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Africa’s Fashion Industry Grows Rapidly With $15.5 Billion Annual Exports: UNESCO Reports

A UNESCO Report released during the Lagos Fashion Week portrayed an excellent picture of the African fashion industry. The report said that Africa’s fashion industry is growing rapidly, and it can triple over in the upcoming decade. Currently, the annual export of the industry is valued at $15 billion.

With the internal and international markets growing rapidly, the African fashion industry now needs proper investment and support. In different continents, the African fashion industry continues to enjoy major growth. 

There is also a high demand for African fashion essentials in movies and TV shows. So, it’s a great time to present African fashion, which represents the culture and heritage of Africa. (Source)

In the context of the growth of the African fashion industry, fashion designer Ejiro Amos-Tafiri said,

“It’s people now coming to realise that there is a lot of treasure in the Nigerian culture and particularly in the fashion industry.”

She further added, 

“We are very social people. We have such a joie de vivre nature and such a bold personality. So, with all of this, the fashion had to be right there to support and to be part of that growth.”

In addition, the UNESCO report says the spike in the African fashion industry is because of the boom in the e-commerce sector. 

Another thing worth noting here is how the African market controls the web market in the world. The U.S. International Trade Administration backs this statement.

So, today, there are new avenues and marketing prospects for young fashion experts and small fashion brands operating in the market. 

For example, young people in Nigeria are now making the most of social media today, and they are opening new fashion brands.

Ozinna Anumudu is one such youngster to utilize the opportunities up for grabs. She said,

“The growth rate of the Nigerian fashion industry in the last 10 years has been quite exponential. Social media has played a big role in this. For example, now, from a click, we have women shopping in Australia, shopping in France, and these are women who never necessarily had access to Nigerian clothing, but literally is now a click away thanks to social media.”

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