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Discover The Best Curly Hair Trends For 2023

Having curly hair has been fashionable for many years. But, as with many trends, there have been ups and downs and the current trending styles are constantly changing.

That’s why, if you want to adopt the latest curly hair trends you’re going to need to know what they are. Of course, it also helps to have the right products available.

The exact products you need will depend on whether your hair is naturally curly or not. It’s worth clicking here to see the best curling tongs and associated products currently available.

Make It Long

Long Curly Hair

It’s hard not to make an impression if you have long curly hair. You should aim for mid-way down your back and add as much volume as possible. Big isn’t just beautiful, it’s better. The style of your curls is less important, you can opt for light waves or tight curls.

The decision regarding which of these is better will probably rest on whether your hair is natural or you’re using extensions.

Boost That Volume

If you have shorter curly hair but it’s still around or just past your shoulders then go for volume. This generally works better with tighter curls but the choice is yours.

This is a great approach if you want to add highlights to your hair or your hair is a particularly vivid color, such as a stunning red.

Side Bangs

This is popular with all types of hair and is set to be increasingly popular throughout 2023. Side bangs complement a straight cut at the back and frame your face perfectly. It’s best to keep your hair around shoulder length or shorter for this to work. Additionally, loose curls will create a softer image, which is probably what you’re after.

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The Pixie

A pixie cut has become a classic and, during 2023, it is set to be a great way to rock your curls. Obviously, your hair will need to be shorter, that’s above the shoulder. The classic approach is shaving on the side of the head but not the fringe, allowing your hair to cascade down but reducing the volume.

You should note light curls are likely to look more voluminous with a pixie cut but tight curls will lose volume.

Going Blonde

Blonde Hair Style

It may surprise you to discover that going blonde is going to be particularly popular in 2023. This is valid for straight hair as well as curly hair. It may be connected with the image that blondes have more fun or simply a more summery, lighter feel.

If you’re opting to go blond it looks best with a straight cut.


No, the 2023 curly hair trend isn’t to spike all your hair and eliminate the curls. But, it does encourage you to leave your curls a little messier and make sure there are plenty of peaks on top. It could be referred to as a punk version of the classic beach look, laid back but fun.

It’s certainly worth trying. But, remember, it’s your hair, regardless of the latest style, you need to do it how you feel comfortable.

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