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Top 10 Stylish Blue Dress For Pride Month 2023

Blue is a color that I feel suits everyone, and it is a color that I wear a lot on a regular basis. Now that blue is a part of the rainbow, the blue dress is highly popular during the month of June, aka Pride Month.

There are a lot of different blue colors that you can wear by mixing and matching these colors. Now suppose you wanna wear something in blue for Pride month or any of the Pride parades.

Then out of all the blue dresses that you can wear during pride month, it is better if I simply categorize all the different colors and styles of blue dress you can wear.

So if you wanna know more, keep on scrolling through the article to know more about the different blue dresses.

Blue Dresses For Women During Pride Month

Since the color blue is the bright and significant color of the rainbow so it is also a very popular color choice to wear for Pride month. So if you wanna look for beautiful blue dresses, then keep on scrolling through this article.

1. Blue Flowy Dresses

Pride is the month of expressing yourself without any hurdles and restrictions. Things should be as free flowing as possible. Just like a flowy blue dress, that gives you the impression of being flying and freedom, where you can express yourself.

These flowy dresses can be of any length and not a floor length dress, so you can wear them anyplace you want to. Whether it’s a parade or brunch with your girls or a tropical holiday, you can wear a flowy blue dress.

2. Midi Light Blue Dress

Midi Light Blue Dress

When it comes to wearing a midi light blue dress, the places to rock them can vary from, office formal events to a babyshower. The wide range of places are because the color is really beautiful and versatile at the same time, just like a purple dress.

But the style of the dress will definitely depend on the place you are wearing the dress too, such as whether to a wedding to an office party.

3. Cutout Royal Blue Dress

Cutout Royal Blue Dress

From prom to formal balls, a color that looks good everywhere is a royal blue dress. But no matter where you are wearing the dress, the style should be a bodycon maxi dress. The maxi dresses are just gorgeous and makes you feel like the queen you are already.

Since the color is bright and vibrant already, like a red dress or a green dress you don’t have to wear much accessories with it. Maybe a pair of earrings and a bracelet is enough to complete the outfit.

4. Satin Blue And Black Dress

Satin Blue And Black Dress

When I am saying black and blue dress, I am not meaning two colors on the same dress. Rather the color blue and black, it is a blackish blue dress that looks stunning both at day and night.

With a color like this you won’t have to think twice whether this blue dress would look good for a certain event. Be confident that the color is gonna look no matter where you are going wearing a blue and black dress.

5. Velvety Blue Dresses For Women

Velvety Blue Dresses For Women

Velvet is a material that is loved by all, but maybe not during the summer months, or you will sweat immensely. But if you wear a beautiful velvet blue dress of any style of your choice during fall season or winter then you are gonna look divine.

With velvet blue dresses you can always dress down or dress up that outfit, depending on the event you are going to. The blue dress can be any shade of blue depending on your preference. And suppose you don’t like the blue velvet dress, you can try a dark velvety green dress.

6. Sequin Navy Blue Dress

Sequin Navy Blue Dress

If you are going to a party or the Pride parade, then the outfit you must wear is a sequin navy blue dress. A sequin dress means you are ready to let your hair down and party hard, grooving to the music and the beat.

With sequin blue dresses, the size and style of the dress would really matter, so it would be better if you wear a dress that makes you feel sassy and chic.

7. Mini Baby Blue Dresses For Women

Mini Baby Blue Dresses For Women

There are hardly any color that is as soft and sweet as the baby blue color. The color is something you can’t wear to a rave or party. This is a color that should be worn for brunches, garden parties, baby showers or maybe a day wedding.

With such a soft color, too much accessories or makeup is absolutely not needed, rather a softer nude makeup look with a feminine hairstyle looks really good.

8. Monochrome Blue Powersuits

Monochrome Blue Powersuits

Like any other color, the monochrome color combination of the color Blue looks really good if worn as a Powersuit. The color blue looks formal in a corporate setup anyways.

But just to add a little twist to the color combination, just add other shades of blue together in the mix. The mix of darker and lighter shades of blue in an outfit really adds something to the whole look.

9. Mini Floral Blue Dresses

Mini Floral Blue Dresses

With softer blue colors like powder blue or sky blue, the floral print or embroidery looks really great. The blue creates a blank canvas on which the floral embroideries really do stand out and become the star of the show.

So wearing a mini floral blue dress is a gorgeous look to capture the feminine of your personality. And it helps if you have blue eyes, then the color blue really stands out.

10. Blue Cottage Core Dresses

Blue Cottage Core Dresses

“Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, particularly in the countryside. It encourages a lifestyle rooted in traditional skills – like gardening, baking bread, and also sewing your own clothes.”

Now that you know what the cottagecore aesthetic is, then you can understand that the dresses are mainly of lighter colors. The colors are blue, pink, green, yellow, and, of course, white. The colors are definitely pastel shades and not something too loud and bright. If you wanna try then a gorgeous orange dress looks great as a cottage core dress.

Wrapping Up!

Well, there you go, here are a few blue dresses that are just perfect for Pride month. You can easily just pick a blue dress out of all these for yourself.

Now if you wanna customize your dress with the colors of the rainbow, then add rainbow trimmings on the boundaries of these outfits if you want. So if you liked this article, then give this article a like and comment down below to let us know which outfit you would love to wear.

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