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All You Need To Know About 80s Clothing Styles: Here Are Top 10 Options

If you wanna know what 80s clothing was all about, then I have three words for you, ‘Big’, ‘loud’, and ‘bright’. The 80s were all about wearing the weirdest of fashion, with sharp shoulder pads, power suits, dramatic patterns and larger-than-life jewellery. So let’s check out the best of 80s clothes and fashion, and to do so, keep on scrolling through this article and keep on reading the article.

Maybe this high and bright fashion is the reason why Madonna said,

“Nowadays, New York is not the exciting place it used to be. It still has great energy; I still put my finger in the socket. But it doesn’t feel alive, cracking with that link between the art world and music world and fashion world that was happening in the 80s.”

The 80s clothes and fashion were a different energy and story than what you might see today. Other than people, the clothes had a personality of their own. The colors, the patterns, and the style had their own story to tell.

1. Hip-Hop 80’s Fashion

  • Hip-Hop 80’s Fashion 1
  • Hip-Hop 80’s Fashion 2
  • Hip-Hop 80’s Fashion 2

Back in the 80s, hip hop culture and music were everything, it was huge, and they even had a particular style of fashion which became very popular.

Because of legends like Salt-N-Pepper and Queen Latifah, the baggy style of clothing became a sensation. Along with sporty accessories, bright colors and patterns, snapback hats and sparkly jewellery.

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2. Punk 80s Fashion

  • Punk 80s Fashion 1
  • Punk 80s Fashion 2
  • Punk 80s Fashion 3

The 80s were the era of “Punk.” That is when the punk era and fashion were born and continuing.

Fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood embodied that whole punk culture and made the 80s clothing like ripped jeans, heavy-duty boots, band tees, and studded leather jackets a staple in the punk culture.

Then slowly, along with fashion, a punk lifestyle of makeup and hairstyle was also born out of it, making punk culture more and more popular because of that.

3. Black 80s Fashion

  • Black 80s Fashion 1
  • Black 80s Fashion 1
  • Black 80s Fashion 3

If we are talking about the 80s, black fashion icons, then the list just goes on. Icons like Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Iman and Naomi Campbell ruled the fashion industry with their unique style and 80s clothes looks.

With clothes like Knee-high boots, leather jackets, and bodycon dresses, these powerful and gorgeous women of the 80s sensationalized the looks that are in trend now.

4. Madonna 80’s Fashion

  • Madonna 80’s Fashion 1
  • Madonna 80’s Fashion 2
  • Madonna 80’s Fashion 3

Only one name comes to my mind when I think about 80s clothes and fashion, and that is one and only, the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

Back in the 80s, everything she did was legendary, from her music to her fashion sense. She was ruling both worlds back then. One of her most iconic looks was when she wore a white dress and a black belt that said Boy Toy.

5. Teens 80s Fashion

  • Teens 80s Fashion 1
  • Teens 80s Fashion 1
  • Teens 80s Fashion 3

You will get a better idea of the 80s teen clothing if you see the web series Stranger Things. The clothes were quite relaxed yet colorful and full of colorful prints and patterns. Everything was very floral, lacey, and pearly for the teens as well back in the 80s.

From shows and movies like Pretty in Pink, Saved By The Bell and Heather, you will get good ideas about teen 80s clothes. The clothes were patchworks, tunics, straight leg jeans, and ankle boots were all the rage back then.

6. 80s Clothes For Kids

  • 80s Clothes For Kids 1
  • 80s Clothes For Kids 2
  • 80s Clothes For Kids 3

Just like any other decade, kids’ 80s clothing was playful with bright and beautiful colors and patterns. That era was all about loose fitted jeans and bright colors and layers of clothing.

Well, again, shows like Stranger Things showed 80s clothes perfectly. The fashion was more about loose fitted clothing and comfortable shoes with block printing, even off-the-shoulder tops and ruffled skirts were huge.

7. 80s Goth Fashion

  • 80s Goth Fashion 1
  • 80s Goth Fashion 1
  • 80s Goth Fashion 3

The 80s punk era developed further to become the goth phase and trend, that is when everything became quite dark and grunge. Due to influencers like Siouxsie Sioux and also Robert Smith, the Goth Phase became very mainstream.

Although people were apprehensive about it at first, later, they started to own the look as a phase of their life. This was the decade when gender crossover was huge, with chunky boots, punk-style black clothing, leather, and piercings.

8. Preppy 80s Clothes

  • Preppy 80s Clothes 1
  • Preppy 80s Clothes 2
  • Preppy 80s Clothes 3

If you are a fan of the show Riverdale, then you will see a lot of preppy 80s clothes, especially with Betty.

The clothes are more neutral in the shade with cardigans and turtlenecks, and layering was huge as well. These styles were very popular among private college students and also sororities.

9. Beachy 80s Clothes

  • Beachy 80s Clothes 1
  • Beachy 80s Clothes 2
  • Beachy 80s Clothes 3

The bikinis or swimwear back in the 80s were mostly high-waisted bottoms and mostly bandeau tops. High cuts, bright colors and loud prints were super popular.

The California surfing culture gave rise to many different styles, including animal prints, minimal prints and also minimalistic coverage.

Beachwear changed a lot over the years, from the power dressing era to the flaunting of your assets. It changed a lot, but that too in a fun and fashionable way.

10. 80s Workout Clothes

  • 80s Workout Clothes 1
  • 80s Workout Clothes 2
  • 80s Workout Clothes 3

When it comes to workout 80s clothes, the only image that comes to mind is Jane Fonda with those leggings, leotards and leg warmers. Although that was the face of 80s workout clothes, it was more than that.

Flamboyancy was at it’s height with the 80s workout clothes, with neon leggings, bicycle shorts, high-rise bodysuits, and we cannot forget the headbands.

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Wrapping Up!

There you go, these were the most popular and famous 80s clothes that became hugely popular, and most of the styles are still trending.

The 80s were a fun decade when it came to fashion and culture, which is why people explored their personalities with fashion. So if you liked this article, then give it a like and comment down below.

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