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Merino Vs Polypropylene (Natural Vs Synthetic) For Base Layer Clothing

Fabric-like cotton is a great way if you are looking forward to layering your clothing if you have to go outside in the winter weather.

However, they are not suitable if you are about to be going on outdoor activities because they will make you sweat a lot and will not be a perfect option for base layer clothing which is valued in that case. 

What type of base layer clothing is helping you to maintain the warmth. If you are looking for a material that is specially designed for sports activities and other activities then you should look for merino wool or Synthetics.

It is the perfect material because it does not make you sweat a lot and absorbs as much as possible, so you stay comfortable.

3 Different Types Of Base Layer Clothing

Your base layer clothing is pretty essential. Hence the base layers of clothing are maintaining the warmth of your body. And of course, you do not want to wear any itchy material which keeps your body warm but produces lots of discomfort.

In this article, we will discuss Merino clothing and natural clothing for the base layer.

1. Leave Your Cotton At Home

If you are thinking about going hiking, then say no to Cotton because it is the worst decision you can make. Cotton absorbs a lot of water naturally, and it will end up making your clothes very heavy if you are going to layer them during the winter season.

It will not be a good option for you if you are planning to go hiking or on any other outdoor activities where you are going to sweat a lot. 

In that case, you should not use the base layer clothing with cotton is layer because it can observe 20 times more water as compared to its natural weight.

Therefore, it will not be able to provide you with natural insulation, and you will feel freezing during the winter season during outdoor activity.

In addition, the tiny air pockets in the Cotton fibers will not allow proper insulation, and it is not recommended to layer your base clothing.

2. Merino Wool

Base Layer Clothing

Merino wool is considered a better alternative for cotton when you are thinking about participating in any outdoor activity or sports activity. It is a natural fiber, and it is derived from the Merino Sheep.

You should choose it because it is going to provide you with an epic performance if you are planning to go on hiking or any other outdoor activity.

Merino wools provide lots of warmth. It is always better to put on some warm clothing as your base layer clothing while outdoors. Merino wools are a little bit different from machine-made synthetic wools. It is warm and breathable.

3. Breathable

Base Layer Clothing

Merino wool is highly breathable and insulates even when it gets wet. This material dries very quickly and is very soft as well. It is naturally ordered resistant, and it will not make your clothes smell bad.

That is why it is a very popular choice in the outdoor clothing industry. So you should check it out. People do not use it because they think that it will be because it is wool.

But it is not going to it at all because merino sheep are a special type of sheep.

It has ultra-fine wool-made base layer clothing, and it is very soft to touch, which will not make you itch at all. It is a much better alternative as compared to synthetic materials and even gotten if you are going to be spending some time in nature or hiking.

So you can share your clothing by using this material efficiently, and it will not make you sweat as well.


While selecting the base layer clothing, cotton-made clothing is always better. Because you always have to put some breathable clothing underneath. For more warmth, the woolen base clothing is always better. So which type of clothing you are going to select as your base clothing.

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