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Actress Amy Jackson Reacts After Getting Trolled For Her ‘Cillian Murphy Look.’  

“Last week, Amy Jackson’s Instagram post generated a lot of attention many called her akin to Cillian Murphy. Now Amy Jackson has reacted to the comments.”

“Amy Jackson has broken her silence on the negative comments on her latest look which she posted on Instagram. Speaking to The Times Of India, Amy has responded to the insensitive comments on her looks and called it ‘quite sad’. The actor also revealed her reaction to many fans comparing her transformation to Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy.”

She said, “I’m an actor and take my job very seriously. For the last month, I’ve been filming a new project in the UK. So, for the character I am playing, I had to slim down and fully commit myself to the role. The online outcry from the Indian demographic is quite sad. I have worked with male co-stars who had to drastically change their look for a film, and they were highly praised for it. The moment a woman does it through unusual hair and makeup that doesn’t confirm to their idealism of beauty, theory think they have the right to troll you.”

“Responding to many users comparing her to Cillian Murphy, Amy said that she is ‘over the moon’ that so many people think she looks like the Peaky Blinders star and is ready to get her Birmingham accent ready for a comeback.”

“Last week, Amy Jackson had shared a bunch of pictures from a recent outing with boyfriend Ed Westwick. Many commented on how she had an uncanny resemblance to Thomas Shelby, a popular character played by Cillian Murphy on Peaky Blinders. ‘You were great in Oppenheimer,’ said a fan. Cillian Murphy hacked her ID, commented another person.”

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