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Guide On Buying The Best Men’s Basketball Shoes

Men’s basketball shoes are shoes designed for use in playing the game of basketball. The specific design features of basketball shoes depend on the player’s position since athletes who play different positions have different basic foot types; accordingly, they require footwear that has been specifically designed to meet their individual needs.

For men, small forwards tend to prefer high-top shoes with more ankle support because they interrupt a high number of plays at two positions where speed is much more common than power. Point guards often wear shoes that are lower to the ground to provide quickness or penetrating ability.

Power forwards and centers are often required to wear shoes that have a low-top design because high-tops prevent their rapid movement toward the basket. Point guards are usually the smallest players on the team, for this reason, they are often used to defend players of much taller stature who would otherwise tower over them.

Shoes worn by men’s basketball teams in international competitions must be approved by FIBA (International Basketball Federation).

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5 things to consider when buying men’s basketball shoes:

5 things to consider when buying men's basketball shoes:

1. Comfort

First of all, regardless of your personal level of expertise, the shoes are the most important purchase that you will make for your game. Your feet are under constant pressure when playing basketball, so comfort is key.

2. Cushioning

Secondly, players often need to jump several times in a row or run back and forth on the court multiple times during a practice or game. As mentioned before, cushioning is an important consideration in finding the best shoe for you depending on your position.

For example, guards tend to go for low-top shoes with less ankle support while centers prefer high-top shoes that offer more stability when cutting to the basket or defending against aggressive drives from an opponent.

3. Grip


In addition, the grip of the shoe is also a key factor in your selection because it ensures that you will not slip when making a sudden change of direction on the court. When buying men’s basketball shoes, make sure they have been designed for traction and wear resistance capabilities. Furthermore, the synthetic outsole allows easy mobility during quick stop-and-go movements.

4. Material

While there are players who want a lighter weight shoe that provides a barefoot feel to their feet while playing, there are some other players who prefer more cushioning and support without sacrificing too much weight from their feet for added comfort while playing.

5. Price

Finally, before buying men’s basketball shoes, you should consider how much money you want to spend on the pair of shoes. You can find cheap men’s basketball shoes up to $130 which are perfect for players who prefer barefoot feel during gameplay. On the other hand, you can also find higher-end men’s basketball shoes that cost more than $200 depending on the brand and additional technology used in making them.

Finding the best pair of basketball shoes that fits your personal preferences and needs can be a bit confusing, but we hope that this guide makes it easier for you to find the right shoe for your game.

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