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8 Best Creative Fashion Designers in The World

The fashion industry has been growing so fast with the large for people to get a descent.  In the current world, we get to see so many people on the internet trying to find out the latest designs and fashions in the market a clear indicator that the demand in this sector is so high. So, there is the need to be more creative as there are so many fashion designers trying to design accessories and clothing in different models and forms bringing out new garments into the market.

More so, the fashion world-leading is by some of the most creative and inspiring designers whose designs are well appreciated by sundry and all. They exert effort in designing fashions and styles that are appealing to the customers bearing in mind when, how, who, and where the attire is to be put on to produce their best-finalized attire.

Here are some of the most eight creative fashion designers you can find in the world, as they have given a new dimension to the fashion world.

8 Best Creative Fashion Designers

1. Zac Posen

He created a gown for Naomi Campbell while a student .it made him venture into the fashion industry while in school. After studies he then went to New York where his family was and created a family business .since the sister was a creative director this gave him a hand in the fashion industry. Posen is outstanding in making fashionable designs for women that are so beautiful and worn out on most occasions.

2. Hany El Behairy

From his childhood Hany has had a passion for drawing, creating dolls on his own from scratch with their hair and dresses and has a great interest in colors. He is an Egyptian designer who has a passion and an inspiration to create designs that are classy and feminine without necessarily having to be over revealing. Due to his exposure to the international world of fashion Hany is looking forward to coming up with perfect dresses that are much classy for different events  .he is also excellent in designing styles for wedding dresses .the most promising part is that he is striving hard to come up with all designs women wish.

3. Michael Kors

He is among the award-winning designers for the extravagant accessories and ready to wear dresses. He started his company in the 80s. It has the most outstanding brand as it has stores widely distributed around the world with the operation being carried out by licensed partners in countries like Hong Kong, Milan, New York, Chicago, Dubai, Paris, Istanbul, Beverly Hills’, Munich, Tokyo, and Shanghai. The designs are always outstanding as they are characterized by classy and glamorous features which make it the best fashion design industry. His brand comprises of footwear, women’s’ and men’s’ ready-to-wear, watches, jewelry, eyewear, fragrance products, and accessories.

4. Rebecca Minkoff

She featured in the fashion industry when she designed T-shirts on which it was written ‘I love New York’ .it created an impression on the people. Rebecca Minkoff is credited after receiving the Breakthrough Designer Award from the renowned Accessories Council. The brand has provided for both men and women all over the world the tensest and delicate designs of all categories. The brand has different locations distributed all around the world .the brand has a vast diversity of attires including, trendy handbags, men’s clothing under the name of her brother, footwear, clothing, accessories, and ready to wear collection.

5. Elie Saab

Elie Saab was the very first non-Italian designer to become an active member of Italian Camera Nazionale Della Moda. His passion for making dresses was so much inspired when he was so young. To feed his passion, Elie was deigning attires for his sister. Being a Lebanese fashion designer, he has a wide range of knowledge in making all of the basic designs. He specializes in bridal fashion design .the dresses are made using detailed stitching, expensive fabrics, silk, lace, crystals, and pearls. His collections are available in several countries as well as over 160 retailers besides his stores.

6. Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani is an Italian-based fashion designer that developed a lot of interest in fashion design from a young age. Valentino began his career way back in 1959 by establishing his fashion house in Rome. Valentino became famous for designing clothes for Jacqueline Kennedy, and from then he has designed dresses for several powerful and famous people. He is one of the most popular designers among the best-dressed women.

7. DVF (Diane von Furstenberg)

The DVF trademark was initiated in 1972 by the Diane von Furstenberg. The brand has now become an internationally deluxe line that became fashionable due to its ground-breaking loom in using colors and prints, producing the boldest womanly designs ever. The brand mainly specializes in scheming dresses, but lately, it has obtainable a full collection of garnishes and ready-to-wear fabrics, making it one of the most well-known brands in the fashion industry. The lines headquarter in New York City and have distributions in over 55 countries as well as 1500 points of sale throughout Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

8. Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte is one of the English fashion designers who has successfully made it to the top of the list of being among the best designers in the world. The interest in fashion designing started developing after friends asked her to create fashionable pieces of clothing for them. After that, she launched a store for herself in New York after publishing her work in most magazines. After a few years later, Charlotte Ronsons’ brand has attracted a high level of credibility as well as popularity, for several celebrities, including Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Winona Ryder and more wear it.


Fashion design is one of the most popular careers people are really venturing into. So, the above fashion designers are among the most creative and trending designers who design clothing and accessories in different models and forms to bring you the most beautiful and loved garments into the market.

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