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The Best 90s Fashion Trends: Yay Or Nay In 2024?

Are you a 90s baby, or do you belong to Gen Z  with a penchant for nostalgic fashion? The good news is that the 90s fashion trends are back this season with a bang. 

The 90s was the season when names like Naomi Campbell and Halle Berry stole the show. Jennifer Lopez was another sensation in that era. 

The beauty of fashion in the 90s was about how all the outfits played across aesthetics. It effortlessly incorporated contradictory styles like  “New Romantics,” “Punk,” and “Risque Fashion.”

Do you want to ace the 90s-inspired fashion in 2024? Here are the exciting ideas for you, along with a brief note on why the 90s fashion is a rage this season.

Now, why do we say that the 90s fashion trends are back? You can take cues from the collections of big fashion houses like Fendi and Versace. In September 2023, Kim Jones, the artistic director of womenswear at Fendi, presented the brand’s Spring 2024 collection at the Milan Fashion Week. 

That collection was a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring/Summer 1999 collection for Fendi. Again, Donatella Versace presented a collection, paying tribute to the Fall collection of Gianni Versace in 1995. 

Further, Dolce & Gabbana brought the “lingerie-looks” of the 1990s back into their collection at the Milan Fashion Week.

However, it’s not just about the big fashion houses bringing the 1990s trends back in 2024. Comfortable styling is surely one of the major factors why this trend is so big this season. With elements like wide-legged jeans, boxer shorts, slip dresses, and baggy T-shirts, fashion in the 90s always made you feel at ease. 

In addition, the fashion trends of the 1990s taught you how you can look the most stylish wearing the staples in your closet.

Are you aware of fashion subcultures? During the 90s, we got quite a few. Grunge, preppy, and punk fashion are some of the most popular sub-trends of the era. These subcultures offer a variety that keeps 90s fashion relevant even today. 

Grunge Fashion

Grunge fashion became popular in the 90s because of its distinct laid-back charm. What can be more comfortable and effortless than the combination of a flannel shirt and ripped jeans? Irrespective of gender, everyone adopted the style. 

Also, the influence of popular music bands like Pearl Jam was huge in making this fashion trend so big

Punk Fashion

One of the most popular 90s fashion trends, punk, was about making bold fashion choices. The patrons of this subculture used to wear bold patterns and colors. Black leather jackets and spiked hair were other staples of this fashion subculture. 

In recent times, Chanel ambassador Kristen Stewart flaunted this style with a touch of her own twist. She wore a tweed A-line dress with combat boots and funky jewelry while attending the Metiers d’Art show last December. 

Preppy Fashion 

Hip-hop music and the overall hip-hop subculture had a huge influence on the preppy fashion of the 90s. Have you seen the Baby One More Time video of Britney Spears? She wore a tank top paired with a plaid mini skirt and a blazer. These elements were in the preppy fashion subculture. 

Oversized T-shirts, shirts, high-waisted jeans, and boat shoes were also very popular in the preppy fashion of the 1990s. 

Are you ready to embrace the 90s fashion in your daily life? Let’s check out the best styling ideas.

As the 90s fashion trends are not going anywhere, it’s time to add the essentials to your closet and flaunt the most stylish avatar.

Baggy Jeans

Popular in the 1990s, baggy jeans never left the fashion trend. So, styling these most comfortable bottoms will be easy for you.

Wear your favorite pair with basic tops, tees, and tunics to keep your daily dose of fashion simple yet stylish. 

Biker Shorts

Today, you will find celebs like Hailey Bieber flaunting stylish looks in biker shorts. Those shorts started getting popular in the 1980s and became even bigger in the 1990s.

Who can forget the statement looks of Princess Diana in biker shorts and baggy T-shirts? 

Slip Dresses

Halle Berry, the poster girl of the 90s, looked smoking hot when she appeared for the “Annual Soul Train Awards in 1995” in a black slip dress.

In fact, slip dresses, which have been back in fashion big time since last year, were a popular choice in the 90s. These dresses beautifully fuse comfort with sensuality. 

So, wear your slip dress like the Bond girl and choose classy high heels to add groove to your move. 

Long Denim Skirts

The 90s fashion trends celebrated denim with full pomp. The long denim skirts were surely one of the most prominent denim outfits for women, offering the right dose of style and ease of movement. 

It’s no wonder that modern-day pop sensations like Dua Lipa are rocking this trend. You can take a cue from her look and team your long denim skirt with basic tops and jackets. 

The Quintessinal Corset Tops

Corset tops were a rage in the 90s fashion trends. However, they were more structured and had a longer length than the usual corset tops you will come across today.

You can wear a corset top with a wide range of bottoms. Based on the length and design of the hemline, try teaming your corset top with leather shorts or flared jackets. 

Halter Neck To Look Sexy And Stylish

Halter neck tops and dresses were staples during the 90s. The pop icons of that era opted for halter neck tops and essentials in almost every music video. 

Halter neck tops and dresses are versatile and transitional. You can wear your favorite halter-neck top with denim shorts and jeans. Are you wearing a halter-neck one-piece for a party? Long cowboy boots will be the best complement to your outfit. 

Plaid Skirts

If you have been a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, you must have loved her looks in plaid skirts. These skirts had a vintage appeal, and today, they are very much in the line of cottagecore aesthetics.

Do you want to emulate Sarah Jessica Parker’s style statement? You can wear a plaid skirt with a denim button-down shirt or a basic top. 

Are you looking for some serious layering for your appearance in a plaid skirt? Team it up with a poncho or a crochet jacket to bring out the diva in you. 

Flannel Shirts

It’s time to recreate the easy and cozy fashion vibe of the 1990s. As I just mentioned, flannel shirts were important and probably the most popular element in the grunge fashion subculture of the 1990s

With a lot of colors and the distinct finish of flannel, these shirts further exuded a vintage appeal. Do you want to look stylish in your flannel shirt?

Keep your choice of bottoms wide. However,  shorts and denim jeans are the best complements to flannel shirts. 

Overalls For A Cute And Stylish Look

If you believe in effortless styling, overalls must be your first choice for casual occasions and parties. Everyone took note when Alyssa Milano donned black overalls for the premiere of “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” in 1997. 

Overalls are easy to style with tank tops and tees. If you want to flaunt a sexier look, you can always wear it with a bralette or tube top. 

Faux Fur Coats And Outfits

Faux fur detailing in tops, dresses, and jackets was another fashion trend from the 80s that dominated the fashion scenario of the 90s.

If you love the plush feel and appeal of faux fur outfits, you can wear them for special occasions or casual hangouts. You can especially pick faux fur jackets or dresses for autumn and winter to enjoy a warm embrace without much layering.

Faux fur outfits look great with high boots and sneakers. 

Tie-Dye Outfits

Tie-dye outfits are back. In fact, they were never out of style. This distinct pattern looks good on tops, shirts, dresses, pants, and whatnot! 

To exude the quintessential vibe of the 90s in your fashion, you can wear an asymmetrical dress with tie and dye. 

Wear your tie and dye tops and shirts with denim jeans, shorts and shirts. If you are picking a tie and dye dress, you can consider complementing it with Gladiator shoes, sneakers, or heels. 

Pleather Dresses

Pleather dresses and skirts were very popular in the 1990s. Some fashion icons of the era showed why this material was not made for jackets only.

During that era, Nia Long made one of the most striking appearances in a black pleather outfit for the “1998 VH1 Fashion Awards.

Her black pleather dress with cold shoulder sleeves and a plunging neckline grabbed all the attention for the right reasons. 

Nevertheless, you can look ravishing like her by wearing a pleather outfit with cowboy boots and statement necklaces. 

The Plush Touch Of Velvet

Gwyneth Paltrow stole all the attention at the 1996 MTV Awards due to her appearance in a red velvet suit. She kept it classy, and the distinct finish of the fabric kept the deluxe factor alive in her appearance.

Do you want to copy the look of the “Sliding Doors” actress? Get a velvet suit in a classy shade and team it with a white button-down shirt and closed-toe shoes. 

Sequins For The Right Dose Of Glitz And Glamor

The glitz and glamor fashion trends of the 1980s also continued in the 1990s. Tops, pants, and outfits embellished with sequins were very popular among men and women as the ultimate party outfit. 

You can be inspired by this trend, but keep it subtle by wearing black sequinned tops or dresses with sequins or glitter used sparingly. 

To match the bling of your outfit, you can complement it with stone-studded stilettos or heels. 

Sheer Dresses

Are you ready to walk the bold avenue of risque fashion this season? Sheer dresses of the 90s fashion can be your go-to choice for any party. 

You can wear a sheer dress with sequins and stones to look dazzling for a party. You can even get one detailed with lace to bring out the femme fatale in you.

Do you want some inspiration for styling your sheer outfit for a special occasion? Check out how names like Ella Balinska and Doja Cat nailed sheer fashion at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

Leopard Print Outfits

Leopard print was the order of the 90s fashion trends. The print had a cool vibe, and it exuded distinct aesthetics associated with the haughty fashion of that era. 

This specific print became so popular that you will see it in almost all types of outfits and accessories of the era. Also, if you have access to the editions of leading fashion magazines in the 90s, you will see women’s fashion icons flaunting leather prints in their outfits and accessories.

I can remember the November 1996 collection of Vogue UK in this context. The cover featured bombshell Naomi Campbell in leopard print beachwear. Also, there was the August 1992 edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

The cover of Harper’s Bazaar featured the fiery Cindy Crawford in a leopard coat that is falling off her shoulders. It was smoky hot, indeed! 

Are you ready to try this look for your next party? Wear a high-slit maxi dress with leopard prints and leather boots to put your best foot forward. 

Tracksuits Keeping The Sporty Vibe Alive

Tracksuits and other sportswear for women were already quite popular in the 1980s. These were no longer staples for wearing to gyms or during sports activities. They have become a part of everyday fashion. 

Do you remember the mesmerizing performance of Whitney Houston at Super Bowl XXV in 1991? She wore a white tracksuit with a white headband for the occasion.

You can easily emulate this look and team up your tracksuit with chunky sneakers and crossbody bags while heading for a casual outing. 

Final Words 

The 90s fashion trends are versatile and adaptive. In the fashion trends of the 90s, you will see a lot of elements continuing from previous decades. Tracksuits or faux fur outfits are two of the most prominent fashion trends that continued from the 1980s and got elevated in the 1990s.

However, the trends also made fashion more accessible and comfortable with the rising popularity of denim jeans and oversized shirts/T-shirts. If you even keep all the factors aside, the ease of styling is a reason good enough to keep the 90s fashion alive today and even in days to come.

Do you like the fashion trends I have discussed here, or do you love any other fashion trend of the 90s? Don’t forget to share! 

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