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Top 8 90s Hairstyles That Will Still Be Popular in 2023

If you don’t love the 90s, then what are you even doing? Fashion is always cyclical – every trend is recycled and upcycled till you are done, only to repeat it after a decade. And the 90s are in that phase – it’s back, and this time, it’s here to stay. From clothes and footwear to nails, the 90s are back – and today, we will look at some of the trendiest 90s hairstyles!

Did you know that 2023 is going to be huge for these hairstyles from the 90s? Guess you didn’t know that – but that’s why we are here! Welcome to Follow The Fashion’s insight into the best of the 90s – so just relax and #followthefashion as we delve deeper into hairstyles and all things 90s.

Top 8 90s Hairstyles That Will Still Be Popular in 2023:

Now that you are already here, you no longer need to google ‘90s hairstyles women’ – instead, you can just relax and let us do all the work. So without wasting any more time, scroll down and check out the top ten trendiest 90s hairstyles that are going to be so hot in 2023! Let’s know about 90’s Outfits for women and now let’s continue.

1. The Rachel:

  • The Rachel 1
  • The Rachel 2
  • The Rachel 3

You can’t write about the trendiest 90s female hairstyles that will be popular without mentioning the legendary ‘The Rachel’ cut. There’s not a single another hairstyle that was as hit as ‘The Rachel’ in the 90s. Surprisingly Jen mentioned how ‘The Rachel’ was never really her favorite, but this can never change how much her fans loved the haircut.

The genius behind the haircut Chris McMillan, created his masterpiece in 1995 specifically for Jennifer Anniston’s character in ‘Friends,’ a.k.a Rachel. And soon, that was the only haircut people standing in queues outside McMillan’s salon.

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2. Face-Framing Layers:

  • Face-Framing Layers 1
  • Face-Framing Layers 2
  • Face-Framing Layers 3

Another one of our favorite 90s hairstyles has to be the face-framing layers – so easy to pull off! The 90s were all about the layers, and if the 90s are coming back, then these face-framing layers could be just the solution to your hair problems. These layers are flattering – and the best part? This style suits most hair types and face shapes.

Face-framing layers are great for both long hair and short hair – and at the same, it doesn’t matter how you want to style your hair. These layers suit everyone. Moreover, these layers incorporate a voluminous, textured feel – your hair texture improves automatically.

3. Layered Curls:

  • Layered Curls 1
  • Layered Curls 2
  • Layered Curls 3

It’s time for all curly girls to start celebrating because nothing looks cuter than layered curls! If you love 90s curly hairstyles, these layers are all you need in 2023. Since volume and texture are all trending right now, you can forget about flattening your curls. You can safely lean into your unique texture – just give them more za-za-zhu by adding layers.

Be brave and go for some micro bangs, or just add a nice statement hat to top these curls, just like Hilart Banks did in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ You cannot get chicer than that – and that too in the 90s kinda way.

4. Tendrils:

  • Tendrils 2

If you love 90s hairstyles, then there’s no way you can ignore tendrils. What are these tendrils? Do you know what actually happens when anyone with face-framing layers pulls their hair back? They get tendrils – these are always slipping from your ponytails or top knots, making your hair look then times cuter. You can chop your hair from Shihan Shears and tell the hairdresser about your hairstyle ideas. A professional stylist can help you to achieve the look.

Tendrils are known for you framing your face, giving you a flirty yet effortless upto – it doesn’t even require you to do a whole lot of work in case you style it. Only a little texturizing spray can do magic and even add volume to your sleek ponytail or messy bun.

5. High Ponytail:

  • High Ponytail 3

The only 90s ponytail hairstyle that continues to be relevant in 2023 has to be the high ponytail. It’s one of the easiest hairstyles to put together – moreover, it adds a naturally snatched look leaving you bright-eyed and just ready for the next corporate event, even on those under-caffeinated days.

You can pair your high ponytail with cute hair accessories or even bangs – you can give your ponytail a cute little flip or go big and add lots of volume. You just have to ensure one thing – keep your hair free from frizz and absolutely sleek if you want to nail this look.

6. Bangs Galore:

  • Bangs Galore 1
  • Bangs Galore 3

From baby curtain bangs to curtain bangs and edgy micro bangs, bangs are the most popular of these 90s hairstyles now. Bangs can walk in style hand-in-hand with textured cuts and face-framing layers. Moreover, it does not matter which hairstyle you are currently sporting because there’s always a bangs style that can fit you better.

We absolutely agree that cutting bangs impulsively is not really a solution, but at the same time, trimming your hair for some fresh fringes is a great idea. You can step out of your boring hair rut, and you do not even have to make any big commitment.

7. Box Braids:

  • Box Braids 3

Are you looking for ‘90s black womens hairstyles’ or even ‘90s hairstyles black women’ on Google – then you have to stop because we have something for you! If you are wondering whether your hair can be long, luxurious, and beautiful in 2023, then 90s-inspired, a.k.a Janet Jackson-inspired box braids are all you need at the moment.

If you are seeking comfort and coolness, then you can opt for knotless box braids – these braids allow your hair to actually feel light and easy while doing away with the knots on your scalp. Just remember, the longer, the better for you, and braids that are boldly dyed are ideal!

8. Bob:

  • Bob 1
  • Bob 2
  • Bob 3

Do you remember Cameron Diaz’s character Mary from ‘There’s Something About Mary?’ It’s been over two decades since the film was released, but we can safely say there was something so cool about Mary’s hair! Whether you got straight hair or curly hair, chopping off your old locals and opting for something breezy and easy is perfect.

This face-framing look has to be the best way to allow your beauty to shine – plus, this is one of those 90s hairstyles that ends up shaving some time from your whole beauty routine. In 2023, for us, this bob is practically self-care.

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And It’s A Wrap!

Moreover, that’s a wrap on the trendiest 90s hairstyles, which will become popular once again in 2023 – we can’t wait to see these styles make a comeback. What about you guys? Do you love these hairstyles? Share your thoughts with us and while do so, feel free to let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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