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10 Most Conventional Fitness Combos From The 80s Workout Clothes

Channel your inner Jane Fonda and get “Physical,” just like Olivia Newton-John, and dive with us into the rabbit hole that is 80s workout clothes. So what are these 80s workout clothes, keep on scrolling through this article and keep on reading to know all about them.

Whenever we think of 80s workout clothes or motivation, only one woman, rather Goddess, comes to mind, and that is Jane Fonda. She was the reason why the term ‘Jazzercise’ became a thing, she was the queen of that era.

She inspired a whole generation towards amazing workout clothes and is the reason behind the 80s workout fashion.

1. Long Sleeved Crop Top

  • Long Sleeved Crop Top 1
  • Long Sleeved Crop Top 2
  • Long Sleeved Crop Top 3

The one thing that was essential about 80s workout clothes is that you have to buy them in bright colors and, of course, layering. So underneath every leotard, you will see a long sleeve crop top in bright eye catchy colors. The crop top just adds an extra pop of color, and it will also keep you warm when there’s a nip in the air.

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2. Off The Shoulder Top

  • Off The Shoulder Top 1
  • Off The Shoulder Top 2
  • Off The Shoulder Top 3

Well, might not everyone is always comfortable with wearing just a leotard. So to cover yourself up, you can always wear an off the shoulder T-shirt on top of that.

It is highly possible that you might feel a bit too revealing, so these T-shirts were just great. And like I said before as well, everything in the 80s had to be brightly colored, so these 80s workout outfit is also bright in color.

3. Holographic High Cut Bodysuit

  • Holographic High Cut Bodysuit 1
  • Holographic High Cut Bodysuit 2
  • Holographic High Cut Bodysuit 3

The 80s workout clothes that became a staple back then were the high cut bodysuit or the Leotard. And the popular bodysuit was shiny metallic bodysuits. Unlike the leotards or bodysuits right now, these were even more revealing and risque but will always be a classic.

These leotards were very stretchable and sweat absorbent, and not at all restrictive, which is why they were great as 80s workout clothes women’s. But the metallic ones are more popular since they are sexy and at the same time are great as workout clothes.

4. Crop Top Sweatshirt

  • Crop Top Sweatshirt 1
  • Crop Top Sweatshirt 2

Just like the off the shoulder T-Shirt, these cropped sweatshirts are great to wear on to of your leggings and leotards.

Moreover, if the weather is a bit chilly, then these sweatshirts are better than simple cotton T-shirts as they will keep you warm after your workout as well.

Back in the day, these sweatshirts were available in colors in the rainbow and more, so you have a lot to choose from.

5. High Cut Low Back One Piece

  • High Cut Low Back One Piece 1
  • High Cut Low Back One Piece 2
  • High Cut Low Back One Piece 3

Now that you already know that leotards were huge back as 80s workout clothes, it’s time that you explore more different options in leotards. This leotard has a beautiful low back but a high cut around the hip area.

However, rather than metallic colors, these leotards were named in electrifying neon colors back in the day. You can still improvise these one pieces to wear in raves or other festivals as such.

6. All Day Bodysuit

  • All Day Bodysuit 1
  • All Day Bodysuit 2
  • All Day Bodysuit 3

Back in the 80s, there was something for everyone. In case you sweat a lot during your workout, then these are the best bodysuits that you can tryout.

These bodysuits with a retro look and pattern are great as 80s workout clothes. And also, if you are embodying the 80s for a Halloween party, then this bodysuit is just a great costume.

7. Neon Swimsuit

  • Neon Swimsuit 1
  • Neon Swimsuit 2
  • Neon Swimsuit 3

Although these are not regarded so much as 80s workout clothes, these were great as swimsuits back in the day. But the fact that these swimsuits are very popular today shows that 80s fashion is coming back, and that too with a bang.

These neon colored swimsuits are just great for the summer, so to feel the 80s energy, tryout these gorgeous swimsuits for yourself.

8. Metallic High Waisted Leggings

  • Metallic High Waisted Leggings 1
  • Metallic High Waisted Leggings 2
  • Metallic High Waisted Leggings 3

By now, I think it is quite clear that metallic colors were huge in the 80s. With silver, copper, and gold metallic clothing going around everywhere. I have said that the bottom wear for 80s workout clothes was mostly leggings.

Moreover, that is where metallic legging comes into play, these metallic leggings go great with the leotards that I have talked about before. But it would be great if you tried to avoid wearing metallic on metallic leotards and leggings.

9. Solid Colored Leggings

  • Solid Colored Leggings 1
  • Solid Colored Leggings 2
  • Solid Colored Leggings 3

If you are not a huge fan of the metallic leggings, then we have solid neon options for you as well. But you should definitely go for the neon option, if not the metallic leggings.

Moreover, of course, these leggings are great as workout clothes since they are made of Spandex material. So you can move around without any problem.

As neon colored, anything was some kind of a staple clothing color back in the 80s. So if you wanna know more about the 80s, then it is important that you embrace the neon color.

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10. Ribbed Leg Warmers

  • Ribbed Leg Warmers 1
  • Ribbed Leg Warmers 2
  • Ribbed Leg Warmers 3

The 80s workout clothes are incomplete if you don’t have at least one pair of great leg warmers. These were a must back in the day if you were looking forward to working out.

If you wanna buy leg warmers, then there are a lot of different colors that you can get right on Amazon. These leg warmers are not just great for workouts but during the enter as well, to keep your legs warm.

Wrapping Up!

If you feel inspired by any of the looks here in this article to create your own 80s workout clothes mood board, then definitely let us know.

These clothes are more versatile than you might think, so try them out and let me know. So if you liked this article, then give this article a like and comment down below.

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