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A Guide To Navigating The Best Hair Growth Serums For Women

Fighting hair loss has been an important part of cosmetological research and medicine for a long time, but different types of hair loss require different solutions. Receding hairlines and severe loss are often treated with prescriptions as well as natural remedies. Slowly thinning hair has fewer medicinal options, but finding the right hair growth supplement can go a long way toward restoring the volume and thickness of your hair.

Choosing The Right Hair Growth Serum

Finding the right serum is a matter of learning what works and then checking out what the formula for each of the major contenders looks like. Hair growth serum for women often uses many natural plant extracts in addition to B vitamins, vitamin C, keratin, and collagen sources. Those compounds help provide hair with the moisture it needs to stay strong and the compounds your scalp needs to keep growing strong, healthy hair from the follicles.

The use of natural plant extracts allows for the addition of clinically significant amounts of those compounds that have been shown to benefit hair growth from sources that are easy for the body to use and that do not require suspension in any harmful oils or alcohols that could cause unwanted side effects. It also has the benefit of working with a natural hair care routine. Once you have found a few options that meet these criteria, check out reviews and testimonials to learn more about their effectiveness.

Application And Usage Tips

As with any other health and beauty product, it is important to start slowly before building up to a full application. This allows you to check for sensitivity to the ingredients without accidentally triggering a major response if there is an issue. Apply hair growth serum to dry hair in the morning, evening, and on wash days after you shampoo. Use it before applying other products. Many hair serums recommend application every other day.

A few drops is all it takes, and the serum itself will tell you what a full application looks like. The key is to apply it to the scalp, where it can directly nourish the follicles, not throughout the entirety of your hair. That is why it should only take a small amount each day. Massage the product in one drop at a time, working it into the skin to spread it evenly before applying another drop. Serums are leave-in products that continue to work throughout the day.

Consistent timing for your treatments will help results appear faster because it will keep your scalp nourished regularly, with no long periods without additional supplements. Inconsistent timing can waste the supplement by timing applications too close together or by leading to under-dosing when they are too far apart.

Explore More Hair And Skin Solutions

There are a lot more options today than there ever have been when it comes to effective and clinically tested over-the-counter treatments for hair and skin. Not only are there hair growth serums that work without harsh pharmaceuticals, but you can also find long-tested treatments like azelaic acid face cream in strength that work for everyday acne prevention and not just serious breakouts. Check out your options today.


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