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Top 10 Black Trousers For Women

Black trousers with a perfectly matched top and black kitten heels are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. If you want to look both formal and chic at the same time, nothing can beat a pair of black pants. Be it your workplace or a casual party; it can be your lifesaver irrespective of your body type. 

But as there are millions of black pants in the market, you might get confused about which one is the best for you -right? No need to worry because, in this article, we will take you through the top 10 black trousers for women on Amazon.com that you will never want to miss. 

Top 10 Black Trousers For Women

Top 10 Black Trousers For Women

Choosing a suitable pair of pants can enhance your fashion taste. Now, let’s discuss the top 10 black trousers for women in 2021. 

1. Calvin Klein Women’s Classic Pant

Calvin Klein Women's Classic Pant

The Calvin Klein Women’s Classic Pant is one of the best black trousers for women in 2021 that you must try. It is imported and has a zipper closure. Moreover, you cannot wash these pants in your washing machine. Instead, you need to consider dry cleaning for this. 

Compelling Features

  • The brand identity speaks about the product here.
  • The pockets are spacious enough to hold a smartphone
  • Available in 8 different sizes that indicate flexibility 
  • Zipper closure gives the first fit along with polished style
  • The straight leg fit gives an epitome of comfort


  • High-quality woven materials 
  • Cozy and stylish enough
  • Imported product 


  • The washing direction limits to dry-clean only 
  • Costlier than the competitors

Price Range: $49.9$99.25

2. SATINATO Women’s Straight Pants 

SATINATO Women's Straight Pants

Another top-notch pair of trousers for women is SATINATO Straight Pant. The best part about it is the design that will hold your attention at first sight. It is a quality pant that guarantees satisfaction to customers and helps you to maintain your standard.

Compelling Features

  • You will not be able to ignore the fabric.
  • The brand guarantees the highest satisfaction if this trouser is worn
  • A product like this is mandatory to keep in the wardrobe for getting a slimmer look
  • The innovative design will help you flaunt your waistline  


  • It has a zip closure 
  • Superior quality fabric – 75% Viscose, 22% Nylon, and 3% Spandex
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Unique design 
  • Machine-wash


  • Absence of belts, only zip lock 
  • The price is moderately high

Price: $32.99

3. WDIRARA Women’s Crop Pants

WDIRARA Women's Crop Pants

Another top black trouser for women is WDIRARA Women’s Crop Pants. This pant is made up of 100% polyester and is stretchable and sloppy. You can wear these pants to numerous events and be the center of attraction.

Compelling Features:  

  • You will get high-quality 100% polyester at a much lower price
  • The fabric is as soft as butter – Stretchable and Sloppy
  • Can wear on multiple occasions like daily life, party, office wear, weekend parties, etc.
  • The cropped length gives an elegant look 


  • Pure polyester 
  • Supports diverse looks
  • Snuggy along the waist, thigh, and legs 


  • It has no pockets 

Price: $22.99

4. GRACE KARIN Women’s Pencil Trousers

GRACE KARIN Women’s Pencil Trousers

If you are searching for comfortable black trousers, then GRACE KARIN Women’s Pencil Trousers can be your suitable choice in 2021. This pant is a versatile piece of trousers and goes with several occasions.

Compelling Features

  •  This pencil-fit black trouser generates a classy look with light-colored body-hugging sleeveless tops.
  • The waistband can be knotted into a bow, thereby creating a unique style
  •  It is a versatile piece of trouser; it can be put on all kinds of occasions  


  • Cozy material 
  • Perfectly fit belt loops
  • Wide side pockets 
  • Elastic back waist gives a flexible finish


  • Nothing as such

Price: $29.99

5. Lee Women’s Relaxed-Fit Trouser

Lee Women’s Relaxed-Fit Trouser

Lee Women’s Relaxed-Fit Trouser is a lightweight trouser, and you can easily store your handkerchiefs, earphones, etc. The best part about these trousers is their flexibility. 

Compelling Features

  • It is super breathable during a hot and humid day
  • Relaxed straight fit  along legs, thighs, and seat would give you ultimate flexibility
  • You can pair up with versatile light-colored Upper ware.
  • You can store lightweight things like phones, earphones, and handkerchiefs due to their loose fit. 


  • Four spacious pockets
  • Equipped with a zip closure 
  • Suitable for machine wash


  • Not stretchable 

Price: $26.30

6. Cherokee Workwear Revolution Scrub Pant

Cherokee Workwear Revolution Scrub Pant

The quality of Cherokee Workwear Revolution Scrub Pant is one of the best trousers for women. After wearing these pants for the entire day, you can easily wash them in your washing machine and also with your hands. 

Compelling Features

  • The quality of the fabric will surely melt your skin away – Polyester (78%), Rayon (2%), Spandex (2%).
  •  You will get the freedom of machine wash with this 
  • Knit waistband creates a graceful look with white-colored full-sleeved tops 


  • Mid-rise length gives a sophisticated attitude 
  • Presence of several pockets – Slash pockets, back pockets, cargo pocket


  • No prominent disadvantages are there other than a comparatively higher price

Price Range: $18.25 $25.16

7. Rekucci Barely Bootcut Black Pant

Rekucci Barely Bootcut Black Pant

Rekucci Barely Bootcut Black Pant gives a customized feel throughout the wear. In addition, it has adjustable belt loops that give you a standard finish. Hence, this is genuinely the best black trouser you can have.

Compelling Features 

  • The absence of zip closure and the presence of an elastic waistband saves you from putting many hassles.
  • If you are looking for a perfect little bottom flare, it is for you
  • The adjustable belt loops give you an ideal fit
  • The stretchable fabric gives a customized feel 


  • Comfortable with Soft waistband
  • Medium Flared
  • Stretched fabric 


  • No pockets are there
  • Comparatively higher cost

Price Range: $36.00

8. LEE Women’s Straight Leg Black Trouser

LEE Women's Straight Leg Black Trouser

LEE Women’s Straight Leg Black Trouser has a mid-rise style and is convenient for storing few items. However, keep in mind that this pant is unsuitable for curvy girls; otherwise, a big Thumbs UP for it!

Compelling Features 

  • This wrinkle-free bottom wear cuts your effort because of low maintenance.
  • Two front-slack, slim pockets are convenient for storage of few items
  • Its mid-rise style and relaxed fit makes it a must-buy


  • It gives a clean, polished look
  • Crinkle-free fabric
  • Spacious pockets  


  • Unsuitable for curvy girls. 

Price: $26.30

9. Marycrafts Women’s Ankle Black Pants

Marycrafts Women's Ankle Black Pants

Marycrafts Women’s Ankle Black Pants provides a firm fit while bending, and your legs would look longer if coupled with different types of heels. At the same time, it seems excellent with all kinds of tops.

Compelling Features

  • It will go brilliant with a cute little nude shaded top
  • Creates a sleek and sophisticated look
  • Your legs would look longer if paired with heels
  • It gives firm-fit while bending 


  • Can wash with both hand and machine 
  • Expandable  fabric 
  • Uncreasable near the crotch 
  • Belt loops make the pants adjustable


  • The waistband is non-elastic and inflexible 

Price: $26.90

10. Indero Women’s Casual Trousers

Indero Women's Casual Trousers

Indero Women’s Casual Trousers has a pull-on closer, and it is an exceptionally pliable material. If you follow the washing instructions for this cloth, it will last for a long time. So, you must go for these trousers!

Compelling Features 

  • This slim fit trouser defines your legs starting from the waistline
  • Wear it on any events starting from business travel to casual occasions
  • Following the care instructions may make it last longer
  • You will be amazed at its pocket-friendly price


  • Pull-on closure 
  • Fabric is of epic quality scuba knit 
  • Machine washable
  • Extremely pliable cloth
  • Incredibly Affordable


  • It might feel a little tight due to the slim-fit nature

Price: $19.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Black Trousers Only Suitable For Only Professional Purpose?

Not really! Black is a universal color and can go with any kind of look you want to create. You can put them on at your office as well as at parties closing your eyes. Just make sure that the top you are wearing is light-colored. 

Q2. How Much Tight Should Be Your Formal Black Trousers?

Formal Black Trousers should be that much tight until it is not causing any creases near the crotch area. In addition, they should not look saggy around the back portion. Refrain yourself from buying an excessively tight one to retain the free movement while moving. 

Q3. What Should Be The Standard Length Of Your Black Pants? 

Black Trousers look more sophisticated if you wear them till the ankle length. This will make your stylish footwear look visible along with a trendy impression. 

The Final Ideas

Now that we have suggested to you the ten best black trousers available on Amazon.com, why don’t you go and add them to your cart? We have also attached the links to enhance your purchasing experience. So get your hands on any of these black trousers and rock the upcoming client meeting or friends reunion with utmost confidence.

Please leave a remark if you have something to share with us, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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