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Bedroom Lighting Ideas For 2023

You would never need lighting in the bedroom at all because the room is meant for sleeping, right?

NO. Not in modern homes. Bedrooms have evolved and they are more than just a place to sleep at night. The right bedroom lighting ideas can transform your space into something that excites your hopes and dreams.

Let’s look at some of the options you have available if you want to add a touch of luxury and beauty to your bedroom décor.

2023 Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Before you undertake this project consider three things. The first one is budget. Find a merchant who provides better quality lighting that can uplift the mood of your space without breaking the bank. Secondly, figure out your top priority. Do you want reading lamps or colorful wall lights for a dramatic effect- your options are limitless. Third consider the ease or complexity of installation.

1. Ceiling Pendant Lights

These lights hang from the ceilings on the road and come in diverse shapes and sizes to boost the ambiance of your space. This style of lighting might be popular in the kitchen but it’s easy to adapt for the bedroom.

The pendant bedroom light is fashionable. You can hang them high or low. You can choose pendant lights with a rustic finish, or you can also have letterings inscribed on them for a dramatic effect. Pendant lights are easy to install and they save space.

Ceiling Pendant Lights

2. Metal and Acrylic Ceiling Lights

If you want recessed bedroom lighting ideas, the Quinn Galaxy Ceiling light can come in handy. These lights are made with metal, wood, and light and are designed to last a long time. You can choose from many of the available colors including white, green, black, or blue depending on the effect you want to achieve. White is good for reading. Black adds an artful impact while blue and green exude a calmer vibe.

These color schemes may seem odd, but it’s an opportunity to mix up things and keep the ambiance fresh and enthralling. Black, green, and blue are nature’s color schemes. The result is a much more contemporary yet welcoming bedroom space.

3. Bedside Lighting

Bedside lighting can be convenient if you love to read in bed or wake up at night to scroll through emails. The traditional style is to align the lighting to the decor of the room but in contemporary spaces, contrast helps create a focal point that lights your space.

The Alessio vintage rustic lamp is a great example. It is robustly built to be installed by the bed. The metal and its texture and sheen add a touch of sophistication. The gold finish adds warmth to the ambiance and you can choose from different lamb holder shapes to suit the design of your room.

Bedside Lighting

4. Chandelier

You can add more fun to your bedroom with chandeliers. The right fixtures add drama, elegance, and glamor to the room. The bigger, the better. An oversized chandelier will become the center of attention and redefine your space as a multifunctional relaxing area.

Chandeliers work well with recessed wall lights. In an oversized bedroom, you may only need one oversized chandelier and maybe a single bedside lamp.

In summary, bedrooms should have a mixture of functional and decorative lighting. If you are looking for the best bedroom lighting ideas in 2023, start with this list.

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