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Awesome Travel Outfits That’ll Have You Instantly Stylish On Vacation

Traveling with style and comfort is the new ‘IT’ word in the fashion sphere. After all, through doing it for the ‘Gram’ and making memories for your travel diaries, you do want to look good.

Summer travel plans are upon us, and we are anticipating the “big packing day.” Especially if you are a fashionista like us, then having the perfect mood board categorizing each OOTD is indeed a task!

However, we might have the perfect solution for you because, c

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the different fashion picks for 2023.

Traveling With Style

When we talk about summer with style, remember we will be putting a great emphasis on matters like comfort and strategic packing. After all, once in a while, we have all been guilty of overpacking.

1. Peacoat & Trousers

Even if you choose comfort, it is not right to give up on style completely. However, a peacoat is that one clothing item that can hang loose from your shoulder, giving you that air to breathe and still look chic while doing that.

Plus, if your travel plans include going to a colder place this summer, a peacoat will be your perfect companion. Especially layering gives you the ick! A good beige trousers with a coat can give you a subtle stunning look. The best part about this outfit is you can pair it with any pair of jeans.

2. Athleisure

Athleisure or sports casual are a genius fashion invention. After all, now we can leave the house and in our sweatpants and not feel guilty about it. Popularly known as sports casual, athleisure is the perfect way of smart casual and loungewear.

If these terms are not making sense to you, simply wear a drawstring sweatpants with a denim jacket, and you are good to go. This combination is great because it is not all loungewear, as the denim adds some character to it.

You can even try different colored denim to match the sweatpants and have a monochromatic moment. However, the best part about this is the accessorization. From fancy fanny bags to gold jewelry, and sunglasses, you can add anything.

3. Trench Coat It Up

Another winter wonderland wardrobe addition would be a trench coat. Your taste of winter away from the scorching summer and heat wave is incomplete if you do not flaunt around a trench coat.

The best part about this coat is how well it works as an accessory. There is no single outfit that doesn’t vibe check with a trench coat. Starting from skinny jeans to baggy pants and even sun dresses.

Do flaunt your outfit without fail, but the moment it gets a little chilly, it is time to get the trench coat on. It would be best if you could get the classic khaki color. However, you can also match it with your current wardrobe style.

4. Puffer Jacket & Sweats

Another great jacket that is perfect for every occasion. Especially if you are not a trench coat girly. Afterall, you do not have to go skiing in order to enjoy these puffer bombs.

However, the heavy puffer matches the skinny sweats and leggings, which are quite in style now. Especially if your travel plans are inching towards a snowy region for your travel plans, try to do it in style with colorful puffer jackets.

A great puffer jacket packing hack would be to pack it inside an airtight bag. However, take it out an hour before putting it on in order for it to puff up again.

5. Button Down Shirt & Shorts (Monochromes)

From the hills, we are now inching towards beach fashion, and shorts have to be a staple. But why not add a little oomph to the regular shirt and shorts?

A baggy button-down shirt and baggy shorts are the perfect match for your summer travel diaries. Here are a few things to remember when you are styling this outfit.

Choose the Right Fabric: Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as linen, cotton, or chambray, especially if you’re traveling to a warm destination. These materials will keep you cool and comfortable during your journey.

Color Coordination: Select a matching set with coordinating colors or patterns. Neutral tones like white, beige, navy, or light pastels work well for a classic and effortless look. You can also choose subtle patterns, such as stripes or small prints, for added visual interest.

6. Mini Skirts

If you haven’t heard of it, then get the information from us. Mini skirts are back in fashion. Well, not the micro mini ones from the Y2K fashion catalog, but you can definitely play around with some denim minis.

Or, go all elegant with tweeds and satin if you are feeling a little risque, then a brown or black leather mini pull-on skirt.

For the top, you can classic with a white shirt or oversized anything (especially if the skirt is a tight mini). The entire look will come together perfectly!

7. Blue Jeans & Leather

Seems like minimalism is the epicenter of travel fashion this summer. However, no one can blame the trendsetter because that is how good a simple pair of blue jeans and a leather jacket look.

If you are a classic, go for something simple like a black leather jacket with light blue jeans, topped with a white tank top. But, if you want to add a bit of your quirky personality to the picture, play around with the leather colors.

Happy Travels!

If you haven’t made your travel plans yet, and just came here for a bit of fashion inspiration, take it as a sign!

The summer heat waves are getting unbearable, and if you are in that region right now, it is time to book a ticket straight to the Alps. Or, a Floridian beach vacation might be best suited for you. No matter the place you choose, get prompt travel visa assistance from experts to not fall prey to travel scams.

Wishing you all a happy travel journey in advance.


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