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Best Homecoming Dress Ever: Choosing Your Style

Homecoming is one of the most popular and exciting events during high school or college, and homecoming week often culminates with a dance where students and alumni can mingle and socialize the night away. Of course, the perfect homecoming dress is essential, and many individuals choose to wear a dress that defines their style for this event.

If you aren’t sure about selecting your homecoming outfit, our guide will give you pointers and things to consider so you can select the best homecoming dress ever.

Homecoming Factors To Consider

As you start researching the best dress to wear to homecoming, there are several factors about this event that you should keep in mind; these factors will help direct your outfit search, so you have an easy starting point.

First, you should consider any theme your school has announced for the homecoming dance. For example, a beach theme, black-tie cocktail party, or a specific set of colors all determine the type of outfit that you may want to wear to your homecoming. Selecting a dress that matches the theme is the best way to have fun and embrace the event.

Additionally, you should consider more personal factors in regard to your homecoming dance, such as if you plan on dancing all night or the types of dress styles you prefer.

Pairing a dress with uncomfortable high heels may not be the best outfit choice if you know you want to dance the night away, and it’s important to decide if you want to wear a larger, more eye-catching ball gown or a simpler style. The theme and your comfort level in the dress should help direct your search.

Finally, make sure to keep in mind a dress code if your school has one. This is typically more common in high school homecoming dances, but you need to double-check if certain styles of dress aren’t allowed, such as tight or revealing ensembles and strapless gowns. Along with the dress code, ensure the location of the homecoming dance fits with your outfit – for example, you don’t want to be wearing a short, sleeveless dress outdoors without a jacket if it is going to be cold.

Dressing For Your Personal Style

Once you’ve reviewed all the important items about your homecoming dance, it’s time to figure out the best homecoming dress ever based on your style and other factors, like skin tone. Below, we give you short bullet points to review so you can easily figure out what type of dress might be best for you.

  • Body Type: Every body is beautiful, and there are a few main body shapes that are generally recognized in the fashion world, such as hourglass, apple-shaped, and pear-shaped. When researching these body shapes, be sure to figure out which styles flatter your body shape the best, and remember that you might be a combination of these shapes – everyone is different. Then, choose the style you think best flatters your figure and makes you comfortable.
  • Skin Tone: Your skin tone is another great thing to pay attention to when it comes to selecting the best homecoming dress. You should take into account the surface skin tone, which is the color of your skin, and your skin undertones, which can be cool, warm, or neutral. Once you have these figured out, you can research which colors and makeup best complement your skin to achieve your best look.
  • Accessories: If you know you want to accessorize your homecoming dress with a belt, jewelry, jacket, shoes, and a specific hairstyle, it’s a good idea to keep these in mind as you browse homecoming dresses. This will allow you to select a dress that perfectly complements the overall style and image you hope to achieve.

Other fun things to keep in mind when determining which homecoming dress to wear are your favorite colors, the length of the dress you feel comfortable in, and any patterns or style elements, such as lace or ruffles, that you prefer.

Other Considerations When Picking A Homecoming Dress

Other than figuring out the perfect style of homecoming dress, you may have some other considerations to factor in. Read on for answers to your frequently asked questions about finding the best homecoming dress ever.

What if I Don’t Want To Wear a Homecoming Dress?

Homecoming dances are supposed to be fun, so if you know you won’t be comfortable in a dress, don’t hesitate to look for another outfit that matches the theme. A suit or skirt and blouse that matches the theme and is appropriate for the dress code are great ways to dress for homecoming but show off your unique style.

If you do decide to invest in a suit for your homecoming, make sure that you find one that is properly sized for your body shape. You can use the same tips above to find one that matches your skin tone and accessory preferences.

Can I Match Outfits With My Friends or Date?

Matching your homecoming outfits with your friend group or your date is a popular option. For this, you will need to consult with your friends or date about the homecoming theme and what you all prefer to wear. Then, coordinate a specific color theme or dress style to wear with what makes you all comfortable, and get prepared for your grand entrance to the homecoming dance with your friends and date in style.

Should I Wear a Corsage or Boutonniere?

Corsages and boutonnieres are a fun way to add lively color to your outfit and even help create a cohesive look between you and your date. However, they’re definitely not a must-have, so if you think they wouldn’t detract from your outfit and would enhance your look, go for it!

However, remember that pin-on corsages can sometimes be difficult if you’re wearing a strapless dress, so make sure you talk out your preferences with your date if you plan to trade a corsage and boutonniere.

Also, if you don’t have a date and still want to add fresh flowers to your outfit, you should. Treat yourself to a fresh corsage, or even exchange them with friends!

Choosing The Style That Defines You

Choosing the best homecoming dress ever might feel stressful, as many individuals want to be sure they match their homecoming’s theme and dress code parameters while still showing off their personal style.

So take into account important factors about your homecoming and think about which dress color or style matches you the best before making your selection. And once you have your perfect dress or suit chosen, you can take the time to accessorize it or match it with your friends and date to ensure your homecoming style makes a splash.

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