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80s Minimalist Fashion – Looks Inspired By Princess Diana, The Queen Of Old Money Minimalist Fashion 

“They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?” 

Princess Diana

If there is one quote, I constantly think about my minimalist wardrobe capsule. It’s not super rich, mixed with Burberry & Ralph Lauren labels, but it surely passes the quality check. 

Although minimalist fashion is versatile in nature, I feel stuck with the clothes at times. But the looks one can achieve are so eye catchy, with their own air of simplicity, that I cannot help but gravitate back to it. 

So, yesterday, as I was doing my weekly wardrobe cleanse (…trying to see what new looks I could create), I came across the classic Princess Diana looks from the 80s. 

Upon studying a few of the accents & silhouettes, the stark similarity to the elegant 80s minimalist fashion was impeccable. 

Suddenly, a light bulb went up, and I found my wardrobe capsule for the next two weeks. This inspired me to create a 14-day 80s minimalist look.

The corporate baddie in me couldn’t help but incorporate a little of the street style minimalist fashion with (…what I like to call) the “Princess Diana Core”.  

Safe to say, I was quite proud of myself! 

So, I would like to share this achievement with you people as well! 

Without any further ado, here is a 14-day wardrobe inspired by our queen of elegant minimalism! 

14-Day Wardrobe Challenge – 80s Minimalist Fashion Looks 

Princess Diana in the 80s had a few staples in her royal wardrobe. Tailored blazers of different colors, tweed jackets, and turtlenecks are just to name a few. When it came to her footwear choices, I couldn’t build looks without brown loafers. 

Thankfully, I didn’t need to buy a new one; I already had two pairs with me! The versatility of these shows has no competition.

Therefore, if you do not have one, we would suggest investing in one. With the right quality, you can increase their shelf life. 

Outfit What Will You Need 
Day 1: Bold Polka Dots & Trousers 

It was the 80s, and people couldn’t stay away from their Polka-dotted dresses.  We see Princess Diana dawning bold polka dots in many instances, whether it was her full-sleeved polka-dotted sun dress or big polka-dotted blouse with big sleeves.  

If you want to make a formal statement, then a bold polka-dotted blouse (bonus if you could get the ones with statement sleeves). Plus, a pair of cigarette pants  For the whole look, you will need the following:  

Polka Dotted Blouse – Cigarette Trousers (ensure to keep a contrast between the two. Read my blog on minimalist color theory to understand the concept better)  Loafers (neutral shade) – Black sling bag or office bag – minimalist watch – black shades – sleek bun. 
Day 2: Cropped Blazer & Midi Pencil Skirt 

For a chic formal look, I took inspiration from Princess Diana’s purple plaid co-ords.   

Albeit she wore it outside. However, for us commoners (not inviting in horse races in the mid-summers), it is not very appropriate for the errand runs.

So, we are going to make it corporate.  For this look, you will need the following:  A cropped blazer – pencil midi skirt – chunky belt – pair of classic pumps – and a scarf fashioned as a bow around the neck.  This is a monoaromatic style, so keep the tops and bottoms the same color. Preferably a neutral tone. 
Day 3: Monochromatic off-duty turtleneck & denim look

Who said you need to draw a blazer whenever you are about to give a presentation?  I have a grey blazer with a gold accent, which would be great for any occasion.  

For this look, you will need the following:  A turtleneck top, denim skinny jeans (ankle length if possible), oversized blazers, and gold should be the accent for your accessories.  

Again, it is better to keep the top and bottom the same. Luckily, I had a pair of white ankle-length skinny jeans, which would be a great addition to any 80s minimalist fashion wardrobe. 
Day 4: An All-White Ensemble 

Let’s step away from the corporate co-ord looks and plan an evening outfit.  Whenever we think about the evening, whether it is an 80s minimalist fashion or monochromatic fashion, we gravitate towards an LBD.  

But, upon seeing Diana’s Versace all-white ensemble, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is LWD an underrated fashion statement.”  It’s chic, classy, and has a touch of sultry it doesn’t get more than 80shat!  To get this look, you will need:  A white slip dress – white pair of strappy sandals (heels preferably) – Pearl earrings. 

If you want to add more street-style minimalist fashion to this ensemble, adding a plain oversized leather jacket will do the job. 
Day 5: Overalls over a floral shirt 

Another polo match fit of Princess Diana which will find a place in my style book.  A full-sized overall paired with a full-sleeved floral shirt underneath.

If you want to make it a little fancier, you can add a lace collar.  This will add that romantic touch to your 80s minimalist fashion look.  

For this look, you will need:  A denim overall – a plain, floral shirt (full sleeved) – a separate lace collar underneath the shirt (You can easily get this in the budget over Amazon) – white vans – a sling bag (if you need one). 
Day 6 – Highland-Inspired Pleads 

Although the highland (Scottish) print is quite trendy now, it also had its fair share in the 80s.  We can see the same with Princess Diana’s Highland Games outfit in Scotland.  

This outfit has an air of versatility, which means you can wear it for your corporate job, but they are great for an elegant dinner as well. 

For this look, you will need the following:  Tartan dress (better if it is full-sleeved) – classic pump heels – beret hat – thin belt
Day 7 – Puffy shirt – vest – midi skirt 

Nothing gets more 80s minimalist fashion than a puffy blouse, vest, and a midi skirt (pencil).  My inspiration came from Princess D’s fit during her Australia trip.

Yes, I am talking about the red & white striped statement blouse, red vest, and red midi skirt.  You do not have to go so bold as red. I personally paired it with a navy blue blouse with a shoulder pad illusion, a black vest & a black midi skirt.

The shoulder pads gave my layers a good silhouette.  For this look, you will need the following:  Blouse with puffy sleeves, vest, midi skirt, and trousers of the same color. 
Day 8: Midi slip dress & oversized cardigan 

In case you want a quick “running errands look”, then all you need to take inspiration from Princess Diana’s magenta maternity look.  

For this look, you will need the following:  A slip midi dress – oversized cardigan – heels or strappy sandals – an oversized hat – y2k side bag. 
Day 9 – Mid-Length Coat & Dress 

On her visit to Venice, we saw Diana drawing an elegant plead green mid-length blazer and a wide hat.  It was the royal look from the 80s.  

For this particular look, you will need the following:  A mid-length blazer coat, no-shoulder dress, and pump heels.  If you want to add more accent to the look, you can make it contrastingly monochromatic (choose light and dark colors of the same shade).

Or, you can get a blazer with shoulder blades, as, again, it adds depth to the silhouette. 
Day 10 – Sailor blouse & knee-length pencil skirt   If there is one item I can never regret adding to my 80s minimalist fashion collection, it would be my sailor blouse. 

I have three in different neutral shades.  This polo (again) game looks really a blend of comfort & chic. Also makes it ideal for any occasion.  

For this look, you will need:  A white sailor blouse – pencil skirt of a contrasting shade – chunky belt – ballet flats – gold jewelry.  

Princess Diana wore this with a blue accent floral skirt. If you are wearing this for a day event, you can do so too! 
Day 11 – Monochromatic contrast with trousers & crewneck cardigan 

Hot pink was the color of the 90s, and we need to add these vibrant colors for 80s minimalist fashion.  On a casual photoshoot at her home at Highgrove, Gloucestershire, we see her with baby pink check trousers and a hot pink cardigan. 

Taking inspiration from the same, I wore my beige check print trousers, white button-up, and brown crewneck cardigan.  It was the perfect blend of autumn academic outfits and minimalist chic.  

For this outfit, you will need the following:  Check print trousers (any color) – crewneck sweater (try to keep the monochrome going with the trousers) – dawn a neutral button up underneath – jewelry accents depending on the colors you are choosing – loafers. 
Day 12 – Black & White Polka Dot Dress 

It doesn’t get more Princess D classier than this.  If you do not have one yet, do invest in a good white with a black polka dot dress.  

If you want to get that effortless chic look, this dress will be your go-to.  A pair of nice heels, and you are ready for the Sunday brunch. 
Day 14 – White button up & floral bottoms 

When it comes to 80s minimalist fashion, floral accents surely took the front seat.  Another afternoon outdoor look at her house at Highgrove, we see her wearing a white button-up, tight floral trousers, and a cardigan. 

But, to add a little silhouette to a plain minimalist look, I choose accessories with the cardigan rather than wearing it. Tying it around my shoulder is one way to do so. 
Day 15 – LBD with pearls

When talking about our favourite princess, Diana, we can not talk about the classic black “revenge dress”.

Although not an 80s minimalist fashion, I slightly cheated!  To recreate this look for your evening look, you will need:  A black dress with a few dimensions (slit, pleats, or even a cowl neck) – black classic pumps – pearl jewelry.  Effortless & top chic! 

Ending The Discussion! 

Now that you have a wardrobe ready with the chicest 80s minimalist fashion, it is time to rummage through your wardrobe. 

The options I have added are quite basic, so there is a high chance you will find them in your minimalist wardrobe. 

However, if you want to start your minimalist wardrobe, then you now know what you need to get! 

Plus, check out our other articles in the “minimalist fashion” series underneath. 

Are there any more Princess Diana minimalist looks that tug at your heartstrings? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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