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Top African Braiding Hairstyles You Should Know

History has bore witness to the rich heritage and culture attached to African hair. Additionally, we can never skip without mentioning the symbol of expression it has become through all the hardships and pain this African community has endured.

Cut to the 21st century, hair is still a powerful voice for all of our black beauties. This is the reason why adopting traditional hairstyles, and also putting modern touches to them makes them look nothing less than goddesses. 

African braiding has been a secret messaging tool from the fight against slavary but this beautiful hairstyle has become a social art since the beginning of time. In this excerpt below I will be discussing the most gorgeous African braids adorned the most. 

Not just from a standpoint of beauty but also from a non-verbal voice of protest when African hair is still criticised and marginalised till this day by some.

What Is African Braiding?

What Is African Braiding

As mentioned above, African braiding is not just a hairstyle; it is a part of history. It has been a weapon during the slavery opression when woman traded secret messages by hiding them in their braids.

But, its earliest origin was found some 5000 years ago in 3500 BC. We can all safely say that these African hair braiding are one of the most incredible art forms in beauty. 

They are an identification of social inclusion and belonging in a tribe. 

What Are The Top African Braiding Styles?

What Are The Top African Braiding Styles

African braiding styles traditionally for the ethnicity, were a form of managing the hair and protecting themselves from the discriminatory comments and although they still prevail, these braids have also become fashion statements now. 

Here are a few phenomenal African braiding and how to do African braiding:

1. Swept Cornrows

Swept Cornrows

This heat free hairstyle will not only make your hair look absolutely gorgeous but also protect it from harsh treatments. This will keep you ready for weeks before you have to unbraid, and this crisscross method will allow your wild mind to experiment with.

2. Twist Braids With Beads

Twist Braids With Beads

If you are a fan of accessories , who said braids couldn’t be a part of these accessories too. Some beads and some extensions to perfectly accentuate those twists.

Just remember to accessorize your hair after the extensions and the twists have been put. Once again another effortlessly heatless style for all my Instagram fashionistas.

3. Long African Micro Braids

Long African Micro Braids

Yes, you might need some extra extensions for this hairstyle but those long locks straight out of chic magazines are worth all the effort.

You can do it yourself but if you are having trouble managing all the long hair extensions then going to a stylist can help. Nevertheless, these create no harm to the hair and you can keep them for weeks before changing them. 

4. One Side Shaved 

One Side Shaved 

It’s edgy and it is in Vogue. If you are one of those outlandish fashionistas who love to experiment with the most open out of the box ideas then this African braid style is your cup of tea. 

This is where you have to put micro braids in your hair but with a ‘twist’ by shaving one side. The look is not just trendy, it is also classy and can turn a few heads on the way.

5. Braids With A Twist

Braids With A Twist

Yes, it is in all literal sense ‘Brain with a twist’. First you have to braid the entirety of your hair and then divine the frontal part into sections twisting them. This is known for giving the chicest updo.

This is the perfect solution for long hair. It is easy to manage and can be easily done at home.

6. Thick And Thin

Thick And Thin

If you are feeling crazy and your hair is vibing with it too, this african braiding style will be the best choice for you. You can micro braid a portion of your hair, and the rest of the hair can be thick braids. 

This mixture together will give you that wild look which the Instagram feeds are also rocking nowadays.

7. Ghana Braids 

Ghana Braids 

For a completely unique look, begin with incorporating braid twists close to the roots then step by step into growing Ghana braids toward the ends of your hair. If the hair has a good length, you may attempt to tie your hair up right into a high wrap-around bun. Dress up your style with a few huge hoops earrings and you have the perfect look. 

8. Iconic Copper Strands 

Iconic Copper Strands 

These unique African braids have come into limelight with the era of inclusivity and wild experimentation. 

This copper-stranded hairstyle is precise, put together, and a tremendous proposal for ladies who need to put on an iconic African braids. Incorporate a few copper-colored braids to feature a diverse style, or fashion your hair into a bun with lengthy tresses that hang down.

9. Root Braid with Bun

Root Braid with Bun

You don’t always have to braid your hair completely. You can keep your wild african locks into a loose bun behind, embracing the ethnicity. While the roots have micro and broad braids alternatively, giving it the modern touch. 

This African braiding style is for people who want to get the best touch of the both worlds. This is where you express your voice in the new world without forgetting the struggles of the yesteryears. 

African Hair Braiding- How To Take Care

African Hair Braiding- How To Take Care

Here are the steps you should follow to maintain African braids:

  • Always moisturize, I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand the power of moisturizing. Your braids will need the nutrients and protection from dryness as it is not being washed everyday. 
  • There should be one wash day where you deeply clean and condition the hair. You should also use a mask daily. 
  • Do not over style your hair. 
  • Don’t keep the braids for too long. Know when to take them out. 
  • Always practise a night routine. 

How Much African Hair Braiding Costs?

Here is the price of African braiding and mentioned along with the types of African hair.

Box braids

Can be used as plaits for individuals, which can typically be divided with the aid of using the small and squared-off elements or the boxes. Box braids can be of varying length and width, however, maximum girls extend artificial or herbal hair for length and add thickness and fullness.

Box Braids can be of $80 and can take upto 2 to 3 hours for setting.

Comb Twists 

Comb twists are one famous approach to forming dreadlocks in African hair. Using this approach of creating dreads, hair is carefully twisted in dreadlocks with the assistance of a comb. Then the hair is ruffed as much as to turn into dreadlocks.

This is very time-consuming when it comes to turning an entire head of locks into dreadlocks, however it’s far more effective and manageable. 

Comb Twists can cost you $160 and they take upto 4 to 5 hours.

Havana Twists 

Havana twists are said to be natural-looking fiber twist extensions that are worn as a protecting natural hairstyle. Havana twists have a tendency to be a piece large in length than different protecting styles, like Marley twists or even medium or small box braids.

Havana twists are African braids that may set up in four hours. The twists are very long-lasting. Havana twists are intended in order to last as long as eight weeks. This makes the fashion pretty likable and manageable.

Havana Twist May cost you $160 but they are not as time consuming as comb twists. A good hand can finish these braids in just about 2 to 3 hours.

Goddess Braids

Goddess braids date again to Ancient Africa and feature similar records and look to cornrows. The coiffure becomes visible as a piece of art, precision, and creativity amongst tribes and becomes frequently decorated with metallic accents.

Goddess braids are basically thicker cornrows. They’re larger in size, have higher raises,  and also are braided carefully on your scalp. Because they may be large in size, they normally take a great deal faster to put in than conventional boxed braids and cornrows.

The African braids are comparatively cheaper and can be done in 1 to 2 hours.

To Conclude

African braiding is difficult and complicated. Not to mention time consuming because you will have to contribute hours.

This is the reason it is always preferred to go to an expert for more integrated hairstyles. However, if you want to do it at home, always start from the roots and then make your way down and carry that patience along.

Because the end is beautiful.

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