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Best Nursing Clothing To Purchase if You Are Expecting in 2023

Whether you are having your first baby or your 5th, you still need to choose how you are going to feed them. You may want to try exclusively breastfeeding, you may want to use formula or you may want to choose a combination of both.

There are many reasons for choosing to breastfeed and they will be unique to you; however, you should always remember that feeding is best and don’t worry about your choice as long as your baby is healthy.

Even with all the advantages of breastfeeding, though, when it comes to breastfeeding in practice many women become irritated that their once favorite polka dot top is not up to the job.

Unless you are someone who wore button shirts a lot, it is probable that when you begin breastfeeding, you will need to change a few things in your wardrobe to make the process more comfortable for the pair of you and to make leaving the house that bit easier.

So, if you are expecting in 2023, here are some of the best items of nursing clothing you can buy.

Nursing Tops

Nursing tops are not boring tops that are loose or unflattering anymore.

In fact, as breastfeeding has become more popular, more brands are releasing their own range of breastfeeding tops. You can purchase breastfeeding tops that have sides that easily pull over or are easy to pull up or down.

Many women like the wrap-around style top when they are nursing, meaning you will even be able to get a long sleeved breastfeeding top for colder weather. Nursing tops come in a range of patterns and designs, so don’t worry about feeling unfashionable when choosing one!


Nursing bras are a must-have for any mother who is nursing. They have flaps that allow you to pull the cup down, giving instant access to your boob for your baby.

You will want to have a nursing bra that provides good support too as there will be some days when you have a heavier milk flow. Many women also like nursing bras that have built-in, washable pads for the inevitable leaks.

Nursing Clothing To Purchase

Tank Tops

You may not associate a tank top with breastfeeding, but this is a range of clothing that is great for breastfeeding in warmer weather. Unlike regular tank tops, nursing tank tops unclip at the side, allowing easy access for your baby.

Like the standard nursing tops, they come in a range of colors and designs, and can easily be layered up with shrugs and cardigans for cooler days too.


A breastfeeding dress is going to be a bit of a combo of the aforementioned top designs, except it will have a skirt attached! Some will open at the side; some will allow the top of the dress to wrap around, and some will have buttons on the front.


Nightwear when nursing will need to be supportive, breathable but also comfortable enough for you to get a good night’s sleep in-between feedings. Aim to purchase nursing nightwear that is made from cotton, as this will allow the nipple to breathe, and will also reduce the chances of rashes or irritation from developing.