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Top 10 Acrylic Valentines Day Nails Design That Will Make You Feel Loved

If you are single, you might not want to get all hyped up about the whole valentine’s day fiasco. But when it comes to making beautiful acrylic valentines day nails, that is something we all can get hyped for.

Whether you are getting ready for valentines day or staying at home and your only date for the day is Netflix and Chinese food, self-care is something everyone should indulge in.

So if you want to know more about beautiful acrylic Valentines day nails, then you should definitely scroll down to look at these cute valentines day acrylic nails.

1. Queen Of Hearts

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When it comes to Valentines day, it’s better to play with nail designs than the heart. So if you want to get a beautiful nail design inspired by the Queen of hearts, then you can make it subtle or even a bit fancier.

So depending on your plans for Valentines day, the design of your valentines day acrylic nails is going to depend.

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2. Heartbeats 4 Your Nails

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One of the most romantic aspects of a valentines day artwork is the subtle rhythms of a beating heart. The lines are quite popular in most merchandise related to valentines day, so it is not weird if you get cute yet subtle rhythms of the beating heart.

The heartbeats are not at all difficult to make, and even you can do them yourself as well. You can make the design on each of your nails or on just one nail if you want.

3. Love Logo Nails

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Valentine’s day is all about love, and if you are making acrylic valentines day nails, then what better than to get the initials of LOVE designed on your nails?

The design can be as simple as getting the initials drawn on your nails, or you can make the initials in a more creative way on your nails. These minimalistic designs are great if you want to get any kind of simple nail design.

4. Heart French Tip Nails

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If you are familiar with simple French tips, then for this valentines day, it’s better to ditch the classic French manicure and create something a bit more creative in nature.

If you get perfectly shaped almond or even round nails, you can quite easily get a beautiful heart-shaped French manicure, that too with a valentine’s day twist.

Other than having the tip of your nails white, you can get the tip of your nails in a heart-shaped nail design.

5. Matte Icon Nails

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It is not always necessary to get shiny and bright valentines day acrylic nails if you want to get beautiful nail designs, the matte designs are rather beautiful.

One of the most important things during valentines day is romance. And it is not possible to embody romance on your nails, but getting beautiful line drawings depicting romance is quite possible and rather beautiful.

But to get these acrylic valentines day nails in matte coating and not in the shiny coating is rather beautiful, classy, and elegant.

6. Ombre Valentine’s Day Nails

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One of the most popular nail designs is to get beautiful ombre nails. The ombre shades can be of any color, but since it’s valentines day, it is better to get the staple valentines day colors, like white, pink, and red.

And the fact that these colored shades are of the same color and can be made into beautiful Ombre shades of acrylic valentines day nails. For these nails, you don’t have to incorporate the design of a heart on your nails.

7. Cut-Out Heart Nails

  • acrylic valentines day nails

It is normal to draw the shape of the heart on your nails but to make acrylic valentines day nails unique and interesting, draw the nails a bit differently.

Other than drawing the valentines heart, leave the shape of the heart blank and fill color on the rest of your nail. Leaving the space blank is a great way of making the valentines heart unique.

8. Black Heart Nails

If you are embodying Wednesday Adams on valentines day for your nail art, having black nails drawn on your nails is a great way of depicting your black little heart on your nails.

It is not necessary to get the red or even pink valentines day heart on valentines day, getting the heart in other colors like black is quite common and unorthodox at the same time. This way, you can be dramatic and pessimistic at the same time.

9. Dinky Nails

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If you love to get long nails on your fingers, then at the same time, getting a full nail design on your fingernails can look a bit crowded.

And if you are someone, who loves to get minimalistic designs, then getting crowded designs may not be something you would like to get. So for you, getting dinky simple nails are great for you.

These nail designs are great for someone like you as these designs can be drawn all in one nail, but here they are spread out on all the nails.

10. Metallic Heart Nails

  • acrylic valentines day nails

To make the best of two worlds, it is always great to have both matte nails and shiny and metallic nails.

Keep the base of your nails in a matte nude or light pink shade, then on top of it, draw beautiful metallic heart shapes on top of it. These metallic heart acrylic valentines day nails are great if you are keeping up with the theme on valentines day.

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Wrapping Up!

Now that I have shown you beautiful acrylic valentines day nails, then you can quite easily choose the type of nail design that you want to have.

This valentines day, give yourself the self-care that you most definitely deserve and should always get. So if you liked this article, then give us a like and comment down below which nail design you would love to have.

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