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Do You Want To Know About 90s Fashion? Here’s How Fashion Looked In That Era

The 90s fashion is versatile, and if you observe closely, you will find how it kept changing through the era.

The subtle shift from the 80s fashion aesthetic had already begun in the early 90s. Still, there were a lot of preppy colors and a flashy vibe ruling the fashion ecosystem. 

However, slowly, fashion in the 90s changed, and it became more sophisticated with staples like slip dresses. 

Another important aspect of the 90s fashion was the grungy look. Denim overalls, shorts, jeans, and baby tees were everywhere. 

Do you want to delve deeper? Here’s a guide discussing men’s and women’s fashion in the 1990s. 

Understanding 90s Fashion 

The 90s fashion was the breeding ground for many trends that we follow these days. The early 2000s fashion, especially the egirl fashion, can be seen as an extension of the skater aesthetic of 1990. 

Nevertheless, here, I have tried to decode the standout looks of the fashion icons in the 90s. This will help us know how men and women used to dress up in that era. I know that it’s about things of the recent past. Still, let’s take cues from the best. 

Decoding 90s Fashion Men (Inspired By Celebrity Looks)

This season celebrates retro fashion. So, many elements from the 90s fashion and Y2K fashion are back with a bang. 

However, here, I will talk about the most celebrated fashion statements made by fashion and film stalwarts of the 90s. Let’s take a walk down the memory lane. 

Brad Pitt

Can you imagine the 90s fashion and the world of movies without Brad Pitt? He has been a trendsetter in his own right. 

I am still in love with the oval-shaped glasses that he made a staple of the 90s. He even flaunted versatility in his way of dressing. Be it the basic vests or the leather jackets, he looked the hottest in every outfit he wore. 

I further drool over his looks in oversized blazers. Do you want to ace the 90s fashion like Brad Pitt? Wear a pair of regular-fit trousers with a black T-shirt and layer it with a denim jacket to put your best foot forward. 

Acing The Style Like Leonardo Di Caprio

The 90s was the time when Leonardo Di Caprio took the world by storm with his Titanic. He literally became the blue-eyed boy in the world of fashion and cinema. 

His choice of fashion was minimalistic and effortless. He wore a pinstripe suit and a leather jacket with equal ease.

Do you want to look dapper like Leonardo Di Caprio this season? Wear a white button-down shirt with a leather jacket and a pair of chinos. 

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves was the poster boy of the hipster-grunge style in the 1990s. His way of dressing exudes a nonchalant vibe that we absolutely adore. 

On many occasions, he made appearances in rugged jeans, T-shirts, and leather jackets. Along with acing the street fashion of the 1990s,  Keanu Reeves also perfected the art of smart casual dressing.

It was hard to take eyes off when he appeared in a pinstripe suit teamed with a T-shirt in a muted shade. 

He even kept the element of cowboy-style dressing alive by choosing a combination of suede jackets, printed shirts, and denim jeans for many occasions. 

Hugh Grant Adding The Classic English Elegance To The 90s Fashion 

Fashion in every era comes with its own traits. However, you cannot write off the classic styles. In other words, the classic English elegance is never out of vogue. Hugh Grant was one of the prominent personalities to keep that charm intact in the 90s fashion. 

He looked debonair when he walked in a white button-down shirt with rolled-up sleeves. He complemented it with regular fit chinos to keep the styling easy but classy. 

His look in a black pinstripe suit also became famous in the 1990s. 

If you believe in timeless fashion, you can recreate the 90s fashion of Hugh Grant in your daily styling. 

Keep your choice of shoes and trousers formal to gel well with any kind of shirt or T-shirt. 

Walk In Style Like Michael Jordan 

This basketball maestro perfected the 90s fashion and his looks in oversized suits became quite famous in that era. 

With an athletic body, Jordan also promoted a sporty style of dressing. Do you remember his colorful tees and baseball hats with a sleek necklace? 

In some other drool-worthy scenarios, you will see Michael Jordan wearing white T-shirts, denim jeans, and an overcoat. 

The Classic Elegance of Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis is seen as a fashion icon in recent times. His way of dressing has changed. However, he was an iconic character in the 90s fashion as well. 

He made basic suits and shirts look the most stylish. 

As I just mentioned, 90s fashion was all about versatility. On the one hand, you hand street fashion rising to full glory. On the other hand, the elegant style of dressing came back with a bang.

Here are some of the best moments from the 90s fashion scenario. 

Gothic Street Look Of Madonna 

Nobody does it like Madonna! She grabbed all the attention for her gothic street-style look as she appeared in a shiny black outfit. This pop sensation was photographed while passing the Plaza Hotel. 

You can copy her look by wearing a black vinyl jacket or coat over a fishnet vest. Team the outfit with matching high heels and vintage Sunglasses, just like Madonna. Also, don’t forget to add a touch of glam to your look with bright red lipstick. 

Keep It Chic In An Oversized Suit Like Julia Roberts

Do you remember Julia Roberts’s look from the Golden Globes in 1990? She bagged the laurel of the “Best Supporting Actress In A Motion Picture” for “Steel Magnolias.” At the event, she impressed everyone with her fashion choices.

She kept her choice of outfits androgynous with a boxy suit. She matched it with a purple tie and leather shoes to create one of the most iconic looks in 90s fashion.

If you have a penchant for classy fashion, you can get inspired by her. Keep your hairstyle and makeup minimalistic while heading to an event or business meeting in this outfit. 

Let The Mercury Soar In A Red Plunge Dress Like Cindy Crawford 

It’s time you make a bold fashion statement and take a walk down the alley of risque fashion. At the Academy Awards in 1991, model Cindy Crawford made jaws drop with her smoky hot avatar in a red Versace dress. The plunging neckline of the outfit added to her appeal

The crafty tailoring of the outfit further accentuated her silhouette. It does not matter whether you are a fan of bohemian fashion or the old-money style. You will love wearing an outfit like this for any high-profile or glamorous party. 

Complete your look in an outfit inspired by Cindy Crawford with a sleek neckpiece and classy peep-toe shoes. 

Wear A Polka Dot Dress Like RuPaul At The 1993 MTV VMAs

You cannot overlook the dressing style of RuPaul when you discuss the risque fashion of the 1900s. She dazzled in a black sheer dress for the red carpet of the 1993 MTV VMAs.

Her outfit was adorned with detailed embellishments. Further, she kept the style vintage by teaming her outfit with opera gloves. 

Don’t you love her style? This can be the best outfit you can wear for a retro-theme party or a high-end ceremony you need to attend. 

Geena Davis Had The Ultimate Say With Her Glam Grunge Look At The 64th Academy Awards

Geena Davis weaved a modern-day fairy tale as she made an appearance for the 64th Academy Awards. She chose white and soft purple as the shades for her outfit. The corset bodice with a plunging neckline flaunted her sexy avatar. 

However, the highlight of her outfit was the ruffled train. The high-low design of the hem added to the distinct appeal of the dress.

She chose pearl jewelry and black stockings to accessorize her outfit. She stepped out in style in a black shoe with a tie-up detailing. 

Do you need to ace 90s fashion like Geena Davis? Get a princess gown in purple and white with a plunging neckline to celebrate your beauty.

You can even be a little different with your choice of footwear. Wear white pumps to keep the overall dressing style romantic.

Take A Cue From Winona Ryder’s Grungy Look

Everyone swooned over Winona Ryder’s look when she attended the premiere of “The Commitments.” 

She followed the grungy way of dressing to perfection. She kept it simple by wearing a graphic-printed T-shirt with well-fitted denim jeans and black lace-up shoes. 

Further, she layered her tee with a leather jacket, and her leather waist belt added definition to her overall look. 

Today, it’s hard to imagine a perfect summer wardrobe without a combination of a tee and well-fitted denim jeans. 

For the autumn outings and warmer days of winter, you can try this look with proper layering with the leather jacket. 

Final Words 

With the 90s fashion being back in trend, everyone is eager to explore the fashion ecosystem of that era. A large section of fashion enthusiasts started choosing minimalism and subtlety over the boisterous fashion of the 80s. 

At the same time, you can see a rise of a lot of subcultures in the 90s. The popular music bands of that era inspired grungy fashion. You will see people wearing flannel shirts in dark shades with ripped jeans. 

The skater fashion further gave birth to the punk subculture, and the black leather jackets were a staple in this subculture. Finally, there was preppy or hip-hop fashion that you can see in many movies.

Explore the celeb-inspired styles I have discussed here to get the true vibe of the 90s fashion. What are your favorite staple outfits from the 90s? Don’t forget to share!

Also, if you have any favorite fashion icons from the 90s and have any specific reason for liking them, please be open about your thoughts. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to the 90s fashion. 

The 90s fashion was different from the 80s. There was a subtle shift from the boisterous fashion of the 80s with the advent of new aesthetics like soft romantics.

Nevertheless, the most popular outfits in the 90s were vests with nylon quilting, nylon shirts, neoprene jackets, and bell bottoms.

For women, there were slip dresses, biker shorts, and baby tees. The 80s elements that remained throughout the ’90s were fluffy boots, studded belts, and neon jackets. You will also see a lot of layering in that era, with jackets and shrugs taking the front seats. 

How To Get Ready For A 90s Party?

Are you heading to a party based on the ’90s fashion? If comfort is your style mantra, you can go for the double denim look. In denim, you can pick frayed skirts, jeans, and overalls.

Do you want your look to be over the top for the 90’s party? Go for high-waist pants and team them with shirts or tops, flaunting bold and beautiful prints. 

You can even wear a mini skirt teamed up with a baby tee and then layer the ensemble with a jacket. 

It is not easy to identify some specific shades as the colors of the 90s. The pastels were already very much in the fashion scenario. 

However, there was also a lot of use of flashy colors in the outfits. You will find many style icons of that era wearing clothes in hot red, rich blue, deep green, and bright purple shades. 

So, you have an extensive color palette to play while making your fashion choices. 
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