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Top 80s Prom Dress – Party, Cocktail, Bridesmaid, Formal

Prom is a crucial rite of passage for every teenager. The whole process of dressing up, doing your hair and makeup, wearing a beautiful dress, and going to prom with your date is an important event in their life. If you wanna look at a few of these dresses to understand 80s prom dress properly, so keep on scrolling through this article to know more about them.

In the 21st century, prom dresses are all about high slits and sleeker dresses, but back in the 80s prom dresses were disparate in their outlook. There was way too much poof and fabric on the dresses than they actually needed.

1. Puffy Sleeve 80s Prom Dress

  • Puffy Sleeve 80s Prom Dress 1
  • Puffy Sleeve 80s Prom Dress 2
  • Puffy Sleeve 80s Prom Dress 3

The 80s were a weird time when it came to fashion. Everything is either poofy and puffy or has too much fabric. But these puffy sleeves were the biggest trend back, so to embody the 80s fashion, you can wear these puffy sleeves as well.

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2. Pinup Vintage Ruffle Sleeves

  • Pinup Vintage Ruffle Sleeves 1
  • Pinup Vintage Ruffle Sleeves 1
  • Pinup Vintage Ruffle Sleeves 1

There have been many versions of pinup dresses throughout history, and in the 80s, they were in the form of ruffles.

In this article, you will see that in the 80s, different types of sleeves were a huge deal. So this 80s prom dress comes in a pinup style but with a ruffled sleeve.

3. Sequin Batwing Midi Dress

  • Sequin Batwing Midi Dress 1
  • Sequin Batwing Midi Dress 2
  • Sequin Batwing Midi Dress 3

Who doesn’t love full-sequin dresses? In the 80s, it was as famous as it is now. But this 80s prom dress has a different style, it has a batwing sleeve style to it. It is possible that not all body types are going to look good in this style, but you can definitely try it out.

4. Sequin Off The Shoulder Wrap Dress

  • Sequin Off The Shoulder Wrap Dress 1
  • Sequin Off The Shoulder Wrap Dress 2
  • Sequin Off The Shoulder Wrap Dress 3

When it comes to sequin, nothing is too much. So if you are not a big fan of the batwing midi dress, then you will love the off-the-shoulder wrap dress with all-over sequin.

This is a much more understated dress, except for the use of sequin but for an 80s prom dress, this is a perfect dress for you to wear.

5. Elegant One-Shoulder Dress

  • Elegant One-Shoulder Dress 1

Although it s not common for teenagers to look for elegance when they are choosing prom dresses, if that’s what you want, then great.

These one-shoulder elegant dresses are great if you are looking for something polished and classic, and elegant. You can wear these dresses with sequins, embroidery, or even in solid colors.

6. Off The Shoulder Ruffles

  • Off The Shoulder Ruffles 1
  • Off The Shoulder Ruffles 2
  • Off The Shoulder Ruffles 2

As I said before, ruffles were a big hit back in the 80s. Most of the dresses either have few ruffled details or are fully covered in ruffles. But you can definitely spruce things up with the shape of the dress you are buying for as your 80s prom dress.

7. One-Shoulder Maxi Dress

  • One-Shoulder Maxi Dress 1
  • One-Shoulder Maxi Dress 2
  • One-Shoulder Maxi Dress 3

When it comes to prom, especially in the 80s, there were not many maxi dresses, mini and midi dresses were much more hyped back in the day.

But that doesn’t mean there were no maxi dresses, and among the most popular maxi dresses, the best one was a one-shoulder maxi dress.

8. Satin Pleated Dress

  • Satin Pleated Dress 1
  • Satin Pleated Dress 2
  • Satin Pleated Dress 3

The satin material was very big in the 80s, so if you are trying to embody that, then you can get a beautiful silk satin dress with pleats as your 80s prom dress. These 80s satin dresses are not as well made as you want them to be, but at least they are not totally bad.

9. Satin Maxi Slip Dress

  • Satin Maxi Slip Dress 1
  • Satin Maxi Slip Dress 1
  • Satin Maxi Slip Dress 1

If you love satin material, then one of the best 80s prom dresses is the maxi slip dress. With such an understated but elegant dress, you won’t have to give much thought to how you are going to style the dress up.

The satin maxi dresses are such a classic when it comes to dressing for a formal event, and that is the reason it continues on till now in the 21st century.

10. Bardot Frill Maxi Dress

  • Bardot Frill Maxi Dress 1
  • Bardot Frill Maxi Dress 2
  • Bardot Frill Maxi Dress 2

The Bardot style of maxi dresses might not be for everyone. For women with big boobs, this might not be the style you should be going for as an 80s prom dress, where you will be dancing and sweating.

But these dresses with frills on the Bardot top look really nice for a formal event, so if you wanna wear it, don’t wear a neckpiece other than just a choker maybe.

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Wrapping Up!

Now that you are aware of the over-the-top 80s prom dress styles and fashion, it’s up to you if you wanna recreate these looks for your prom or not. But in my opinion, you can always create a dress with the 80s touch to it.

The 80s prom dresses are way too much poofy for you to wear for your prom in the 21st century. Although if you like puffy dresses like these, you can wear them, who am I to say no?

If you liked this article, then give it a like and comment down below which style you liked the most.

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