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What Are Soft Aesthetic Boy Outfits? Learn The Way Of Dressing And Build A Perfect Wardrobe

When we say aesthetic boy outfits, we essentially refer to clothes that come from eclectic ideas. It shows a major influence of the soft-boy aesthetic that many see as the counterpart of the hyper-feminine soft-girl aesthetic. Further, you cannot deny the impact of Korean street-style fashion on the aesthetic boy way of dressing. 

Now, how do these outfits stand out? These outfits allow you to flaunt your individuality, and they redefine masculinity with an affinity for the “boy-next-door” look or charm

Do you want to adopt this style into your daily dose of fashion? Here is how you should build your aesthetic boy wardrobe and ace the soft boy look for every occasion. 

What Are Soft Aesthetic Boy Outfits? Understanding The Way Of Dressing 

For a long time, men’s fashion has been confined to alpha male outfits. However, with a change in society and acknowledging the soft and sensitive side of men, there was a need to create a more relaxed and casual way of dressing

Men’s clothing today is not just about spilling power and perfection. It can be easy; the way the boy who lives next door dresses up, and the soft, aesthetic boy outfits are perfect for this fashion choice. 

Further, the soft boy aesthetic has a close association with minimalist fashion in terms of the color palette. To keep it cool and casual, they use neutral and toned-down shades.

Also, abiding by the chores of minimalist fashion, the soft boy aesthetic encourages you to wear pre-worn clothes for all occasions. 

So, whenever you decide to switch to the soft-boy way of dressing, building the wardrobe will be the most effortless. 

Also, have you ever thought why the soft boy style is so adaptive toward vintage or old clothing instead of the trendiest clothes? It’s because when you wear an old or vintage outfit, you show your caring and organized nature, which has helped to keep an outfit wearable and well-maintained for some time. This caring nature or the nurturing side of men is the very essence of the soft-boy aesthetic. 

Are Soft Aesthetic Boy Outfits In Trend? 

Yes, soft aesthetic boy outfits are in trend this season. Having said that, this style is nothing new. You can find its silent yet noteworthy presence in streetwear minimal fashion.

which has been there since the 80s, if not earlier. It even has a close association, or you can say that it has roots in the New Romantic movement of the 1980s

This New Romantic movement in fashion brought out the innate feminine side in men, and it stood against the angsty way of dressing promoted by grunge and punk styles. 

Further, when we talk about an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt as one of the basic elements of the soft boy aesthetic, we go back to the 90s. Soft boy fashion also matches the monochromatic style prevalent in Japanese or Korean minimalism. 

Overall, it is not a trend derived this season. It has elements from different decades and various fashion trends. Yes, all these styles are revamped, and they have evolved to be under the umbrella of the modern soft boy aesthetic. 

However, TikTok has played a major role in presenting this way of dressing on a larger scale. Regarding popular influences, we have personalities like Jung Kook and other K-pop figures, as well as Drake and Harry Styles. They are creating “one direction” in fashion that is not just about clothes or accessories.

It’s also about the hairstyles, the demeanour, or the way one carries himself. 

Why Are Soft Boy Aesthetic Outfits In Fashion Today? 

As a keen observer of the fashion ecosystem, I have found some well-defined reasons or factors promoting the soaring popularity of the soft boy aesthetic this season. Let’s decode them. 

Accessibility Of Clothes

Accessibility of clothes is one of the main reasons behind the rise of soft boy aesthetic this season. You can easily adapt this style by wearing your old or vintage clothes. 

Further, this style embraces the fashion of the 90s and early 2000s. So, you can get these clothes from thrift stores and many online stores selling retro clothes. So, switching to this way of dressing will not be a major challenge for you. 


Soft boy fashion is budget-friendly as you can easily recycle your old clothes. Further, thanks to the use of neutral tones in the clothes, you can create different looks with a limited number of clothes.

To put it simply, you need to buy fewer clothes in this way of dressing. So, you will be spending less on your clothes. 


When you grow a habit of wearing your old clothes and following the “less is more” policy, you don’t need to shop for clothes every season.

In other words, if you buy clothes only when you need them, you stand against fast fashion.

Fast fashion promotes the rapid production of clothes, encouraging unethical and environmentally harmful processes. 


A neutral or muted color palette rules in the soft boy fashion aesthetic. Styling and accessorizing these clothes are easier with subtle contrasts. 

Also, with the right art of layering, the same outfits can be worn as semi-formal or smart casual clothes. 

Promotes Individuality 

The soft boy way of dressing celebrates your innate femininity. So, you are no longer ruled by the norms of power dressing in your everyday life.

Also, you can flaunt your hobbies or sensitive side by the way you accessorize or style your clothes. 

This liberty to express who you are through clothing and keep it relaxed is one of the major reasons behind the rise of the soft boy aesthetic. 

Has A Nostalgic Influence 

Be it an oversized sweatshirt or baggy denim jeans, the soft aesthetic boy outfits take us back to the 90s and early 2000s. For Gen Z and millennial consumers, these eras are about their childhood and simpler days.

So, the soft boy way of dressing brings a sense of comfort with it. In the post-pandemic world, we all have been clingy to everything that helps us connect to easier and happier days.

Fashion could not be an exception. So, all the trends, including the soft boy aesthetic, promise ease, happiness, and a relaxed vibe.  

Adheres To The Core Of Minimalist Fashion 

As I have mentioned, there is a close association between minimalist fashion and soft aesthetic boy clothes. The shades used are neutral, with a lot of emphasis on repeating your old or vintage clothes. 

Moreover, simplicity is what rules these both ways of dressing. 

Things To Keep In Mind To Ace The Soft Boy Aesthetic Fashion

The soft boy fashion aesthetic is simple, and you can be a pro at it if you keep certain tips and tricks in mind. So, are you ready to ace it?

Channel Your Nostalgic Influences

You can use nostalgic influences to get your soft-boy fashion on point. The oversized and relaxed-fit clothes from the 90s and early 2000s are essential elements in this way of dressing. 

As you decode how the fashion elements of the era have become a part of the soft boy style, you will find that each piece has a definite significance.

For example, cargo pants are about utility and comfort, which started becoming important in those days. Again, a pair of baggy jeans reminds you of relaxed or simpler days.

If you think of layering, a flannel shirt or a bomber jacket infuses a retro charm that adds character to the otherwise simple way of dressing in the soft-boy aesthetic. 

Go For A Muted Color Palette

If you want to set your fashion narrative right, you have to pick your color palette carefully. For the soft boy aesthetic, muted colors and neutral tones create the canvas for expressing your individuality and fashion sense. 

Among muted colors, faded yellows or dusty pinks are some of the most preferred shades, reminding you of the warm sunlight of your childhood afternoons. 

To get your wardrobe ready, you can even choose earthy tones like rust orange or moss green, making you feel closer to nature and creating a picture of your holidays in the country house. 

Master The Art Of Monochrome And Contrast

In the soft boy aesthetic, you will never want fashion to scream the loudest. So, you need to build a monochromatic wardrobe where tones like gray, beige, white, cream, and black are present in abundance

However, to make a distinct style statement, you can always create a pleasant visual contrast. For the right contrast, you can use pastel shades or earthy tones. 

Know The Art Of Layering

The soft-boy aesthetic puts a lot of emphasis on the art of layering. You can wear a flannel shirt, hoody, or oversized sweatshirt for the right dose of style and comfort. 

Is it snowing outside? You can always wear a classy long coat or jacket in brown or moss green to step out in style for any occasion during winter. 

Accessorize Your Clothes Right

The neutral color palette and simple design of soft-boy clothes allow you to be creative with accessorizing your look. Different headgear are very popular in this way of dressing.

Dad hats, bucket hats, and beanie hats are some of the widely worn accessories with soft aesthetic boy outfits. 

You can also wear some funky jewelry pieces to give your daily dose of fashion slight elevation. Choose sleek rings and bracelets to flaunt your individuality, and neck chains and necklaces with charm pendants will be the best choice to complement your clothes. 

Shifting your focus to the utilitarian part of fashion, the soft-boy aesthetic shows a lot of presence of crossbody or messenger bags. You will also find the presence of leather belts to 

Pick The Right Shoes

Pick the shoes that fuse comfort and style and complement the overall soft boy aesthetic of your dressing. You must also take care of the functionality of these shoes and check how suitable they are for a specific occasion. 

Chelsea boots, Birkenstock sandals, sneakers, Doc Martens, converse, and skate shoes are the most popular footwear worn by soft-boy fashion followers. 

Focus On Your Hairstyle And Grooming

When a fashion aesthetic focuses on your inner feminine side, you need to pay attention to the grooming part. You have to choose your hairstyle, especially to flaunt the perfect soft-boy persona. 

The approach toward grooming has to be minimalistic, and you need to take care of your skin. A natural glow on your skin can be the best makeup for your soft boy personality. Keep your facial hair groomed and a little scruffy for an effortless look. 

What Are The Best Hairstyles To Complement Soft Aesthetic Boy Outfits? 

Do you want to get your hairstyle on point as a follower of the soft boy aesthetic? Here are a few hairstyles that you can try. 

Mullet Hairstyle 

The mullet hairstyle adds a carefree vibe to your overall look. It also has a retro charm. 

Curtain Hair

The curtain haircut makes your hairstyle exude the right dose of softness and movement. It goes well with the cool and relaxed vibe of the soft boy style. 

Shaggy Cuts 

Shaggy cuts are effortlessly stylish and the perfect way of grooming your hair without much highlighting. Further, shaggy cuts complement all face types are they are perfect for the boyish charm. 

Bowl Cuts 

Bowl cuts are perfect if you would love to take a trip to your childhood days. This haircut will add a touch of innocence or quirkiness to your appearance. 

Different Soft Boy Aesthetic Looks You Can Try

Streaming through the waves of the soft boy fashion aesthetic is easy. Here, I have curated 5 different soft boy looks for you. Check them out!

Look 1 

It’s time to exude some vintage vibe into your daily dose of fashion by wearing a white T-shirt with a flannel shirt and a pair of regular trousers. 

Look 2

When you need the right dose of layering, choose a simple white T-shirt with relaxed trousers and a moss green jacket. 

Look 3

Keep it simple in a white striped shirt, brown trousers, and Doc Martens. 

Look 4

Put your best foot forward by wearing an oversized t-shirt with flannel pants and Converse shoes. 

Look 5 

Flaunt a casual and classy look in a basic tee, an oversized sweatshirt, relaxed-fit trousers, and sneakers. 

Final Words 

The soft aesthetic boy outfits today are influenced by different fashion genres and pop culture. It is closer to the minimalist way of dressing in terms of simplicity, color tones, and functionality. Further, it promotes sustainability by encouraging the use of old or vintage clothes. 

Also, these clothes give you the chance to celebrate your innate feminine side. 

Do you want to adopt the soft boy style of dressing? You can explore the tips, tricks, and ideas I have discussed in this guide. Do you have other insights about the soft boy outfits? Don’t forget to share them with us.

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