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Belly Piercing – History, Process, Types, Side Effects & Healing Process

I used to think that belly piercings only look good on a flat stomach. You can’t really blame me for the way I thought, because when belly piercing was in trend, only girls with a flat stomach were advertised to promote piercing.

Later when I was almost done with all my desired piercings I decided I will do a navel piercing. Let me tell you I do not have a flat stomach. My friends were criticizing my decision which made me a bit confused.

Then I realised I am not going to do this because I want people to see it, I am doing this because I want it. It’s my body, my decision Period. So now I have one.

Belly button piercing has been popular for a long time. The piercing is actually painless, it’s just a pinch you will feel when it gets pierced. That’s all.

In this article I will be telling you everything about belly button piercing. Even suggest jewelleries that look good on the belly button.

History Of Belly Piercing

In ancient times, piercing a part of your body was considered to be showing off manliness and courage. Pharaohs from Egypt believed that navel piercings are the insignia of the ritual transition which means form life on earth to eternity.

What Is Belly Piercing?

What Is Belly Piercing

Belly piercing is also known as navel piercing, which is a type of piercing that goes through, in or around the navel. It can heal as quickly as an ear piercing or can take time to heal like a surface piercing. You can face irritation or you may not depend on your skin type.

The healing takes around 6 to 9 months minimum. It can take more time depending on the factor of how frequently it is being cleaned and how you are maintaining the hygiene. If you know about piercings instead of just getting some, then you will know that the rejection rate is higher on non-surface piercings. But belly piercing is not generally rejected.

An actual navel piercing is achieved by passing a needle through a protruding outie. The term ‘navel piercing’ refers to innies, meaning the skin that surrounds the navel gets pierced. The original spot of navel piercing is the upper rim of the navel.

How Belly Button Piercing Is Done?

How Belly Button Piercing Is Done

You should always be strict when it comes to choosing the shop for piercing and definitely the piercer. The more the piercer is experienced the less chance for your piercing to get screwed.

Your piercer must wear disposable gloves after sanitizing their hands before piercing your navel. Autoclave is used by experts to kill all the bacterias or pathogens on the tools. 

There will be forceps to hold the skin of the navel so it becomes easy for the piercer to penetrate the needle that has not been used before and came in a sterilised, sealed packet, through the skin. Once the needle is through they remove the forceps and put an industrial navel barbell. They will clean it well and give you instructions on how to clean it at home.

Types Of Belly Piercing

Types Of Belly Piercing

There are designs but the basic structure of a belly piercing is a barbell, belly button rings were used by the ancient people as they did not have barbells. But wearing barbells are recommended by piercers for a reason.

It slightly curved outwards to stay in the position and against your belly button and eventually fit. The jewelry has a small bead on top and a big bead at the bottom. The beads are screwed to a curved stick designed metal.

The reason behind the balls can be screwed open or closed is that you can keep the stick as it is but change the beads, they come in various shapes and designs, metals. Two variations are:

1. The Bottom Belly Piercing

The Bottom Belly Piercing

It pierces the bottom of the navel more than the actual piercing spot, which is above. People who love to see their barbell hang a bit lower than the actual position, can definitely go for bottom belly piercing.

2. Double Belly Button Piercing

Double Belly Button Piercing

The vertical navel piercing is the regular piercing. But when you do it horizontally, it seems different and therefore creates a new style. There are rings for it , you can buy them to match your aesthetic personality. If you are into dangles, you can add them up for an amazing cascading effect.

Pain And Side Effects

Pain And Side Effects

Like I have said, belly piercing is painless, by which I mean it is not going to make you suffer like a cartilage piercing does on the ear. The skin around your navel is fleshy enough to not make you scream when the needle passes through, but you will feel a pinch though. Like the real meaning of having a piercing, man up! Girl.

Since I am full of piercings and I know the level of pain someone goes through each body piercing. I will rate the pain I went through when navel piercing was done to me is 3 to 4, not more than that. The process is really quick so it’s very manageable. If you are not okay with this much pinch but also want to show off a belly piercing, better go for fake belly button piercing. With pain comes side effects.


The pierced area of yours should maintain a proper appearance through the entire healing process. But there are chances you may get rashes out of nowhere, if the place gets rashes up the immediate call should be to your doctor.


Don’t get worried when you see white liquid coming out of your belly piercing. It is absolutely normal because it is how your body reacts to wounds and therefore the liquid is secreted to protect the area. Now, if the fluid changes colour to yellow or ish…then be worried, something has gone wrong.


Infection is very common especially when it’s about piercing. The infection can be caused by you for being reluctant in the aftercare or maybe the inexperienced piercer. Therefore I repeat again, please do your homework and find the best piercer, your body should not compromise anyhow to save money. Signs will start showing up when there is an infection, such as the spot will get red and swell up, the place will be hot to touch and you will have pain.

Healing Process And Aftercare

Healing Process And Aftercare

A belly piercing needs minimum 6 months and maximum 1 year to heal. The healing process absolutely depends on how careful you are with your newly pierced navel. The most risky time for your belly piercing is between six to eight months.

You should be in touch with your piercer because he knows how to take care of the piercing better than you. Please avoid all the DIY home remedies to heal piercings on YouTube. If videos make you feel better subscribe to LULU’s or any well known piercing studio channel.

Only stop the aftercare when your piercer says it’s fine to do. Because if it’s healing the site has the risk of getting infected at any point.

Following the right aftercare can boost the healing process fast and is very important as well. If you don’t consider the healing routine then the process will slow down.

The First thing to remember is to wash your hands before touching your belly piercing, only when you need to. Please do not just touch it unnecessarily. Avoid passing any bacteria as much as possible.

You are supposed to clean your piercing twice a day. It is better if you do that before you go to sleep, wash it with sterile saline solution, or gentle soap. After you are done with cleaning the pierced area make sure you then dry it with a paper towel, because using a cloth towel can give you infection.

Never use antibiotic ointment on the pierced spot, as it will suffocate the site. Wear loose tops and pants that are low waist structure. This is to prevent your piercing from further complications.

Prevent Piercing Rejection

Prevent Piercing Rejection

Whenever you are excited for a piercing, also think about the rejection rates. Ask your experienced piercer about his experience for the particular piercing and discuss the rate of rejection as well as to prevent it. I happen to know 4 ways therefore I will share it with you guys.

  • A larger width of your earring may reduce the chance for rejection.
  • While healing you must pick the right size of jewelry, discuss once with your piercer.
  • Follow the aftercare very conveniently. 
  • Avoid stress, avoid sour foods, and drink water.

Final Thoughts

So here you go with every little detail of belly piercing. I have tried my best to give all the necessary information about belly piercing all in one article.

Piercing is cool and bold. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, if you like it, you do it. No questions asked. But please be good with the after care.

Leave a comment down in the comment section and share your experience with us. I hope this article will help you through.

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