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15+ Best Fashion Bloggers In Utah You Should Know In 2023

In the world right now, fashion plays a huge role every step of the way. So it is only logical that the number of online fashion blogs is only increasing and becoming more and more popular. So let’s scroll down to look at best fashion bloggers in Utah.

From fashion blogs, hundreds of fashion bloggers emerged, and they have become the fashion influences in the world today.

Both on Instagram and YouTube, there are many fashion bloggers. But if you are looking for fashion bloggers in Utah, then we have a few fashion bloggers you might wanna look into.

1. Kendall Kremer

One of the most popular Utah fashion bloggers is Kendall Kremer, with her huge following online, she’s been able to share her take and style with the whole world.

Kremer is known to have a website which was named “styled snapshots.” With her innovative style sense and creative approach to fashion, her website, and her social media profiles, you can learn a lot more from them as well.

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2. Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Known to be a popular makeup and professional hairstylist, Stephanie Brinkerhoff is another one of the best fashion bloggers in Utah. Starting her career back in 2007, Brinkerhoff started her career as a professional hairstylist and makeup artist.

As of now, Stephanie is traveling the world, attending destination weddings and events, and even attending workshops. Along with that, she is also a single mother of three and an entrepreneur.

3. The Quinn Girls

Along with their mother, Eleesha, the three Quinn girls, Isla, Aleeia, and Logan, are among the top influencers in Utah.

Eleesha has an influencer channel called “Girl World,” where she features her kids as her princesses. The mother is also known to have a blog website by the name “Mama Disrupt,” where she wrote about parenthood’s lifestyles and spirits.

4. Emily Meyers

With her blog website, The Freckled Fox, Emily Meyers is among the best fashion bloggers in Utah. Emily gives hair styling tutorials, which is how she initially got famous.

She writes about fashion, beauty, culinary, and even parenting advice on her website. She is also the mother of five children. She is among the most beautiful fashion bloggers in Utah.

5. Angelia Layton

After winning Miss Utah back in 2014, she went on to represent Utah in the Miss USA pageant. In her blog, she gives unique ideas about lipstick and even lip gloss.

She became a famous TV personality when she became a contestant on the tv show Survivor: Philippines. Angelia completed a degree in fashion from BYU, she had over 210,000 followers on Instagram.

6. Sandyalamode

A woman with many interests, like a shopaholic, lifestyle blogger, bubble tea enthusiast, and kid-obsessed photographer.

Sandy is a very popular lifestyle and fashion blogger, sharing great bargains, recipes, home designs, and parenthood tips.

7. Brittany Maddux

Known to be the founder of the eponymous lifestyle and fashion site, Brittany is among the top best fashion bloggers in Utah.

She uploads her blog with great and unique beauty and fashion advice for her readers. At the same time, she is also the mother of two children.

8. Kristin Rose Davis

With creative fashion ideas and stunning good looks, fashion blogger Kristin Rose Davis is all about fitness, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and even travel. Although she is not among the top fashion bloggers in Utah, she is emerging to be one.

9. Manuella Braga

Other than being one of the best fashion bloggers in Utah, Manuella Braga is a dentist by profession. Braga has many beautiful photographs on Instagram, showing her amazing fashion sense and style.

10. Arybindrup- Araceli Bindrup

Yet another popular fashion blogger in Utah, Araceli Bindrup, is known to wear Utah inspired outfits. You need to checkout her Instagram profile to see her great fashion sense. On her Instagram account, she has over 52 thousand followers.

11. Jackie Welling

Yet another emerging fashion and lifestyle blogger, Jackie Welling, is definitely a fashion lover, and her unique fashion sense is out of the box.

If you wanna, checkout her Instagram account to see how Jackie is using her creativity in her fashion sense.

12. Amber Fillerup Clark

Being an expert in fashion, and hairstylist, Amber became a popular fashion blogger. Although she is a fashion blogger, her expertise lies in hair braiding.

Along with being a blogger, she is an entrepreneur, launching her BFB Hair clip extensions, hair-care line, and Dae Hair. She even created a beautiful hair lesson for the MET Gala look for Madison Beer.

13. Aspyn Ovard

Ovard is a beauty and fashion expert and has a popular YouTube channel with about 3.3 million followers.

Aspyn is one of the top influencers in Utah. Aspyn also has a separate YouTube channel along with her husband Parker Ferris.

14. Rachel Parcell

Giving tips on styling, daily outfits, and also home decor, Rachel Parcell became a popular fashion blogger on her blog Pink Peonies.

As a skilled jewelry designer, she launched her own jewelry brand. Rachel even attended NYC Fashion Week back in 2015, as she became a popular blogger.

15. Lauryncakes

Lauryn Hock is the woman behind the famous Utah beauty and fashion blog Lauryncakes. She has launched her brand for the past three years. Her brand aesthetic is about boho edge and urban sophistication.

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Wrapping Up!

Fashion blogging is a big part of most fashion enthusiasts around the world. Now that you get to know the best fashion bloggers in Utah, you can look them up and take fashion tips from them and their Instagram profiles. So if you liked this article, then give this a like and comment down below.

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