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The 6 Best TV Shows For Fashion Lovers To Binge

we all want to watch shows that will give us calm and comfort while watching them. People have different interests and they prefer to watch what gives them the most joy. For example, many people watch shows based on home organizing and related items, which helps calm them down.

Much like this, people love to watch shows, reality TV, and documentaries on fashion to gain insight into the fashion industry and upcoming latest styles. The best thing is, you have your favorites on TV, always hands-on when needed and you could just grab a cup of coffee and binge away. This is why we recommend having a good cable option with an extensive lineup to match your habits and motive to watch TV. Thus, some cable providers offer amazing packages, plans, and prices, and the best thing is –add-ons to boost your cable TV experience. Read on to learn about the top fashion shows.

In addition, let me tell you this, if you are a fashion lover, you will be drooling over the styles, designs, and fashion statements these shows make –you had better keep your credit cards tucked somewhere safe or you might just find yourself swiping away on impulse.

Following Are The 6 Best Fashion Enabling Shows To Give You Inspiration

We will be moving ahead onto the shows but let’s look into a fashion quote to inspire us to create and imagine different fashion statements.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life” –Bill Cunningham

Like this quote says, fashion helps people boost confidence and the ability to embrace every day with a newfound vigor for it. They do not say it for no reason –mindset matters. Now, let’s read up on some interesting fashion-enabling shows to watch:

1. Emily In Paris (2020 – Present)

The show centers around an ambitious young woman in the career role of her dreams. Emily embarks on a journey to Paris where her dream life awaits her. A twenty-something and marketing executive, she builds her project from the ground up and juggles that with her love life and gets through it all with a Parisian wardrobe, in short –moving through thick and thin through style.

2. Bridgerton (2020 – Present)

This show is about wealthy families who marry their daughters to wealthy suitors. There is a lot of drama and gossip about Lady Wistledown and no one knows who she is. The whole show is full of Regency-era clothing, fabulous gowns, bold designs, and many details to notice.

With beautiful jewels and accessories to note too. The clothing represents its characters and helps to create imaginative depth to the characters, helping you get lost in the show and the world of Bridgerton.

3. Sex And The City (1998 – 2004)

It is about 4 women, ambitious, powerful, and sexy. They live in the best-known city in the USA, New York. Like everyone, they are struggling to find a balance in their lives, fashion, home, and their sex lives. Best friends who will stay by each other no matter what. Featuring Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie and the most talked about in terms of it all, especially her fashion and amazing wardrobe choices –standing out by miles.

The characters have a personality of their own and so is their fashion sense. It is a sight to watch them make remarkable choices and bring the best about their lives while supporting each other in the process.

4. America’s Next Top Model (2003 – Present)

With 24 seasons in the mix, this show is all about models and fashion. It courts details of America’s fashion industry with a mix of designers and top models from around the world. Hefty competition, a lot of fights, and breakdowns lead to the crowning of the next top model of America and exclusive contracts plus a large winning bonus along with it.

We all know Tyra Banks, right? Yes, one of the judges and the bold yet chic fashion icon. We all want to be her, sassy and fabulous. She is the judge there and the models have to surpass her and many other judges to get to the top. Look ahead to this show keeping you on your toes.

5. The Queens Gambit (2020)

We may still not know much about chess, but would you see the fashion statements being made in the show? Amazing! Beth Harmon’s strategies are easier to figure out just by the way. Monochrome dressing and playful accessories make the whole show a sight to watch.

The move from the 50s to the 60s also displays clothing references from the time to inspire modern clothing with a mix of the past. Overall, it was lovely watching this change in the show as memories of Beth stir into her present.

6. Schitt’s Creek (2015 – 2020)

No one demonstrated fashion quite like Moira Rose. She is a woman so allergic to dressing up casually that she wears a waistcoat to bed. The show goes to present the lives of the people who go through 6 seasons of being under a lockdown in a motel.

This show tells you a thing or two about the power of dressing up even if you have nowhere to go under the dire situation of their lives upturned.

Ending Note

Now, that you know about some of the best shows airing and aired on TV on fashion, we hope you gain the best inspirations to wear, create, or just have the most satisfaction watching these.

These shows bring a thrill and some excitement, opening doors to creativity and styles that you had not thought of. While some may even give you the right level of confidence to help you overcome the fear of “dare to wear”.


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