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How to Tie a Bandana Headband in Different Styles With Pictures

Bored of the same style every day, and want to look unique and fashionable? Do you want to tie a bandana headband but don’t know how to start and where to learn?

Well, you have arrived at the right place!

Bandana is an important factor that helps to change your look, style, and standard. In addition, it gives your hair a good volume.

Like your body needs clothes to wear, the same way your hair needs a bandana headband.

This article will teach you:

  • Styling your hair for a bandana headband.
  • To form the right bandana properly.
  • Wearing a bandana like a headband in different styles.

So not making you wait any further, let’s begin,

How to Tie a Bandana Headband:

1. Styling your hair for a bandana:

Styling your hairbandana style

Before wearing a bandana properly, you need to style your hair in such a manner that it will suit your hair.

The Bandana headband will look smart and cool not only in every woman but also on man. It adds an extra spice to your hair.

So before wearing a bandana, it is advisable that you should wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

After your hair washes, let it dry properly. Now you are ready to make bandana headband for your hair.

2. Form the right bandana properly:


Buy a long bandana from any shop or on the street. You will find a bandana handkerchief in various colors.

Place the bandana flat properly on the plain and smooth table. Now fold the half bottom to the up like a large triangle (see above).

Now to match the base of the triangle, you need to take the top of the bandana triangle and fold it to the lower.

Tieing bandana as a headband is a very good idea. There are many bandana headband hairstyles available. In addition, it is suitable for any type of hair such as long, short, Chinese cut, step cut, and many more. The bandana does not restrict your style because of your hair length.

3. Style Your Bandana Headband:

bandana headbandbandana for baby

Now to tie your bandana headband, you need to place the center of your bandana at the nape of your neck. In addition, tie the tails of the bandana into a knot at the top of your hair.

Red bandana headband usually looks cool than other headbands. It gives you a new look with a new style. Let your friends know about your new style, take a selfie and send them!

So this is one of the ways you can style your hair with a bandana as a headband for women.

Bandana is not only for women, but it can also be worn by babies too. This is one of the ways to style bandana headband for your hair.

4. Another Style to form a Bandana like a Headband:

Bandana like a Headbandfold around the head

So this is another style to tie a bandana headband. Bandana is not only meant for women but for everyone.

Fold the bandana properly as discussed above. Now place the two knots of the bandana at the nape of your hairline or neck, keeping in mind the loose or tight appearance you want.

Now style your hair in such a way that it will suit your outfit.

You can even make a ponytail as it will be cooler than other types of hairstyles. Now you are ready to go for outings!

5. Style your Bandana like a Pirate Fold:

pirate fold pirate fold headband

Place the bandana on the table and fold it to make a triangle the same way as discussed above.

Now place the middle of the bandana on the center of the forehead. In addition, make sure that the flat side of the bandana fits just above your eyebrows.

Tie the two tails of the bandana properly around the back of your head. Make sure that you do not tie bandana tightly otherwise, it may hurt your ears. You can do this pirate fold style bandana with a short skirt to cool sexy.

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Now it’s your turn!

Well, here you go! I have provided every bit of information regarding bandana headband. I have tried my best to keep it simple yet informative.

It is your turn to look cool and fashionable and make others jealous of you. Dress with a bandana as if you are going somewhere better later.

Bandana handkerchief is widely famous around the world and is worn by every people. Even small children love to wear bandanas while going out.

Now, what are you waiting for, buy a bandana from your nearest supermarket and show others the new you?