacket, read on through to the end of the article.

Bomber Jacket Men – A Brief History

Bomber Jacket Men – A Brief History

The Bomber jacket was popular since the first world war, the second world war, the cold war, and later among the 80s clothes and the 90s men fashion. Take any decade in the last one hundred years, and you will find the popularity of the bomber jacket.

You just cannot go wrong with a bomber jacket, as it instantly enhances your style, no matter what you are wearing at the moment. The best part is that the bomber jacket even goes with the 90s oversized T shirt. Try it, and you will not regret it later. Along with the Carhartt jacket workwear, the bomber jacket has been one of the most loved jackets, not only in the USA but also throughout the world.

If you like the bomber jacket, you will start loving it once you look at it through the lens of history and how it became a cultural icon. For many people, it has actually become a tradition to wear the bomber jacket, as there are actually many families that made wearing the bomber jacket a tradition. Hence, to get an idea of the roots of the bomber jacket, read the following:

1. The Precursor To The Bomber Jackets

The Precursor To The Bomber Jackets

This was previously known as the “flight jacket” and was created by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board in 1917 to provide warmth and insulation to pilots in open-air planes.

2. The Type A-1 Bomber Jacket

With technological advancements, as cockpits became narrower and fuller with controls, the bulky jacket made it difficult to use. Hence, the A-1 came with a more streamlined shape but offered better warmth than before.

3. The Type A-2 Bomber Jacket

The Type A-2 Bomber Jacket
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This was an upgraded version of the A-1, with a zip closure, high collar, and a wind flap. The elastic cuffs and waist provided better insulation, even though the closed cockpit was introduced by then. This jacket is also one of the most similar versions of the iconic bomber jacket that we know today.

4. The Type G-2 Jacket: Top Gun

This jacket was introduced in the Air Corps in 1943, during the height of WW2. The wind flap was removed now, but the zip closure was kept. A fur collar was introduced, along with a bi-swing back. You can see Tom Cruise wearing this jacket in the ‘Top Gun’ series.

5. The Type B-3 Bomber Jacket

The Type B-3 Bomber Jacket

This is the one that is considered the “true bomber jacket.” This is because this was designed specifically to meet the needs of high-altitude bombers. The most notable is the sheep-skinned waist and collar.

6. The B-6 Bomber Jacket

The B-6 Bomber Jacket

This was a more wearable version of the B3 and came with a better cut. Since the temperature in the cockpit was better now, losing a bit of insulation was affordable.

7. The Type B-10 Jacket 

The Type B-10 Jacket

This came with an alpaca fur collar and a zip closure and was a bit inspired by the G-10. But, it did not stay for long among the US Air Bombers.

8. The Iconic B-15 Jacket

The Iconic B-15 Jacket

The iconic B-15 is the most “proper” bomber jacket and was introduced in the year 1944. It was reintroduced with the mouton fur collar, knit cuffs, and wait. The shell consisted of cotton and nylon afterward.

9. The MA-1: The Ultimate Bomber Jacket

The MA-1: The Ultimate Bomber Jacket

This is the upgrade of the B-15, and it is the one that is now replicated everywhere. The fur collar was done away with, and the elastic and knit collar was introduced. The exterior consisted of nylon and was easy to clean.

The Bomber Jacket – How Did It Become A Cultural Icon?

The Bomber Jacket – How Did It Become A Cultural Icon?

Hence, you can see how the bomber jacket has become one of the best jackets for men. As of now, when you see the bomber jacket, it is, in most cases, the MA-1. These jackets are available not only for men but for women as well, as the MA-1 has become popular among the latter too.

According to HisghsNobiety.com, “First designed for the US Air Force, military surplus-raiding subcultures have given the MA-1 a storied history on the backs of both heroes and villains (sometimes at the same time) that has acted as a rite of passage for its status as a fashion staple.”

Despite being one of the best men’s military jackets ever produced and designed, the jacket was also made popular by Hollywood stars as well. Many stars donned bomber jackets both on-screen and off-screen. Furthermore, with bomber jackets being created with the use of a variety of materials, you will get a lot of designs and cuts so as to work with your style.

Summing Up

As you can see that the history of the bomber jacket can be traced back to at least a hundred years, during the time of the first world war. The ones that are mostly used nowadays are the MA-1s. Furthermore, there are a variety of bomber jackets available with different materials and designs. Therefore, once you are going to buy one for yourself, consider trying out different jackets to find out which one suits your needs as well as your body type. What made you like the bomber jacket in the first place, or how did you come to like the bomber jacket? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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