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Top Best Lingerie Brands To Shop For In 2022

Women love to adore themselves and see themselves in the mirror with the best-looking outfit on. They know that they are god’s best artworks, and they love to care for and show off the beautiful curves god bestowed upon them.

Lingeries have long been helping women to show off their elegance and feminine charm and empower them as human beings. The best lingerie brands are trying their best to match the varying needs of women when they are selecting their lingerie.

Lingeries serve more purpose than just making women look sexy. It supports their body, creates a foundation for the pretty dress that will adorn their body, and obviously– lingeries make women look sexy.

When looking for the best affordable lingerie brands, you must have your criteria set in mind. For most women, comfort is of top priority; colors, size, design, affordability, and brands come afterward.

Nowadays women hardly pay much attention to lingerie brands. They pick up whatever is comfortable and looks good on them. But most women are still brand conscious while choosing their favorite ones.

I have dedicated the present piece of article to finding and listing down the best lingerie brands. After reading this, you won’t have to look for alternatives.

Best Lingerie Brands In 2022

Best Lingerie Brands In 2022

Best brands for lingerie in 2022 comprise some of the leading global brands that provide you with a plethora of styles, cuts, and designs. The fabrics used in all of these brands are super-comfy and breathable. The designs are attractive as well. Here are some of them-

1. Skims


Kim Kardashian launched her lingerie brand Skims in 2019 as a solution for women with different body types. Especially the shapewear in the Skims undergarment section is the most sought-after product among many pretty ladies. Their stretchability exceeds twice their size, and the comfortable fabric helps women support and enhance their curves.

Skims has Bralettes, underwire bras, shapewear bras, t-shirt bras, and everyday essentials in the women’s bra section. Thongs, boxers, boy shorts, cheeky underwear, briefs, etc.

Skims break boundaries when it comes to size and comfort. Various sizes range from XXS to XXXXXL, and you can choose from diverse nude shades. Skim is one of the best lingerie brands there in the market.

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2. Noelle Wolf

Noelle Wolf

Noelle Wolf is the best aesthetic lingerie brand for modern women. Noelle Wolf is your brand if you are looking for an aesthetic that copes up with simplicity while still reeking modern taste.

With the intent to embrace the inner woman beyond your appearance, beauty, and sex appeal, Noelle Wolf products assure comfort. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect fit. They have got you covered in terms of the size of your lingerie. The soul lace bralettes of Noelle Wolf are one of their best products.

You get briefs, bras, and lingerie of different sizes and designs. In their effort to empower women, Noelle Wolf has become one of the best lingerie brands. The designs and trims on the basic nude multiway bras and briefs of Noelle Wolf are amazing.

3. M & S Lingerie: Rosie By Autograph

M & S Lingerie Rosie By Autograph

A collaboration with the supermodel Rosie Huntington, Rosie by autographs is one of the best Lingerie brands there is.

The sexy supermodel made it clear to Ashley Graham on the 2019 Podcast Pretty Big Deal– one woman out of every three is wearing the M&S bras, and most of them are wearing the Rosie bras.

Back in 2012, Rosie Huntington pitched the idea to M&S about these lingeries. In their use of premium fabrics, cuts, designs, embellishments, and luxurious neutral shades, M&S stands out. So if you are looking for the best sexy lingerie brands, you know where to find them.

4. Dora Larsen

Dora Larsen

Dora Larsen excels other brands in the best colorful lingerie section. The beautiful cool and warm shades of the Dora Larsen lingeries will make you want to wear them more often. In addition, some of Dora Larsen’s icy cool-colored lingeries look attractive just as they feel comfy while wearing them.

Also, the lavender shades and orange-colored ones present the best color options before you. You can use their lace bralettes and underwear that are just as attractive as they are comfortable.

High Waist knickers and lace strapless bras are available in lemon yellow, light orange palette, and red colors. Most of the women wearing Dora Larsen have opined them as being super comfortable.

5. La Perla

La Perla

La Perla is a one-stop destination for many women who frequently shop for their underwear. They have the most luxurious lingerie collection under different color sections. La Perla Like A Butterfly section of lingeries is probably the best black lingeries that you will ever see in any brand.

The Ballet Blanc lingeries in violet cotton give you the best-embroidered lingeries with comfortable fabrics. They feel light as feathers and give an elegant look. In terms of materials, La Perla is one of the best lingerie brands.

La Perla leaves no boundaries uncovered in the lingerie segment, from luxurious sleepwear to briefs, panties, and bras. You will find just the right fit among a varying range of sizes and colors in La Perla’s lingerie collection.

6. Chantelle


Chantelle has three sub brands: Chantelle, Passionetta, and Chantal Thomass. Chantelle comprises long-lasting lingeries in various nude shades and dark black colors. You will find push-up bras, underwire bras, strapless, unlined sports bras, along with panties and briefs made of stretchable and comfortable fabrics.

Passionata offers you more colors and embroidered craftsmanship when it comes to a varied range of designs. Maddie Plunge bras and Maddie Tanga’s briefs of Passionetta are both alluring and comfy.

For women who are looking for cheap lingerie brands, Chantelle brings premium products at an affordable price range. Chantelle Thomas’s lingeries are the best ones among their competitors.

They come at an aggressive price range with premium quality fabrics and colors. You will find sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, so there is not much to worry about.

7. Scantilly By Curvy Kate

Scantilly By Curvy Kate

Now you can bring out the curvy goddess hidden dormant within you and turn the hit on in the bedroom. Ask me how? You need to wear the Scantilly Lingerie by Curvy Kate.

Once you check their collections, you don’t have to look for the best sexy lingerie brands. Their collection brings out the most irresistible side of a woman. There are the best sexy lingeries in different cuts, designs, materials, and colors.

The balcony bra collection of Scantilly offers the most irresistible embroidery and color collection. Don’t worry about the size since you have sizes befitting almost every woman in the world.

Pink, purple, red, blue, black, beige, brown– you can bring your colorful kinks to action with the Scantilly Lingerie collection by Curvy Kate.

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8. Gooseberry


The best lingerie brands are those that fulfill the needs of women of all ages. Gooseberry does just the same, becoming the best among women’s lingerie brands.

Gooseberry has a wide variety of lingerie collections. Their bras, panties, briefs, high waist, thong, briefs, shorts, and underwear are stylish and luxurious in look. The embroidery in their products is fashionable. The most exciting thing about the Gooseberry Intimate lingeries is their affordability.

Gooseberry has a plethora of product ranges. You can choose from any of these collections– Be Mine, Dainty, Dare, Dolce, Blush, Lou Lou, Irresistible, Frou Frou, Full-On Glam, My Crush, Lush, Etc.

In terms of the color range also, Gooseberry stands out as one of the best lingerie brands. The surgeries are available in Balck gray, Yellow, blue, red, nude, emerald, and green colors.

9. Beautifully Undressed

Beautifully Undressed

Like the brand name addresses, Beautifully Undressed focuses on the aesthetic beauty hidden within you. If you are looking for the best lingerie for modeling and photoshoots, then I would suggest Beautifully undressed.

The silk lingerie collections of this brand are incredible. A varied set of styles is available, which makes Beautifully Undressed one of the best lingerie brands. They have the best collection of bras, bralettes, knickers, corsets, cupless bras, demi-cup bras, full cup bras, plunge bras, garters, briefs, honeymoon, kimonos, and whatnot.

If you are planning to shop by colors, then there is a wide range of colors waiting for you–almond, black, blue, blush, brown, red, yellow, burgundy, ivory, pink, red, white, yellow, orange, nude; I have only named a few.

You will also find their lingeries the best in terms of size. They have product lines for women of every size. I would personally suggest you look at their Ihuoma product range. The designs of this brand redefine classic lingeries.

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10. Savage x Fenty

Savage x Fenty

Savage X Fenty can bring out the savage alpha woman within you. This brand has the kinkiest lingerie collection. There four major lingerie collections of this brand are Black Widow, Damn, On The Rag, and U Cute.

If you want a wide range of fabrics to choose from, then Savage X Fenty is just the lingerie brand you should look for. Cotton, chainmail, chiffon, faux leather, jersey, knit, lame, latex, satin, mesh, nylon, velvet, and several other fabric lines are available in this brand.

There is no color in the rainbow that you won’t find lingerie in Savage x Fenty. Yellow, blue, red, silver, pink, black, multicolor– you have many options lined up for you. The size of products ranges from XS to OSFM; there is no compromise in terms of size variations as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

With in-depth research, I have lined up the ten best lingerie brands in this article. However, if you have any further questions, you can read some of the popular ones I have answered here–

1. How To Choose The Best Lingerie Brands?

Women usually don’t stick to one brand for all of their undergarments and lingerie. They buy whatever they find comfortable and attractive. But, if you are trying to set on a brand, here are some things you need to keep in mind–

  • Check out the range of products the lingerie brand has; the more, the better.
  • What type of materials and fabrics do they use?
  • Are they stretchable?
  • More size options are always appreciated.
  • How many color options does the brand have?
  • Lingeries vary based on different body sizes. It is always better to have styles for women with all body types.
  • How are the products priced?

The best brands of lingerie are not always pricey ones. You can only understand by checking out their product line, price, materials, and comfortability. You can look at the recommendations I have in this article.

2. What Are The Best Lingerie Brands?

There are hundreds of lingeries brands that produce the best quality lingers. But, I have selected only a few of the best brands. Quality, variety of styles, colors, sizes, and price are the parameters for choosing these brands as the best brands of lingerie. Here are some of the names–

  • Skims
  • Rosie By Autograph
  • Noelle Wolf
  • La Perla
  • Dora Larsen
  • Chantelle
  • Scantilly by
  • Savage x Fenty
  • Gooseberry
  • Beautifully Undressed

Bottom Line

You need to first know your size and see what fits you and suits you the best. Then you can go forward with the purchase.

First, it would be best if you took advice from an expert. Then you can try out some lingerie to see what style, color, and size suits you the best. If you love to keep a collection, why not invest in a lingerie wardrobe? Once you are set in your style, colors, and size, you can go ahead to choose your favorite lingerie brand.

You can buy from any of the brands mentioned in this article. All of the brands offer the best quality product in a different range of sizes and colors.

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