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10 Top 90s Hip Hop Fashion That Are Still Hot Today

The 90s was a fun time if you were thinking fashionably. From movies, to tv series and music videos, were showing the best of fashion that the 90s had to offer. To understand more about 90s hip hop fashion, keep on reading the article given below, there you will know which hip hop 90s fashion is making a comeback.

But when it comes to 90s hip hop fashion, you may not realize it, but it was a fashion moment in itself. The 90s rappers and hip hop artists wore the best street-style fashion brands at the time, like Supreme, Tommy Hilfiger, Off-White, and Calvin Klein.

1. Timberland Boots

  • Timberland Boots 1
  • Timberland Boots 2
  • Timberland Boots 3

Back in the 90s the hip hop culture was all about wearing boots, more specifically Timberland boots.

These boots were highly practical and sturdy as it can withstand any terrain and rough use in any type of weather day or night. Rappers like Snoop Dogg, Eazy E, and Ice Cube. Everyone wore these shoes.

Whenever you see a picture of these 90s hip hop artists, you are going to see these beige color shoes in most of their pictures.

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2. Oversized T-Shirts

  • Oversized T-Shits 1
  • Oversized T-Shits 2
  • Oversized T-Shits 3

In the 90s it was all about wearing oversized clothing, whether its shirts, pants or jackets. Wearing baggy oversized clothing was the most gangster look in the 90s.

The clothes represented a very anti-establishment behavior and attitude, which became a common theme in that culture.

From artists like Kanye West, Biggie Smalls, and Aaliyah, wearing baggy oversized t-shirts was the 90s hip hop fashion trend.

3. Dungarees

  • Dungarees 1
  • Dungarees 2
  • Dungarees 3

The craze for dungarees became huge in the 90s, both men and women were wearing denim dungarees, with one loose strap. Whether they were fitted or baggy, dungarees were huge back in the day.

Artists like Tupac, Will Smith, TLC, and The Fugees all wore denim dungarees and made it into the trend it was back then.

The trend of the dungarees are making a comeback since fashion brands like Supreme, Carhartt and Tommy Hilfiger are making dungarees again now.

4. Bold & Bright Patterns

  • Bold Bright Patterns 1
  • Bold Bright Patterns 2
  • Bold Bright Patterns 3

People who not as familiar with the hip hop culture might thing that it is of one genre only, but that is wrong. Way back in the 80s hip hop was split into many different genres and each genre had its own style.

Hip hop artist in New York were all about colors and bold patterns. Artists like Queen Latifah, Quest and De La Soul, who promoted positive thinking, pro-black, Pan- Africa culture and Afrocentric concepts.

They always wore bright colors, tie-dye, African wax prints and paisley. This style of wearing bold and bright colors was heavily in the show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, to dress Will Smith. These colors and patterns were all about positivity and pure joy.

5. Denim

  • Denim 2
  • Denim 3

You might think that wearing denim is a trend since the 2000s, but that’s not the case. The trend was actually later adopted by the punk rock subculture and also the flower power movement in the 80s.

Fashion designers and brands were all about creating new age denim fashion. Labels like Veesace, Calvin Klein, Guess Jeans and Moschino were making high-end clothing all revolving around denim.

Artists like Eazy-E and Tuapc were all about wearing denim pants that too oversized, which became the trend back in the 90s.

6. Bandana & Paisley Prints

  • Bandana Paisley Prints 3

Wearing bandanas were a big part of the 90s hip hop fashion culture, which was also a part of the gang culture as well. The color of the bandanas indicated different gang colors.

Like the LA based Crips wore blue bandanas and the Bloods obviously wore red. A latino gang based in Chicago wears black and gold colored bandanas.

These paisley bandanas are a symbol of gang affiliation for decades ever since the gang foundation. But be careful about wearing these bandana colors in certain cities like Chicago and LA as it might be a bad idea.

7. Bucket & Kangol Hats

  • Bucket Kangol Hats 1
  • Bucket Kangol Hats 3

Popularized by artists like LL Cool J around late 80s, the bucket hat was very popular in the 90s hip hop fashion culture.

Worn extensively by the Wu-Tang Clan group members the bucket hat became an exclusive part of the hip hop culture.

This style was dominated by the Kangol hat that had the kangaroo logo in the front of the hat. It became very popular with both men and women.

8. Army Clothing

  • Army Clothing 3

The camo prints are among the biggest trends in the hip hop culture in the 90s. Whether the print was on jackets, pants or shirts, they were big. Wearing military outfits were more about making a fashion statement rather than a fashion trend.

Hip hop artists like Public Enemy groups vocalist Chuck D tooka  political stand wearing army clothing. Other big artists also wore military gear as a part of the 90s hip hop fahion trend, like Das EFX, Tupac and Biggie.

9. Tracksuits

  • Tracksuits 3

Back in the 90s wearing tracksuits as street wear was a quite new, although it became a trend faster than most things. Bigger brands like Versace and Gucci were partnering with sportswear brands to create their own tracksuits.

With this revolution, track suits became the streetwear trend of 90s hip hop fashion. Which is exactly why mostly all rappers wore tracksuits as daily wear. The place that tracksuits created is unbreakable till now.

10. Puffy Jackets

  • Puffy Jackets 2
  • Puffy Jackets 3
  • Puffy Jackets 1

With popular brands like Helly Hansen and The North Face, insulated jackets or Puffy jackets became a revolution.

They became an important clothing for the harsh winters in New York and Chicago. Apart from being essential for winter, they are very fashionable, when paired properly.

If worn with dark colored jeans and Timberland boots, these colorful and bright puffer jackets look great.

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Wrapping Up!

There you ago these were some of the essential trends of 90s hip hop fashion that still continued to be a big part of hip hop fashion culture and in general. So if you think this article was helpful then give this article a like and comment down below.

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