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Avoid These Design Mistakes When Designing Your Apartment’s Bedroom

If you live in an apartment or a condo, chances are that space is your main concern – especially if you used to live in a house. Not only do you have to be resourceful when it comes to storage space, but you also may need to sacrifice some comfort and rooms which you don’t use day to day. Even when living in the apartments for rent in high point nc you must design it more creatively. Hence your room designs show your most innovative and creative inner self.

Whereas houses likely have more than 3 or more bedrooms and at least two bathrooms, most condos need to be limited due to the lack of space in the city centers where most condos are. However, if you are set to buy or rent a condo, real estate experts recommend following these tips to make your new home, specifically your bedroom.

Too Many Shelves

Many people love displaying their property like books and small trinkets on shelves in their homes. If done right, this trend can be incorporated into the home’s design and complement it beautifully. On the other hand, if it’s executed poorly, it will just look cluttered and messy.

That being said, most interior designers agree that these kinds of shelves should generally be avoided in the bedroom completely. If you want these kinds of shelves, install them in your living room, but make sure that your bedroom is as minimal as possible.

Garish Wall Colors

There are those people who are really fond of strong colors and may be enticed to paint their walls in some bright and intensive colors. And while that kind of thing might be suitable for your living room or your kitchen, it is generally best avoided in your bedroom.

It is no secret that colors have a major impact on our mood, so stronger colors likely elicit stronger emotions. Your bedroom should be a place where you can rest and unwind, which is why you should consider a bit more muted colors, preferably something neutral like beige or white.

Throw Pillows, Throw Pillows Everywhere

Throw pillows can be used for decoration and may make a bed a bit more decorative, especially if your bedsheets are plain and not decorative at all. However, everything has a logical limit, and adding more than 2-3 throw pillows will likely start looking like an overfilled basket than a bed.

If you ask interior designers, throw pillows are a no-no. All of the pillows you need to have on your bed are the ones you sleep on. As they say, what are you going to do with them when you go to bed?

However, realistically, the right answer is probably somewhere in the middle. Get a few of these if you find them appealing, but you probably agree that they are a problem to storage and that too many of them can look a bit tacky.

Too Much Bedroom Furniture

What do you really need in your bedroom? Well, your bed for sure, maybe night stalls, a rail for your curtains and that honestly are it. If you are shooting for minimalism, these items should be all you have in your bedroom. However, the reality is that you will use your bedroom for more than just seeping.

For one thing, most people have a closet in their bedroom to store their clothes and linens. Additionally, most people will also have a work desk in the bedroom, due to the limited space.

Even if you need to use your bedroom for multiple purposes, make sure you can still move around your bedroom and that you don’t make any more clutter than you absolutely need to. So, instead of putting a huge gaming chair or an armchair at your bedroom desk, maybe opt for a smaller, slimmer frame chair that will enable you to move around your room more easily.

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