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Top 10 Classy And Gorgeous Almond Nails Arts To Try In 2023

When you pay a visit to your nail artist the next time, then ask them to give you glamorous and elegant almond nails on your fingers. As celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein said, “this shape elongates and slenderizes the hand.”

Almond nails are truly the best shape when it comes to elegant nails. These nails are easy to maintain, and mostly every nail design looks great on them. So if you are sure that you want almond nails, then we have a great selection of nail art for you.

Classy And Gorgeous Almond Nails

Although we know that a simple French manicure is an endless classic when it comes to nail designs. But if you want a few variations for your almond shaped nails, then we have exactly what you need, a little bit of versatility and a whole lot of glamour.

1. French Almond Nails

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Like we said before, a simple French manicure on your almond nails is just gorgeous. These nails just fit any occasion you are going to. Whether it’s an office party, wedding, or Christmas party. 

These French manicures are also great when you do it with other than white almond nails. You can easily apply any other color to do a beautiful yet simple French manicure. 

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2. Golden Foil Almond Nails

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What is that one thing that says, you like luxury things luxury? If you said Gold, then you are right. So if you add a splash of gold foil on the tip of your trendy almond nail designs, your nails are gonna look amazing and luxurious at the same time.

3. Double French Almond Nails

If a single beautiful French manicure makes you happy then a double French manicure is gonna make you happier. Just add another line just below your usual French manicure, and there you go, your double French manicure almond nails are ready. 

And just because you added another additional line to your manicure, the whole design is not gonna be a simple one at all.

4. Curved French Almond Nails

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  • almond nails

If you are bored of the existing French almond nails, then you can add a little curve to it and that way the whole design is going to change totally. This way, you can easily make an evergreen nail art style modern and trendy at the same time.

5. Floral Almond Nails

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If you are looking for something a bit more floral on your nails that will work great when we will enter spring in a few months. These almond acrylic nails last a long time if you maintain them properly. 

So if you are thinking of keeping particular floral trendy almond nails till it’s spring, then you can easily do that.

6. Milky Almond Nails

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  • almond nails

If you wanna keep it simple, but not basic, then what you can do is make milky almond nails that will only give you the illusion that you have nail design made. But even though it is simple, it is not basic, yet these are very beautiful when done perfectly.

7. Pastel Almond Nails

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Pastels are very beautiful all year round, so if you want something simple yet trendy this season, then you should definitely go for the pastel nails. 

These nails go with every outfit you might have in your closet. So you won’t have to worry about matching the nails with your closets.

8. Geometric Almond Nails

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If supposed geometry is your friend then you can get nail designs like these nails. If you are in love with weird shapes and figures, then you can create this type of design on almond nails and own it like the badass you are.

It is possible that this type of nail art is not for everyone, but on the other hand, not everyone loves geometry as well.

9. Matte Black Almond Nails

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If you have watched the hit Netflix series Wednesday recently, then it is possible that you might wanna have a gothic experience, like Wednesday Addams. 

Then there are a few black almond nails that you will definitely love to have, but the black is both a glossy and matte nail design. So it’s like the best of both worlds.

10. Galaxy Almond Nails

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The almond nails that are becoming highly popular these days are the galaxy almond nails. The Galaxy nails are beautifully whimsical in the sense that they are a statement on their own. 

They won’t match your outfit; you have to match your outfit with it. It is possible that these nails are not for everyone; only a few people can get these nails.

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Wrapping Up!

Like I said before, almond nails are beautiful and glamorous in their shape and execution; they are definitely not for regular wear. These nails are both classy and elegant at the same time, making them great for any type of nail design.

If you are making short almond nails or long almond nails, these designs will look great either way. If you liked this article, then give us a like and comment down below which design you liked the most.

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