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How To Add Retro Touches To Your Home?

There is something stylish about having a home that has a retro touch or vibe in 2022. Nowadays, more people are opting to have their abode made into a smart home, with a range of AI devices and cameras that connect to their smartphones – that is all fine, but if you are a fan of the post-modern era, you may want to invest in something that will make your house feel more like a home, rather than a hollow minimalistic shell.

Luckily, you don’t have to go all out with this, and you can mix the modern with the retro with some specific pieces of furniture and interior design ideas.

5 Ultimate Designing Tips For Adding A  Vintage Look And feel To Your Home

Are you thinking of adding an outstanding vintage look to your home? Then this is the right place to start. Many owners like to have a vintage-looking dining room or study room. But you are actually staying in your home which is not very old. So how can you get a vintage-looking feel? Do you know small changes with the overall gestures and the furniture can give your room a fresh, vibrant and vintage look?

Here are five design tips on how to add a vintage retro look and feel to any home.

1. Fireplace

A usable fireplace, or even a closed one, will instantly add a touch of class and premodern design to your home, especially if the fireplace has a large mantlepiece around it and is accompanied by a pair of fireplace pokers.


There are many places where you can have a fireplace installed, but ideally, it will be in the living room. To ensure that it is safe, you should have it fitted by specialist fireplace shops in London that will know how and where to install the fireplace correctly.

Yes, a small fireplace can change the whole face of your house and the room and give a nice fresh retro look. Even if your room does not have a fireplace, then also you can construct a fireplace. And make things work. Not necessary every time you have to make a fire in the fireplace. But these small changes are changing the whole look of the dining and the study room.

2. Neutral Walls And Colour Scheme

Many people in modern interior design want to contrast bold colors with each other to create a striking effect. In fact, in 2022, there has been something of an upsurge in pink as a color being used in interior design.

However, this does not create a retro look and can be a bit distracting when overused. So, when you want to create a retro vibe for your home, use neutral-colored walls and accessories, such as creams and beiges, and an overall neutral colour scheme.

Are your room not have a  natural colour? Then that is also ok. You have plenty of different options, from temporary wallpapers to small wooden easy stripping wallpapers.

3. Grandfather Clock

Where would a retro home be without a grandfather clock? This highly stylized and impressive piece of furniture is in the background of almost every movie set in the Victorian, Georgian, or Edwardian era and can be purchased online with ease.

Grandfather Clock

However, be aware that the cost of a grandfather clock will vary based on what it is made from, its age, and of course, whether or not it works and chimes. Still, if you’re looking for an easy way to add a vintage look to your home, a grandfather clock is a must-have item!

A Grandfather clock is a great solution. But buying a vintage grandfather clock seems a little bit costly. So what to do. Yes, there are other options you can apply. Restore your old vintage table clock and display it on the top of the vintage-looking writing desk.

4. Rugs

This is not to say that rugs, as they stand, are not modern. Indeed, there are many modern rug designs and colors that can add a touch of contemporary design to a room.

However, much like the walls, vintage rugs tend to be neutral in color and also have a thicker feel to them. So, if you’re looking for a straightforward way to make your living room look a little bit more Victorian, a plain thick rug will do the trick!

A rug is also going to hide the imperfections of the floor. This is an old trick. But still, it’s in hype among every homeowner who likes to experiment with their home’s retro look.

5. Four-Poster Bed

Who says that the retro look has to end in the living room? If you are looking to add a touch of premodern design throughout your entire home, then why not have a four-poster bed in the bedroom?

Four-Poster Bed

It does not have to be made of wood, and many options involve metal frames instead. This creates an impressive feature for any bedroom, and once again, it can be paired with a more modern theme if you desire.

To add a more ethnic and retro look, you can add a small bench to climb up the bed. This is another great selection of furniture. And do not forget to add a small vintage-looking rug just right in front of your bench.

Get The Vintage Look! With Retro Punch

At first glance, these changes look a little bit simple. Many homeowners are sometimes surprised by the simple tips. But the facts are these really works. You do not have to spend a bulk amount of money to get a retro look. But you are getting your desired look. Do you have any specific points in your mind? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment section.

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