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All Indian women have a special corner reserved in their hearts for the saree. Designers have converted classic drape into a modern piece of attire that you can wear on every occasion. While most Indian festivals have their own traditional code of attire, the saree is open to different interpretations. So, this is why every woman needs to know the latest saree trends.

The Lehenga Saree

8 Saree Trends



Lehenga style sarees are the new trend of saree introduced in India. It is the mixture of the traditional saree and a lehenga choli. An interesting spin on the North Indian ghagra choli and the South Indian half saree. The simple concept of replacing the petticoat with a gorgeously embroidered lehenga and draping the dupatta to mimic the folds of a saree pallu.

 The Half and Half Saree


8 Saree Trends

If you want to add another color to your attire. This is when half and half saree comes handy. Using two solid colors, one at the pallu and one at the pleats. It begins from the waist, this creates a wonderful eye-catching combination.

 Dual Toned Sarees


8 Saree Trends

These sarees are woven with two colored threads that cause one color to stand out when the light falls on it. The difference in reflection of different colors produces an interesting and almost trippy effect. Sometimes the dual toning might not be very subtle.

 Sarees and Jackets


8 Saree Trends

This whacky combination is actually taking off faster than you could ever imagine. It’s the Indo western combination and it works great for the slight nip in the weather. This can be paired with almost any kind of Designer Saree or casual saree which adds an extra bit of bling that you are looking for any festival.

Saree Gown


Essentially a pre-stitched saree, the saree gown is a designer favorite. While the cut is that of a long flowy gown, the incorporation of a long scarf or dupatta like structure across the chest gives it the look of saree. The incorporation of a sleek belt across the waist frequently enhances the hip while giving it a more ethnic look.

 Handloom Weave Saree

8 Saree Trends



With our country being the motherland of the most interesting handloom weaves, it would be almost criminal not to flaunt a handloom saree. With the focus being back on the cottage industries of our country, some of the best craftsmen have been employed by major retailers like Craftsvilla to produce breath-taking unique pieces.

 Digital Print Saree


The diametric opposite of handloom weaves is digital prints. These quirky sarees come in a variety of prints ranging from pretty floral designs to fancy animal prints. You can opt for a sketch of your favorite skyline on your saree or prints of your favorite passage or poem.

 Floral Print Saree


Floral never goes out of style. These petite patterns never fail to brighten up the mood. Floral prints work best on sarees and you can get them done in combinations of your favorite bloom. Gujarati, Kashmiri and Parsi floral embroidery is intricately beautiful and works great with chiffon and georgette sarees.

Designers have also adopted the drop-hem trend and cropped saree blouses. Now, they have hems which fall and flow beautifully, whilst still accenting the skirt. Other saree trends you can look forward to wearing in 2017 include wide necklines for blouses, pastel colors and trains on sari petticoats. Manish Malhotra, one of the leading Asian fashion designers, launched his 2017 collection at Lakme Fashion Week. He highlighted some of the trends mentioned above, including contrasting colors, drape materials, butterfly embroidery, and heavy borders.

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