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Top 15 Bikini Tops Styles For Women To Know In 2022

The new year ro0lled in a few months ago, sipping hot chocolate, and finally, it’s that time of the year again. Summer is here, which means it is the season of sexy bikini tops, cool cocktails by the beach, and some gorgeous summer tan! The swimsuit season is finally here, and the water is calling us.

Before you splash into the pool, have you given your wardrobe a thought? Well, we have, and we are here to tell you which bikini tops are just the right amount of revealing. So scroll down and find out which bikini top is going to make it to all the parties this year!

Top 15 Bikini Tops Styles For Women To Know In 2022

Bikini Tops Styles For Women

Here we are with the top 15 trending bikini tops of 2022! Scroll down to find out which ones made it to the list!

1. Push Up Bikini Tops

Push Up Bikini Tops

Are you looking for a chic and sexy outfit for pool parties? If you like accentuating your breasts, you could always opt for push-up bikini tops. These might sound a little too much for some of you but trust us on this. These are perfect, and we love them!

Why We Love These?

  • Underwire support,
  • Adjustable straps,
  • Full coverage, and
  • Padded cups.

2. Classic Bikini Tops

Classic Bikini Tops

There’s not much to say about classic alternatives of bikini tops. When you opt for classic alternatives, you are most likely to opt for anything timeless. From cute bikini tops to even specific color-oriented ones like those white bikini tops, all the items are classic. 

Why We Love These?

  • Underwire,
  • Removable padding,
  • Adjustable straps,
  • Buckle closure, and
  • Dries fast.

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3. Scoop Neck Bikini Tops

Scoop Neck Bikini Tops

Are you planning a much-awaited beach vacation? Well, then a scoop neck bikini top is all you need this Summer. These look stunning, and there’s nothing sexier than donning a black scoop neck bikini top with a pair of thongs. So be a little bold this Summer with your choices and surprise your partner with something old and hot!

Why We Love These?

  • Elastic support,
  • Free of wires,
  • Soft padding,
  • Dries fast, and
  • Buckle closure.

4. Bandeau Bikini Tops

Bandeau Bikini Tops

We love Bandeau Bikini tops. These are easy to wear, and it feels so comfortable donning them that they had to make it to our list! What is even style if you don’t feel comfy? For anyone looking for a stress-free, relaxing beach vacay, this top will prove to be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Why We Love These?

  • Free of wires,
  • No padding,
  • Removable or no straps, and
  • Comfy and chic.

5. Halter-Neck Bikini Tops

Halter-Neck Bikini Tops

The best part about opting for halter-neck bikini tops is how the backless design looks hot combined with the halter-neck that can give you an additional lift. When you buy these from a good brand, you will notice even the padding is too good and provides optimal support.

Why We Love These?

  • Padded,
  • Stretchable fabric,
  • Dries fast,
  • Adjustable halter-neck,
  • Underwire, and
  • Hook closure.

6. Sporty Bikini Tops

Sporty Bikini Tops

Sporty bikini tops are so versatile that women with any body type can wear them confidently. We have come across so many women looking for the perfect plus-size bikini tops but have been unable to find any. Sporty bikinis are extremely versatile, and if you are plus-size, you can try them out!

Why We Love These?

  • Sporty style,
  • Breathable fabric, and
  • Built-in bra.

7. Triangle Bikini Tops

Triangle Bikini Tops

Looking for an ideal push-up feel? A top that can be customized to suit your different moods? Welcome the triangle bikini top into your wardrobe this summer, and watch your partner fall for you all over again! Don’t forget to get hold of a matching thong for enhancing the effect!

Why We Love These?

  • Breathable fabric,
  • Makes cleavage look good, and
  • Dries fast.

8. Padded Push-Up Bikini Tops

Padded Push-Up Bikini Tops

Do you know what’s hotter than a push-up bikini top? A bikini top that is pushed up and padded! Padded bikini tops are totally in this summer but then what’s so new about them? 2022 has introduced a version of the old padded bikini tops in collaboration with the push-up version. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Why We Love These?

  • Full coverage,
  • Breathable fabric, and
  • Padded.

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9. Bandeau Style Brazilian Bikini Tops

Bandeau Style Brazilian Bikini Tops

Bandeau tops are pretty cool but have you seen those Brazilian bikini tops made in the bandeau style. These are not precisely bandeau tops but instead made to look like those. These come with pads that can be removed, and we somehow find these hot and feminine. You must try them out!

Why We Love These?

  • Removable pads,
  • Stretchy and soft,
  • Double-lined, and
  • Adjustable straps for the shoulder.

10. Ruffle Bikini Tops

Ruffle Bikini Tops

Ruffle bikini tops are not new to the fashion scene. These are pretty retro and came back in style just like mom jeans and oversized Ts. The ruffle design makes things look rather delicate and feminine. If that’s the look you are going for, don’t even think twice before investing in one of these tops.

Why We Love These?

  • Fully lined,
  • Underwire,
  • Adjustable straps,
  • Padded and molded cups, and
  • Adjustable ties.

11. Tankini Bikini Tops

Tankini Bikini Tops

These tankini bikini tops are so cool, streamlined, and long, reminiscent of those cropped camisole tops. These are bang-on comfortable to wear, much like those string bikini tops. Ideal for women with medium to tiny busts, tankini tops are in, and you must try them out!

Why We Love These?

  • No pads.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • No wires, and
  • Fully lined.

12. Smocked Bikini Tops

Smocked Bikini Tops

Smocked bikini tops are so versatile. If you have been looking for bikini tops for a large bust, these are just the perfect ones for you. No restrictive underwires or pads, the smock pattern just looks so good on everyone who wears them.

Why We Love These?

  • No pads.
  • No wires, and
  • Body positive.

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13. Keyhole Bikini Tops

Keyhole Bikini Tops

Have you seen those cute, patterned, or printed bikini tops? Those look simple, but it’s the keyhole design in the middle that elevates the whole swimsuit experience several notches higher. The keyhole is pretty hot and gives a sneak peek into what’s hiding inside. At the same time, the simple patterns and designs only make things better.

Why We Love These?

  • Keyhole design – sneaky and sexy,
  • Removable pads,
  • Comfy strings, and
  • Optimal support.

14. Bra Size Bikini Tops

Bra Size Bikini Tops

Have you seen supermodels donning these tiny, sexy bra size bikini tops? When are you planning to get a little bold with what you want to wear this Summer? Ditch your usual bikinis and opt for something new, something bold!

Why We Love These?

  • Full coverage.
  • Underwires.
  • Removable pads, and 
  • Adjustable straps.

15. Upside Down Bikini Tops

Upside Down Bikini Tops

The boldest and the trendiest thing that you can do this Summer is invested in a few upside-down bikini tops or wear your old tops in an upside-down manner. These look crazy hot, and you can always spice things further by crisscrossing the straps at the back.

Why We Love These?

  • Comfy strings.
  • Zero pads or wires, and
  • Trending.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Which Bikini Top Is Most Flattering?

The trick to finding that perfect, flattering bikini top is by coming across that one top that not just accentuates your waist but at the same time balances both your top and bottom optimally.

2. What Are The Best Bikini Tops For Big Bust?

The best bikini tops for a big bust are,

3. How To Tie Bikini Tops?

Tying a bikini top is very easy. Just wear the top like it’s supposed to be and then make a double knot at the back. If you face difficulties tying the bikini top, ask for help and make sure the person you are asking does it well.

That Time Of The Year And Bikini Tops

Men may come, and men may go, but a hot bikini top is forever. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the nearest swimwear store or online and buy some crazy bikini tops. You don’t need to stick to one trend. Instead, start playing around with different trends and have a summer you will remember till the next summer rolls in!

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