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The Best Nail Colors To Try This Summer

With the world opening its doors once again, you may find a few social or public events piling up on your calendar. You likely have been indoors for much of the last year, which gives you an even bigger excuse to have some fun with your appearance once you start mingling again. So, what are the best nail colors that you should be excited about this summer?

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7 Best Ravishing Nail Colors To Rock The Summer Look

Summer means night parties, beach parties, and to rock these parties, you will need perfect attire. And without the best gel nail paint colors, the whole dress-up is incomplete.

Here are the seven best choices of nail paints to make your summer season more colorful and vibrant.

1. White


White may seem boring to some, but it is a classic and timeless option that has never gone out of style. In contrast, all shades of white from milky to creamy are the perfect best nail colors for almost all occasions because it suits everyone and is easy to match with most outfits and slippers. 

The crochet top and the denim blue hot pants with white nail paint are casual, but a chick looks for the summer season.

2. Coral

Coral is not quite common as it is often confused with deeper shades of orange. However, coral is a mix of orange and pink that is inspired by marine life, meaning that if you are going to visit the beach, this is the perfect nail color for the occasion. 

Two coats will give you an invigorating, fresh, and feminine look. The shades of Coral are the all-time best nail color.

3. Earthy Brown

All earthy brown shades are the best nail colors that are hard to pin down, as it is often overshadowed by the popularity of another nail color. However, it is a neutral color which makes it perfect for when you are in a chill mood and would like a subtle nail color. 

Earthy brown also goes well with lots of outfits, including evening gowns of a different color. Next time you visit a nail salon Oxford, ask for quick-dry, earthy brown nail polish. Ensure it is a high-quality brand, so it does not look bland once it dries.

4. Pastel Blue

4.Pastel Blue

The warm summer sun can be a great opportunity to showcase some colorful nails. Pastel blue is a difficult color to describe but think of it as a light blue color with purple undertones. 

Pastel blue is such a great color because it goes well with most summer jewelry and sandal options. Pastel blue with crystal nail art is very trendy and perfect for summer night parties.

5. Natural

5. Natural

Natural nail polish is an excellent option among the suitable best nail colors when you want a safe match for any summer outfit. You can find a natural nail polish that matches your skin tone perfectly. If you do not want your nails to stand out. 

Natural nail color is also great if you love brightly colored accessories and outfits. Due to its subdued nature, natural nail colour is great for when you want to wear a nail color for longer and do not want it to clash with any of your outfits.

6. Orange

If you are looking for a bold nail color that helps your nails stand out, orange is the color to go with. Orange is an excellent choice when matched with black, white, and nude accessories, heels, and outfits. 

Orange is also a great color because it comes in so many shades, from darker burnt orange to light tangerine shades that almost look natural depending on your skin tone.

7. Green

The fresh earthy green color. The green is like small vibes of calm and freshness. The lighter green and the bottle green both are attractive options and belong in the list of the best nail colors for summer. 

Light green glossy nail paint with black nail colors carries a cool bohemian look for the beachside party. So when you are searching for the best nail colors for summer, do not forget to explore the different shades of green.


There is an endless list of the best nail colors you can choose from this summer.  Although the ones discussed above stand out, you can always try new colors depending on your mood, outfit, sandals, and accessories. These all seven colors are attractive and suitable for almost every occasion.

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