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Arctic Fox Purple Rain Semi-Permanent Hair Color: Detailed Review

The color of your hair says a lot about your personality, so whenever you feel like it, then you can easily change the color of your hair. But it is important to use good quality hair colors so that your hair doesn’t get damaged, or worse, fall out. Let’s understand arctic fox purple rain hair color in details.

If you are in love with bright purple, then the best hair color you can use is the Arctic Fox Purple Rain. The hair color is highly pigmented and rich in nutrients, that only makes the hair feel healthy rather than damaged.

Arctic Fox Purple Rain: Semi-Permanent Hair Color

arctic fox purple rain

If you want the best purple hair color, then the best hair color product for you is the Arctic Fox Purple Rain. This semi-permanent color is a highly-pigmented color, which is cruelty-free and vegan as well.

arctic fox purple rain

The arctic fox works best if your hair is bleached to a level 5. If you have different hair colors then the Purple Rain Arctic Fox will work on all shades of hair. And as of the profits made from each sale, 15% of the proceeds go towards Animal Charity.

The Purple color if done correctly fades the greenish tones in blonde hair. You can even apply this purple color over your hair, but even if it fades, it becomes a beautiful lilac color, which looks great.

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Features Of Arctic Fox Purple Rain

arctic fox purple rain

The Arctic Fox Purple Rain is a color that has the following characteristics like.

  1. Its Formula is DIY.
  2. The hair has characteristics of deep conditioning along with hydration.
  3. The formula has no toxic chemicals.
  4. It is important to do a patch test before you start coloring your whole hair.
Product Dimensions5.08 x 5.08 x 17.15 cm; 252.31 Grams
ManufacturerBoinca, Inc.
Item Weight252 g
Net Quantity236 gram
BrandArctic Fox
Hair TypeColored
Item FormCream
Material FeaturesVegan
Material Type FreeNo Ppd, No Ethyl, Peroxide Free, Ammonia Free

Different Shades Of Purple For Arctic Fox

With the Arctic Fox brand there are many other shades of purple and violet, that you can try out together and create a highlighted effect with all the different colors.

1. Periwinkle

arctic fox purple rain

This beautiful periwinkle is gorgeous and done right on a lighter shade of hair color. But if you have darker hair color, then you need to bleach your hair color to a lighter shade of blonde. That way the beautiful light periwinkle color would look great on your hair. The Arctic Fox periwinkle and Purple Rain together look beautiful and striking.

2. Violet Dream

The violet dream color is a beautiful rich violet color that has strongly pigmented magenta undertones. When this color starts to fade, it turns into a beautiful pink shade, like a beautiful lavender or even pastel pink.

3. Girls Night

If you love the gorgeous lilac color, which is of a pastel shade, then you are going to love this Arctic Fox Girls Night. But to get the perfect hair color, then you need to have a level 9 bleach work on your hair.

Reaction To The Arctic Fox Purple Rain

Video Source
Video Source

There are many videos on YouTube, where you can see YouTubers coloring their hair with the Arctic Fox Purple Rain. There you can easily see the result of their different hair shades.

Customer Review Of The Arctic Purple Rain:

Before you apply any of these Arctic Fox hair colors, you should definitely see customer reviews and online videos of clothes using this hair color on their hair. So here are a few customer reviews that you should browse through.

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Wrapping Up!

The Arctic Fox Purple Rain is a beautiful shade of purple hair color, which will make your hair feel rich and healthy. The brand Arctic Fox is one of the most trusted hair colors that is used by hairstylists. So if you think our article helped you, then give us a like and comment down below.

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