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Top 7 Tips To Find The Best Engagement Ring

So, you have finally decided to pop the million-dollar question?

Are you under stress? Try to think of the right ring which will suit your wife’s taste. Will she like the opulence of a 24-carat or more quirky to her taste? There is a lot to decipher. Or is it?

Your confusion can end with this excerpt because we will be discussing the top features you should check or what kind you should go for when it comes to the engagement ring.

Sit tight and start taking notes, fellas, as the ‘perfect’ engagement ring is coming your way!

Top Tips For The Engagement Ring

Here are your top ten picks for your best pick for your special one.

1. Know Your 4 cS

If you are already confused with the jargon, do not worry; the explanation is coming!

Here are the 4Cs of an engagement ring:

Clarity: The purity of the diamond, with inclusions or blemishes.

Cut: The cut of the diamond also plays a role in how it would look on your woman’s finger. Some of the popular cuts are Round, Emerald, and Radiant. These determine the shine of the ring from afar.

Carat Weight: This determines the weight of the diamond. Higher the weight, the higher the carat.

Color: Are you surprised? No, diamonds don’t just come in one color. More unique the color, the more expensive the stone. Some of the popular colors are yellow and pink.

2. Find The Right Metal

Depending on the diamond, and your budget, you have to pick the right band. You can have a plain band or diamond studded ones (which will obviously cost you a little more).

Popular metals for diamond engagement rings are platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and silver in some cases.

3. It Doesn’t Have To Be Diamond

diamond ring

Got you a quirky girl who doesn’t care for a diamond ring? You can always skip the thinking process and give her a traditional ring.

But where is the fun there?

So, go for a different stone or crystal. Some other choices are based on her favorite color or even a birthstone (if she is an astrology freak as well). Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are also coming in the engagement competition lately.

4. Not Always Traditional

There are some out there who do not care enough about a princess cut 16-carat with a platinum band. They would rather have an engagement ring that emulates their personality.

In the world of inclusivity, neither engagement rings have to be in a box (no pun intended) of heteronormative traditions. You can find some unisex wedding rings to bring that element of surprise on your special day as well.

5. Consider A Promise Ring

Jewelry craftsmen have advanced in the past century. Now, you do not have to wait for an engagement to promise ever after. A crystal-studded band could be the precursor to an engagement.

Then what is the significance of an engagement ring?

You can customize a ring with a magnetic attachment. This means the studded band is for the promise, and when you are finally ready to make a big commitment, you simply have to attach the solitaire (big diamond!) studded ring to the band.

Not only is it thoughtful, but chic! Plus, the two rings together on a finger give the best air of opulence.

6. Cluster Setting

You do not always have to go for the solitaire diamond in the center. It is traditional but also outdated!

Rather go for other clipped engagement varieties. One of them is the cluster setting which can form into any shape you like.

Why give her one diamond when you can give her a rose or a star shape with small studded diamonds crafted perfectly for her finger?

7. Vintage Rings

Vintage rings are timeless, and they have a story to tell!

We often inherit these vintage pieces from our great-grandmothers passed down the family line. However, if you are not so fortunate enough, do not worry!

You can always pick a good vintage piece for your girl from your local pawn shop. Nowadays, vintage rings of the highest quality are also auctioned online. Depending on your budget, you can bid.

A word of advice always bids a little lower than your original budget your first time.

Things To Remember!

Here are some of the last-minute details to remember.

  • Check the authenticity and get the authenticity certificate after purchase.
  • Know whom to contact under any form of damage to the stone or the band.
  • Do not pick a cheap band after spending all on the diamond or other expensive stone.
  • If required, find out what your woman likes (subtly!).
  • Get her ring size to prevent any form of slipping accident.
  • Plan the day well.

All the best for your big day!


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