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Do You Want The Best Barbie And Ken Halloween Costume Ideas? Here’s Your Guide

With Margot Robbie’s Barbie ruling the world this year, you have Barbie and Ken as the coolest theme for your Halloween party. We have seen Barbie in her pink A-line dress, but this time, we will explore some other funky outfits donned by her. Ken also has a range of outfit ideas to offer this spooky season.

So, let’s explore the ideas without much ado!

Best Barbie And Ken Costume For This Halloween 

The looks of Barbie and Ken are easy to create, and people of any age group can copy them. Also, the theme works for couples and individuals alike.

So, what do you need to recreate the charm of these iconic characters? Here is your guide. 

Barbie And Ken Couple Costume 

For a couple, the Barbie and Ken theme is perfect. From the dance party ensemble to the rollerblading costumes, you have a lot of options to try.

Barbie And Ken Rollerblading Couple Costume

Are you looking for a funky “Barbie and Ken costume DIY?” You can try the rollerblader look. It will also suit you both if your partner is indeed your “partner in crime.”

You need a pink bodysuit with funky prints, fluorescent green skater shoes, and knee guards. You will also need a matching Sun visor hat.

Further, your partner will wear the skating costume and accessories that match yours. That’s it! Enjoy all the fun outdoors this Halloween, or just be the center of attention at any party. 

Barbie And Ken Dance Party Look 

How about matching your steps with Dua Lipa’s Dance the Night tune for this Halloween? If you want to keep it all glitzy and glamorous, you can try this Barbie and Ken dance party look.

You can create this look in a shimmery jumpsuit and matching ballerinas. For guys, this look is even easier to nail. All he needs is a coordinated pants and shirt set in white. Once the outfit is right, he can team it with a golden waistbelt and a pair of white sneakers. 

The Barbie And Ken Nautical Look 

If Barbie and Ken costumes had an “ease meter,” the nautical look surely would have been number one. You must pick white T-shirts with pink stripes and pink captain hats.

You can team the T-shirts with blue denim jeans and step out in style. 

Western Barbie And Ken Halloween Costume 

Western or cowboy fashion will be huge in 2023. The canvas becomes even bigger with Ken and Barbie being your inspiration for the Western-style Halloween costume this season. 

You will easily find a coordinated pink cowgirl pants and top set for you. Accessorize it with a white cowboy hat, a pink neck scarf, and a pair of white cowboy boots. Don’t forget those sparkling star earrings to add a touch of glitz to your overall look. 

For the Ken look, you will need a black shirt with frills, black pants and boots, and a white cowboy hat. 

Barbie Costume Ideas For Your Girl Gang

So, you have planned a girls’ movie date at your home to celebrate Halloween. Sounds great! You can get inspired by the Barbie girl gang to make it more fashionable for you.

Start looking for a comfy pink jumpsuit and the funkiest pink sunglasses you can get your hands on. You can also pick some matching headbands or the blue one worn by Barbie. 

Make sure that you add a touch of pink shade to your lips before you step out in style. 

Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas 

If you are not attending a Halloween party as a couple or in a group, you can try some iconic looks of Barbie for yourself. I have picked my three favorite Barbie looks for you.

The Pink And Pretty Barbie Look

For generations, Barbie has been the quintessential face of femininity in her pretty pink dress. You can easily try this look by getting dolled up in a pink A-line dress with white checks. 

With the perfect outfit, you can now work on the accessories. Team the outfit with a floral necklace, floral stud earrings, and pink pump shoes to be the center of attraction. 

The Mermaid Barbie Look

Why not make the Barbie look more adorable by taking inspiration from Dua Lipa’s mermaid Barbie look? You can recreate the ensemble easily by adding some smart twist to it.

Pick a pair of shimmery blue pants with a crop top and a blue hairband. Now, team the ensemble with pink shoes and pink stud earrings to make a style statement.

The mermaid Barbie look is a bit dramatic. So, define your eyes and add a touch of blue shimmery shadow. 

The Glamorous Barbie Look 

You don’t just have to follow the Barbie looks in the movie while picking your Halloween costume. Take a cue from Margot Robbie’s look at Barbie’s London premiere.

You will need a dreamy pink strapless midi dress and a faux fur wrap to get your ensemble right. Further, team your outfit with white satin finger gloves, a pearl choker, pearl studs, and shimmery high heels. 

Ken Halloween Costume Ideas 

You can follow the denim look sported by Ken for Halloween. The other two Ken looks I find charming are the beach look and the Mojo Dojo getup. 

Denim Ken Look

This Ken look can be created with just three elements, which can be worn for many other occasions. So, grab a denim vest, a pair of regular-fit denim jeans, and white boxers.

Wear black and white sneakers as you have to put your best foot forward. 

Ken’s Beach Look

This is another comfortable Ken look you can try for this Halloween. Pick a set of pink and green striped shorts and a shirt set with white shoes. 

Don’t forget the inflatable surf boat, which you will easily find online.

Mojo Dojo Casa House Look Of Ken 

Do you want to pick the funkiest Halloween costume inspired by Ken? Go for the Mojo Dojo look. It would be great to have a white faux fur long coat and black leather pants. Otherwise, you can go for a fringe shirt.

Now, club your outfit with white casual sneakers, a necklace with a horse pendant, a black scarf, and sunglasses. 

Final Words 

Are you all set to recreate the Barbie and Ken look this spooky season? Do the ideas tempt you to do some planning about your Halloween costume? However, if you want something spookier, you can try the Pennywise costume ideas easily.

Make the most of your creative fashion ideas and enjoy a great time with your loved ones. Wish you a happy Halloween! 

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