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10 Best Diaper Brands In The Philippines For Newborns, Cloth Diapers, And More

If you have a newborn or a toddler, you must ensure they have a good diaper. Diapers do more than keep your kid clean; they shield delicate skin from the elements.

If you value your sleep and your baby’s health, you should choose a high-quality baby diaper.

There are a lot of diaper brands to choose from if you are seeking the finest ones in the Philippines. A wide variety of brands are available, whether you shop online or at a store. As a result, settling on a single diaper brand might prove to be an intimidating task. There will be instances when you want to shop across brands.

In any case, consider the quality of the diapers or pants you purchase for a newborn infant. Choose a diaper with water-resistant material or new speed wave sheets. With this method, you can ensure your baby’s comfort and save money.

The best diaper brand Philippines with pro-skin technology and soft-embossed surfaces is gentlest on infants’ skin.

Types Of Diapers

Types Of Diapers

1. Cloth Diapers

While using a cloth diaper takes more effort, it may save money and facilitate an early transition to the toilet. Organic cotton avoids chlorine bleach, colors, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Cloth diapers offer more advantages than you imagine, even though disposables are more practical. As a bonus, they help you save money and the environment. One of the biggest benefits of using cloth diaper brands Philippines is that they are better for the environment.

You can wash them and reuse them, unlike with disposable diapers. Since diapers take at least 500 years to disintegrate, your infant diapers are likely still in landfills. It is an excellent approach to lessen your environmental effect.

2. Disposable Diapers

In terms of time and effort saved, there is no competition in using disposable diapers. There is no need for ironing, pinning, or inserts. Disposable diapers may include harmful chemicals, including dyes, fragrances, plastics, chlorine bleach, and polymer gels (sodium polyacrylate).

Conventional disposable diaper VOCs caused asthma-like symptoms in rats. It has been shown that absorbent gels may cause respiratory and skin irritations.

There are cotton-blend, chlorine-free, gel-free disposables if you are worried about harming your baby’s skin. Many utilize wood pulp made from trees grown responsibly.

3. Flushable Diapers and Liners

Some diapers can be flushed down the toilet. There is a flushable lining within the diaper’s reusable outer shell. Cloth diapers are more work than needed, but you can wash them less often with these biodegradable inserts.

Best Diaper Brands In The Philippines

Best Diaper Brands

1. Pampers Overnight Diaper

Parents that value their baby’s comfort and undisturbed sleep love Pampers Overnight Diapers. These diapers include a wetness indicator to alert parents when their child’s diaper is dirty. You should buy reliable diaper bag essentials to carry this.

The indicator helps you change the baby in the middle of the night without waking them up. These diapers include an extra thick layer of absorbent gel to keep your baby dry all night.

The diapers are designed to provide a secure fit around the legs and waist, keeping the baby dry and comfortable all night.

Parents often appreciate the comfort and adaptability of Pampers Overnight Diapers. They report that the diapers are soft and comfortable on their baby’s skin, with no redness or irritation. Furthermore, these diapers’ cutting-edge style has made them a favorite with moms and dads.

The infant will be more at ease when wearing one of them, allowing for more restful nights of sleep. In addition, there are no leaks or other problems throughout the night, making these diapers a safe option.

2. Huggies Dry Baby Diapers

Huggies Dry is a great option for diapers for your baby. This diaper business provides high-quality disposable diapers and diaper trousers with new advances to keep your baby dry, healthy, and happy. With Huggies Dry Newborn and Huggies Dry Natural Soft Diapers, changing your newborn’s diapers is quicker and easier.

Huggies Dry Baby Diapers are made with six different technologies to care for your baby in the best way possible. Extra softness has been woven into the cotton cover, ensuring your baby’s comfort.

The two leak barriers in their diapers ensure no wetness will run down your baby’s legs. The Runny Poo Leakguard keeps messes from coming from the back of Huggies Dry diaper trousers. The poo-absorbing liner is another option.

3. EQ Pants

EQ Pants is one of the best brands of disposable diapers on the market. You may acquire high-quality pull-up diapers for your kid from this company, even if you are on a low budget. You may choose a reputable online baby shop to buy this particular brand. And with EQ Pants, you can select the perfect fit for your infant’s waist, regardless of size.

The traditional EQ pants diapers and the newer EQ Dry disposable diapers and EQ Colors are available in sizes from small to XXL. This ensures that your infant always has access to clean, dry underwear.

Even though EQ Pants offers many distinct types of disposable diapers (such as EQ Colors and EQ Dry), they are all essentially the same. For example, you may use a bubble-top sheet to protect your infant from rashes and germs.

Also, it makes it possible for disposable diapers to let air in. There are enchanted tapes included with every diaper purchase. You can use these tapes more than once, so you can make any changes you need to make sure your baby is comfortable.

You may also get a soft, cottony covering when you shop at EQ Pants. You can use this to create a stylish and functional diaper for your kid that also reduces excess heat.

4. Huggies Natural Soft Pants

Baby can stay cozy and dry with Huggies Natural Soft Pants, even when it rains. This product has an absorbent layer to ensure your baby is comfortable even when wearing a wet diaper. Along with keeping your baby dry, it also has a wetness indicator.

One of the best innovations in these diapers is the wetness indicator. When your baby has had enough to drink and needs to be changed, the hand will turn yellow to blue. These trousers have a wide waistline, just one of the many qualities that set them apart.

Because they are soft and absorbent, the Huggies Natural Soft Pants will keep your baby dry and comfy all day. These, too, are manufactured from a soft substance that is almost as pleasant as cotton. Moreover, the wetness indicator undoubtedly simplifies daily life for all parents.

5. Enfant 809 Baby Cloth Birdseye Diaper

The brand Enfant is well-known for its cutting-edge styles and premium components. The Enfant 809 Baby Cloth Birdseye Diaper is eco-friendly and made of soft, breathable cotton. It’s well-crafted and has an innovative design.

This product is good for your child’s sensitive skin because it is made of 100% organic cotton. The idea behind this diaper was to make a better product for the environment. It’s a more sustainable option than using disposable diapers every time.

People appreciate that these diapers don’t harm the environment and can be used for a long time. Besides that, it’s a high-quality product that will last a long time.

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6. Pampers Premium Care

Parents that want the best for their children have praised Pampers Premium Care, a diaper brand. This diaper is meant to keep infants dry and comfy all day long.

Thanks to its many special features, you won’t find another diaper just like it. The diaper won’t leak because of the flexible waistbands and absorbent wings. This feature will greatly benefit babies with sensitive skin who need extra care and attention.

Pampers Premium Care has features that make changing diapers quick, easy, and pleasant. Wetness indications remind parents to change diapers, preventing diaper rash.

7. Moony Natural Baby Diaper

Moony is a company that knows how important it is to protect your baby’s sensitive skin. Their diapers are developed to protect babies’ delicate skin. You may be sure that your infant’s delicate skin will be protected by the organic cotton and mild acidic sheet used in its construction.

Olive, jojoba, and rice oils moisturize and soothe the baby’s skin. Thanks to these oils, all pain and irritation will be avoided, and your baby’s skin will stay smooth and supple.

8. GOO.N Premium Slim Newborn Diaper

You’re responsible for keeping your baby’s fragile skin healthy and comfortable. A good, absorbent diaper helps keep your baby’s bottom dry and comfy, preventing skin irritation.

This diaper’s ultra-dry absorbent material keeps the outer layer dry, protecting your baby’s skin. The advanced 3D Dot Emboss technology’s gentle touch and less skin-to-skin contact keep your baby comfortable.

It is reassuring to know that your baby will be dry and comfortable for longer with the help of a pad that can absorb up to 6 cups of pee.

9. UniLove Airpro Baby Diaper

For parents who have been searching for the ideal diaper for their children, Uni-love has introduced a novel and practical option. This diaper keeps babies’ skin healthy and dry while providing comfort.

This diaper is hypoallergenic and made from materials that won’t irritate the baby’s skin. The Airpro back sheet of this diaper protects your baby’s sensitive skin while letting air flow through. It helps the skin quickly remove extra moisture, leaving it dry and cool.


ECO BOOM arrives at a critical juncture in environmental history. A breath of fresh air, biodegradable diapers are a great innovation. These baby accessories, like diapers, are an innovative style made from renewable resources. This implies that they may be thrown into a compost bin after use.

Bamboo pulp makes Eco Boom disposable diapers biodegradable. Bleaching agents, plastic, and other irritants are not needed to produce this cloth. Users are often relieved to learn that diaper trash won’t harm the natural world. The diaper is leak-proof, so it won’t let any moisture out and will protect infants’ skin from irritation.

Final Thoughts

Every new parent has to buy diapers, and getting the right kind and size is important for your baby’s health and happiness. It may be difficult to make the best choice for your family when there are many factors to consider and several courses of action.

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